Mother Nature knows best

How often do you take time in nature to relax and ‘just be’? If you are working in a city, or even in blissful Ibiza, spending a long time behind a laptop, or on the omnipresent iPhone, means the radiation from the screens and the over-stimulation of the senses, can send you into a heightened state of headiness, or over-exhilaration. Whether you just need to take a break from typing, or are feeling excessively tired, low or stressed – rather than popping some pills, opening a bottle or having a meltdown, try a more natural remedy this springtime to release the nervous energy and build-up of emotions, see the bigger picture again and remember what you are really here for.

Nature inspires, enriches and provides new perspectives – from cliff tops, at sunrise, or even during your lunch break in the centre of a city. As you step off the cement and onto green grass, rust red Ibiza soil, sand or into the sea, you’ll instantly feel any tightness and tension unwind downwards as you start grounding the body. Just 10 minutes can put you into a complete ‘break state’, resetting your emotional thermometer to peaceful and cool. Just do it: get away from the desk, from the house-tasks and from the ‘have tos’, re-find your self and your inner-peace amongst all-accepting Mother Nature.

To oxygenate and revitalise the whole system, consciously take 10 deep breaths of fresh, clean air. Yes – even in cities! Find a place with some trees – they are the city’s lungs, recycling carbon dioxide and producing fresh oxygen continually – and get up close and breath deeply. As you inhale deeply, through your nose specifically, you are inhaling up the ‘ida and pingala’ – two energy pathways that intertwine down to the base of your spine. As you breathe in the fresher air, your nervous system can start to relax. Even better if you’re in Ibiza, where you can walk through rosemary bushes and pine trees – drinking in the uplifting and revitalising aromatherapy in addition to fresh oxygen.

The colour green is the colour of the heart chakra, and is proven to be soothing and deeply calming. As you look around at it, observe yourself – you may feel your chest opening and expanding, your breath softening and shoulders relaxing. Notice how good it feels to look around at wider, more open spaces. Feel the way that looking around at the colour green relaxes your eyes. If walking along the beach, the blue hue of the sea is also the colour of flow and great for healing. Looking out at the horizons and the vastness of sea and sky will literally, open your mind.

Step out of the ‘have to’ head of the ‘switched on’ life you have created, and feel how much easier it is to put the many tasks and responsibilities of daily life to one side when you can see the beauty of the blossoms opening, the vibrant green fronds and leaves, and the grass beneath your feet. Let nature see you as you truly are: in your strength and vulnerability. Come ‘home’ to your real self and feel back in to who you really are… naturally.