Clear the Fears – and do it anyway!

By Larah Davis – Co Director of Ibiza Retreats


My amazing teacher, Louise Mita, is coming back to Ibiza next week.
And I am so, so happy.  When she is here, reactivating my tools of mental mastery and higher healing she helps me diffuse fears, worries and anxieties with love.
With awareness that all these feelings surface from a collective consciousness (well mostly!) under Louise’s guidance, not only do I remember to clear them, but together we turn these ripples of ‘clearing-through-the-fears’ outwards, to expand for the higher good, love, peace and solutions of planet-saving ideas, to surface within our society.
Having travelled off the White Island to Mexico and beyond this Winter, I was able to see the world beyond our “Ibiza-bubble” much more clearly.
I could see, feel and hear the different realities being experienced in other countries and cultures and how these can have a knock-on affect on one another.
I saw, felt and sensed a lot of fear – about what is happening to our planet, no – about what WE as a human-race (which is truly RACING!!!) is doing to our beautiful planet.
The oceans coughing up plastic onto beaches after storms, the excess seaweed (metres and metres of it) covering half of the caribbean sea and littering the Mexican beaches, due to warming-oceans and excess nitrates in the soils of Central America washing into the seas (Thank YOU farmers RACING to create MORE food which we mostly turn to refuse!)
And I have to admit, I felt a sense of fear. I felt shocked, afraid, of what the human race is doing, that it is out of control and hurting our planet – as much as ourselves.
BUT! As I have learned with my trainings with Louise – and which my heart already knew:
* Fear ignites Fear
* Love inspires Love
* Love CONQUERS Fear – physically, emotionally and energetically.
Founder of Integrative Quantum Medicine™, Louise Mita is an Internationally renowned Energy Master and Hawaiian Kahuna, who developed this simple-yet-powerful self-and-others healing technique after studying Chinese Medicine and higher schools of Martial Arts over decades, gleaning the master keys and pearls of wisdom that she simplified into the IQM™ system.
It fuses Quantum Theory (yep – that is the REALLY cool bit where mind-meets matter and you realise, through the exercises with her, that you DO have the power to change EVERYTHING – to BE anything and everything you wish to be AND that, actually, you ARE already flipping AMAZING!).  Anyhow – (I love this stuff so much, I get carried away) – it integrates Quantum Theory with Chinese Medicine and Western Anatomy and Physiology – giving you the keys to MASTER the ‘monkey mind’ when it feels sucked in and spiralled down by fear.
Louise hands you the tools, techniques, the KNOW-how and the energy infusions to optimise your wellbeing, health and happiness in DAILY LIFE.  And this helps me, tremendously, as I MINDFULLY observe emotional triggers about Brexit, about the schooling system, about Syria, about the rubbish on the beaches and the Cargo ships simply dumping loads of toxic garbage into the Ocean.
The MORE I direct my thoughts based on LOVE for myself, LOVE for my closer circles and world-community, LOVE for the ignorant, “RACING” humans, the more the energy, thoughts and actions around this soften.
This gives space for SOLUTIONS to arise.  
It is our children mostly, the next generation, who live in this LOVE state frequency and who, uninhibited by fears of “what others will think” express creatively their ideas, opinion and exquisite ideas for cleaning up our oceans, healing our rivers, delivering education programs and alternative farming solutions.
So let’s join together this year – to be, share and FEEL the power of love, for ourselves, each other and our planet.  
For an incredible Integrative Quantum Medicine™ Immersion – Art of Stress Management & Art of Energy Parenting workshops on the 4th and 5th of  March – Followed by the IQM Level 1 and 2 trainings on March 7th and 8th then the 10th and 11th.
The training is hosted at our own stunning retreat venue in the North of Ibiza and we can build a retreat package for you around the workshop and training dates.
And if not…. invest in LOVE on retreat, in yoga, on the mat, on the meditation cushion – but mostly, please, in NATURE – where nature reflects back to us that ALL creation, all of it, this magical wonder around us, comes from a place of love.
Feel free to get in touch with me personally via Whatsapp if you would like to know more about these incredible workshops and trainings,
on 0034 670 248 292.
Have a beautiful day!
Love Larah x