Bringing Yoga for Kids to schools in Ibiza

Peaceful Warriors – bringing Yoga 4 Kids into the schools of Ibiza – by Larah Davis.

It happened as a calling.  With our own children in the schooling system we – Suzanne Faith, Diana Naya and myself, sat together in December last year, and shared our deep, and heartfelt, calling to bring Yoga – and its many benefits – into the schools of Ibiza. 
And we want to welcome YOU to join in our “peaceful warriors” movement where we will be creating weekly spaces for children to explore many forms of movement, with yogic awareness, as part of this exciting and oh-so timely initiative. With screens entering children’s lives at younger and younger ages, the human need to connect, with each other as well as one’s self, has never been more apparent. 


And so, this April we are introducing Yoga4Kids into the Santa Gertrudis school with our intention being to spread this “movement movement’ for kids to benefit from enjoying yoga as part of their curriculum, throughout all the schools in Ibiza – and beyond.
If you are a parent, teacher or yoga teacher who feels “the call” to join us – on March 22nd – 24th we are offering a 20 hour training for all who are interested in learning this fabulous toolkit to enrich the lives of our children – and enhance their educational experience and overall wellbeing. 
It is an inner-peace movement to enable our children to maximise their gifts and to connect to their body, breath, mind, heart and each other. It is a program which cultivates space for children to express and release in a non-competitive environment. So yes! It is also VERY useful for enhancing family life at home.

This training was developed by internationally renowned teacher Suzanne Faith who will be leading the course, supported by Larah Davis Yoga Teacher/Therapist and Founder of Ibiza Retreats with Diana Naya Mindful-yoga teacher and conscious education devotee translating into Spanish. Suzanne developed the programme and introduced it successfully into schools in Vancouver. It is a program that addresses strength and flexibility, nourishes creativity, creates emotional strength, invites self-acceptance, cooperation, collaboration, general body awareness, coordination and balance, self-discipline and builds mindfulness and concentration.

Yoga4Kids builds awareness around nature, animals and the environment, and gives kids important skills for interacting in social environments. It also teaches lessons in kindness, compassion, leadership, respect, teamwork and self-awareness. It’s magical and utterly FUN! Expect to dance, jump, express and sing!

This 20 hr Kids Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive and practical certification course.  You will be given the tools in order to teach yoga within local schools and it will provide you with tangible knowledge and plenty of amazing ideas to create unique and fun yoga experiences for kids.
The course is the perfect opportunity for enabling your own kids tribe to become a real team.
Course timings:
Fri March 22nd 15.00 – 19.00
Sat & Sun March 23rd & 24th – 09.00 – 18.00
Prerequisite: A passion for yoga and a minimum of three years of a yoga practice
Price: €295
Location: Open Space, Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza
For further information: YOGA 4 Kids — Suzanne Faith Yoga