Valentines’ Retreats

Treat yourself and your beloved one to a Valentine’s retreat.  Reconnect with each other on the romantic, magical, white isle, amidst the almond blossom, with warming couples massages, energy-revitalising yoga and dinners a deux by cande-light beneath the mantle of stars.  Pamper yourselves and each other in luxurious agroturismos or intimate private retreats.  Heart-warming sun, blue skies turquoise waters and deserted-beach walks.  From 695 euros half-board for 3 nights & 4 days in beautiful Can Skye.  A leisurely 25 mins stroll from beautiful Cala Nova, with warm water dolphin pools for Watsu and bodywork and acqua fitness in water.   Enjoy Ibiza Retreats’ expert mind-body-spirit concierge service to tailor-make a dream-Valentines date….  Read more about beautiful Can Skye here:

Winter-sunshine Ibiza Retreats

Relax into Ibiza’s peaceful winter-time sunshine, which already feels like spring! Refocus with one of the wonderful Coaching day retreats, or de-stress and heal with our anti-burn out, rejuvenation retreats.  Cleanse and clear with a juice detox in your private villa or retreat or detox and fast with Ilona’s professional guidance at magical Buddha House-mountain. Join hands on walks and open hearts with singing circles, make new friends and enjoy intimate fire-side talks….

Join us for White Island Magic this Christmas Time

Thank you all those who have visited the white island in 2012 to experience the peace, the magic and the healing energies. Ibiza is vibrating with great love and beauty as we near winter solstice and enjoy the quieter winter season.  Why not make your Christmas extra-special this year with the gift of a Christmas Retreat – or New Year’s Retreat – on our magical island. Escape the Christmas rush and all the wrapping paper and invest in your wellbeing for a Christmas to remember! Instead of falling asleep on the sofa after that huge dinner, why not enjoy plenty of gentle winter sunshine, beaches to yourselves and cosy fireside evenings.  Family friendly time can even include horse-riding, bike-rides and ice-skating in the rink in Ibiza town.

And the island’s social calendar doesn’t stop either – there is plenty going on to keep you entertained! Many of Ibiza’s favourite restaurants and haunts open their doors to welcome the winter crowd! Enjoy beach-cuisine at Sirocco, sunsets at Yemanja, Cala Jondal, Dance at Pacha and of course, enjoy plenty of yoga and outdoor activities to send you home full of energy and fully revitalised for 2013! (Yes, it’s nearly here!).

Or even if you can’t make Christmas, with direct flights to Ibiza with British Airways throughout the winter, you can come any time you need a break!

And if that’s not enough to tempt you… enjoy some of Ibiza’s most beautiful villas or agrotourismos – with plenty of Ibiza soul at a fraction of the cost of summer time. Ask us for recommendations and visit the villas section on our website for a showcase of our favourite villas on the island. Each of these villas have something special about them and have been lovingly created and cared for by the owners – all of whom we know directly. So you can be sure of a special welcome and a very fair price.

Just ask us about your favourite one for special deals…



Top Tips for staying cool… in the August heat…

1* Be like a cat!  Sleep and rest and do less, both mentally and physically in the heat of the day

2* Enjoy the summer-rhythm, take action early morning with the bright new day… then surrender to the need to lie down, read, get out of the sun, retreat

3* Spend plenty of time in the sea, the salt helps release puffiness and cools down our whole system

4* Drink warm herbal teas at body temperature rather than icey-bebidas

5* Slow down your breathing… literally, spend time in the morning to exhale deeply, inhaling for 3 x exhaling for 6 x

6* Eat lightly and juice plenty.… the perfect weather to make friends with carrots, greens, just one piece of fruit in each for that natural sugar

7* And again…. follow the cats.… if in doubt they have always got the coolest place marked out for their siestas!


Dance, Tai Chi & Qui Gong

So that whether you have the pleasure of living here all year or just on holiday, you can check out the classes, workshops & retreats happening all over the island – all year round!

See our calendars and squeeze in a stress-management or sound healing workshop all at the touch of the button.