Pamper & Purify Atzaro Spa Retreat

Pamper & Purify April & May 2014- Join Ibiza Retreats in the comfort and Luxury of Atzaro Spa Agroturismo, to re-fresh mind, spirit and body with 5  days of purifying yoga, pilates and divine spa pampering, organic Ibizan beauty experiences and a 5 day alkaline-inspired diet for optimal health.  Enjoy natural glowing radiance to feel body-mind beautiful with fresh zest for life. From 1499 € inc IVA all inclusive sharing a deluxe suite, 1899 € Inc IVA single occupancy8

With holistic Wellness Coaching and a personalised program designed especially to meet your needs, Larah & Susie of Ibiza Retreats and their World Class team, encourage you to explore integrated wellbeing techniques, treatments & therapies to ignite your inner-smile, purify your body and mind and enjoy deep relaxation and release.  Plenty of time in Atzaro’s beautiful Balinese spa, to swim in the lap-pool amidst the orange groves, rest, chillax and just be, ensures that by doing less, you can benefit more.   We support you with a practical plan for bringing a realistic, inspiring and healthy balance to your daily life.

What does your body, mind and soul most need to receive?  5 nights all-inclusive from £ 1325 / € 1499 inc tax. Enquire here now. 

Ibiza Retreats Yoga Classes 2014

Join us for nurturing & revitalising Go with your Flow Yoga classes – or book a private to deepen your practice or as a treat for your family and friends.

* Tuesday & Thursday evenings 6.30pm – 7.45pm – open & unwind: restorative evening flow @ Atzaro

* Thursdays @ 10am – 11.30am (women only) (Larah & Susie) – on the divine pine deck when sunny! @ Can Amonita followed by tea, cake & life-enhancing chats

Please confirm your mat-space – email 24 hours ahead.

We look forward to asana-ing with you soon :0)


Love – Light – and big warm smiles….  Susie & Larah

Tailormade Retreats

Join us for tailormade retreats in beautiful Ibiza to ensure your engine is purring like a lion and that you feel ready and inspired… to embrace all that 2014 has to offer.  Priced according to your wellbeing wishes and budget needs… they can include:

* Holistic Life Coaching, NLP & MET as mechanics for the mind and emotions

* Learn from Ibiza’s finest Yoga teachers & holistic fitness technicians to enhance your physical wellbeing

* Receive bodywork & hands-on healing with massages, reiki and cranio-sacral rebalancing – we work with a world-class team of specialists to soothe a tired soul.

Or pamper and purify with holistic beauty treatments that also lift your spirits – leaving you looking and feeling amazing on the outside and within.

Rest your head in blissful retreat accommodations...  from stunning ancient fincas and tranquil villas to rustic bed & breakfasts = homes-with-a-heart or luxuriate in the comforts of Ibiza’s finest agroturismos.

1* Book an MOT for body, mind & spirit – a tailor-made retreat that encompasses holistic TLC plus yoga, pilates, personal training and lovely Life Coaching with NLP to support you in supporting yourself…. and making some tweaks to your lifestyle – or possibly even greater transformative changes, that will bring you greater health and happiness.

2* Prefer a Pure Yoga package? with some extra treatments & therapies by the pool

3* Rest & Rejuvenate – with total holistic pampering, lie-back and receive

And all in the beautiful, magical, environment of our gorgeous white island of Ibiza and Ibiza Retreats mind-body-spirit concierge service to ensure that you can enjoy the best beaches, sunsets and “need to knows” to give you a glow that lasts.

Appreciate to Energise

As we draw to the end of summer-time, many magical summer memories may be flooding your mind. So draw on these memories to keep your inner-smile alive, immerse yourself in the beautiful photos, from your iphone, to your inner-eye. Print off photos and have them around you to surround yourself with images that reflect lightness, warmth and happiness. Like the butterflies warming their wings in the sun, appreciate the first rays of each day. Whilst work and home-life may require more attention indoors, keep taking time to prioritise walking in nature, to appreciate space, greenery, flowers, peace.

Where attention goes energy flows – everything is energy,

Here are 5 simple steps to keep your attention flowing positively at regular intervals, amidst the day-to-day routine:

(1) Begin your day by breathing deeply into your belly, long and slow and deep, appreciate the intricate workings of your body as a whole human organism, unconditionally living and breathing.

(2) Before you get out of bed, visualise your day ahead, unfolding perfectly… appreciate the people around you, from train and bus drivers to colleagues and life-partners, friends and children, who support your rhythm flowing easily

(3) Drink a hot water with lemon – for a sensory uplift that also gives the liver a recharge, appreciate the scent of the fresh lemon and notice how the smell and the flavour energise and clarify

(4) Whilst in the shower consciously cleanse and appreciate preparing yourself for the day – caring for your body consciously, your hair, you face, all the physical gifts you have been given

(5) Look in the mirror and appreciate yourself – at least 3 x different qualities – go on, give it a go! Notice how, as you focus on your positive traits, your inner power elevates

And lastly…. make it a practice to exercise your appreciation daily, even in the most challenging situations, appreciating something – even small, helps shift the energy into a brighter, warmer vibration.

Alkalise your diet, rebalance your life

We have had the pleasure of teaching in some of renowned nutrionist (and co-author of Honestly Healthy) Vicki Edgson’s retreats. She has recently spear-headed the recognition of the alkaline diet internationally, as being fundamental to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Enjoy this self-healing methodology in September, for rebalancing your system, when things get out of balance.

Vicki’s 3 Top Tips for Alkalising the diet:

Choose to increase your vegetable intake, rather than your fruits.  Whilst fruits are good for you, they tend to be laden with sugars, that render them more acid than alkaline.   Think green – chard, kale, watercress, rocket, parsley and basil.   All rich in minerals, and totally alkalising.

Think living, rather than harvested.  Sprouted beans and seeds are far more alkaline than their picked or dried counterparts.  Sprout your own mung beans, lentils and chick peas – easy to do, and fabulous sources of protein.

Choose to pulse your smoothies, rather than juice your vegetables – putting all the raw ingredients (stems, leaves and all, is infinitely more nourishing than stripping the fibre away.  If you make one investment in your kitchen this year, make it a strong blender, rather than a juicer.  you won’t regret it.