Autumn expiations – the GOOD things about being sick!

How many of you readers have been – or are – combatting colds, flus, snuffles, sneezes and all the glorious, glamorous sick-nesses that emerge at this time of year?

Autumn is when our whole body needs us to slow down.

With less sunshine to charge our batteries we physically do need to rest more, to look inwards and care for our whole selves.  It is a time in nature when we most need to restore our system, replenish our organs – especially kidneys, adrenals and liver  – and to slooooooow down.

So these discomforts and dis-eases that are all different forms of sickness have many benefits in handkercheifed disguise!

It is our body’s way of allowing our immune system to recover, of expiating toxins = physical, emotional, stress-induced and excess-induced so that we can rebalance our system for the winter time.

* You have to slow down – and even stop completely if bed-rest is required.  This can stop the over-thinking mind and create time and space to allow new insights, inspirations and reflections and learnings to flow in.

* You have to begin to take care of yourself properly, eating the right foods, listening to your body’s needs – and the needs of your whole being

* In listening to your body and drinking more water, upping your Vitamin C you are bringing your equilibrium back into balance

* In clearing your throat with coughs and lungs and chest with sneezes you are opening up your heart space and your throats to be able to express and communicate your needs more easily

* This allows you to speak your truth even more easily and freely allowing your vital life force energy to flow, so that you can live in greater balance and harmony

So when you feel your body aching, the exhaustion kicking in, say thank you to your body for giving you a clear message: that it is time to retreat and to take care of yourself, to reconnect with your needs so that you can enjoy more and more wellbeing!

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Yoga and Natural Horsemanship Retreat with Sandra Morrell & Maya Kellenberger


Use your body and breath with greater awareness… and how this influences the relationship with your horse

The retreat takes place in a rustic finca in the Sant Miguel / San Lorenzo valley in the heart of the Ibizenc countryside.

Course fee €425 and food & Accommodation €370 – day rates available

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breathe for life… and breathe before you speak…

Breathe, just for a moment – and then another, consciously..

Enjoy this Monday morning breathe for life recipe:

To begin your morning – and every morning full of fresh, life-force, smile-infused energy

…and to help you speak your truth and express yourself with ease, with grace and clarity:

Inhale the fresh, clear air like the beginning of a new day… a clean, clear space… opening up new possibilities…

And exhale the old, tired, used air, feel your muscles let go, feel a sense of deep release…

Inhale the scent as if you are in a forest of pines… watching the sunrise, as we do here in Ibiza, over the water, over the fields, over the hills in the distance…

Exhale the embarrassing moments you would like to forget, the words best left unsaid, the fears, the pain the suffering…

Inhale life force, new life energy, feel the prana running through your body, your mind and lifting your spirits as you begin to smile

Exhale tiredness, restrictions, exhaustion, tension and pain…

Inhale clarity of mind and feel your chest opening… feel your heart space opening even more, feel the muscles of your shoulders opening and expanding…

Exhale concerns and resentments, guilt and despair…

Inhale positivity, new life and clear, clean fresh air…

Exhale stresses and tension release them back to transform

Inhale lightness and laughter and the innocence of a new-day-born

Exhale old ways of being, habits that limited and held you back

Inhale a feeling of your chest opening with butterfly wings ready to fly

Exhale the strain of controlling of holding on far too tight

Inhale the power of love unconditional, of trust in life, of laughter to bring light

Exhale toxic thoughts and feelings from your belly towards the grounds

Inhale a smile that infuses you with lightness and open your mouth wide (as if to singggggg)

Exhale fear of the future and all pain of the past

Feel your feet on the earth, raise your arms above your head to the sky…

Feel gratitude and thanks for being born with this gift of potential in life…

…and feel your smile sparkling from the inside….to the outside… radiating

For breathwork and meditations to yoga and life & wellness coaching email us to experience the magic of these experiences to help you breathe for life…  here in Ibiza’s beautiful nature…

Ibiza! The perfect family ‘retreat’ destination

Whilst many people are now aware that Ibiza is also an  island of wholeness, tranquility, a healing space and calm! There are still some we need to convince that it’s not all about clubs and parties…

So, it’s with thanks to Ann-Marie and her beautiful family, who came for a family holiday; or family ‘retreat’ should we say this summer.

And you can read here what she has to say on her site Yano – dedicated to a holistic approach to raising children and to family life. Ibiza – the best kept secret!

Feel free to contact us if you feel like something a bit different for your 2012 family holiday…. love from Ibiza Retreats

TANIT goddess of the island… artistic inspiration

Tanit Goddess of Ibiza - Inspired Artistry

This amazing mosaic, made following a template of aperiodic tiling (Roger Penrose), was designed and installed in a Blakstad Finca by an artist called Christina Bryer who had no knowledge of Tanit before…

And yet THIS is Tanit the goddess protectorate of Ibiza – of fertility – of dance – with the sun shining through….

Christina… the artist… had no knowledge of Ibizan history nor had she had physical connections to the island before creating this work. Yet it grew into this pictorial representation of Tanit, which renowned architect, Rolf Blakstad identified on viewing her finished work for the first time.

Mere coincidence? Or another of the many mystical Ibizan synchronicities that we come to experience on our magical white island…

Or something connecting at a higher level of consciousness? To inspire and connect us with the fact that we are all, indeed, connected?

What is particularly interesting is that Christina works in a structured and disciplined method of exploration or aperiodic tiling which has been described to others as “sacred geometry”. This is the geometry used in the planning and construction of sacred monuments, spiritual sites and religious alters, meditation temples and temples for prayer, sacred groves and even village greens… with symbolic and sacred meanings embedded within the shapes and architecture.

Infusing higher levels of spiritual awareness within the structure and layout of the tiles, invoking energies at a higher level.

Thank you Christina… for bringing this gift to the island to remind us of our connectedness… read more about Christina by clicking here.

And please share! :

What other Ibizan synchronicities have you experienced?

There is no such thing as coincidence – what experiences have helped you open your mind to higher possibilities since living in – and visiting and loving Ibiza?