Ibiza Healing Day

On Sunday the 10/10/10 at 10.00am Atzaro opens its doors for an incredible holistic charity event for the mind, body and soul.

With an opening ceremony beginning at 10.10am we will share a day to enhance our senses through sight, sounds, smell and touch.

This is a colourful and magical day full of flavour and fun for all the family, a melting pot of therapeutic offerings where you can enjoy taster sessions of Reiki, Bowen Technique, Reflexology, Massage, Crystal Healing, EFT, Meditation, Yoga, Spiritual Business Coaching, Sound Healing and many more to treat your body and nurture your spirit.

Let’s come together and make a difference to the world and our own lives. Discover and find out more by energising, harmonising, visualising socialising and globalising! 10/10/10 is World Day of Interconnectedness:


For the kids we provide entertainment, yoga, face painting, art and creative activities filled with love. And for adults with a thirst for knowledge attend a ‘mini workshop with tips and talks on topics such as diet and nutrition.

Enjoy healthy food and juices, live music, entertainment, dance and celebration for Ibiza!

We will end the event at sunset with a beautiful closing meditation

Donation of €5 on the door
Children under 12 come free 🙂

Help support the children of Ibiza – all proceeds go to Sama Sound
– The Foundation of Healing Music –



How to begin living an ordinary life in an extraordinary way.

The after party continues at Atzaro 🙂

For further info contact: Katy – Tel: -616345498 – Email: eventos@ibiza-spotlight.com




Mindful Eating engages our body, our hea

Mindful Eating engages our body, our heart, our mind and our soul – http://ow.ly/2JfeA

Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating

As we move into the autumn season and the weather gets cooler, are we paying attention to our bodies and what we eat?  By listening to our bodies we can re-awaken our taste-buds and discover what we really need to provide enough nutrients, goodness, vitamins and minerals.  A great way of tuning back into our bodies and hearing that inner voice is through fasting.  Ones mind becomes clearer and ones ability to think is enhanced, both the mental and physical senses are heightened.

Being more mindful and aware of what we eat – eating in silence – enjoying our food and giving it thought really changes the energy vibration.  Food preparation, preservation and consumption are those soulful acts that can help us to correct imbalance. Mindful eating engages our body, our heart, our mind and our soul and can bring us back into balance heart, soul and mind. The relationship we can have with food is a spiritual relationship deeply meaningful personally and socially.

Mindful eating is eating with intention, attention and respect for the meal/food in front of us.  When we don’t listen, our minds override all those positive impulses driven by our emotions which are the glue that holds our mind and body together. During the fast the unhealthy emotions are released and re-evaluated therefore forming a healthier stronger glue holding us together.  Eliminating the emotional dependance on food which can have a devastating effect on delicate emotions.

I highly recommend Ilona Pantel’s Fasting weeks and Detox weekenders at the breathtaking Buddha House.

Visit: http://blog.ibizaretreats.com/fasting-and-detox-retreats-2/

for further details and the benefits of fasting.

Contact: cherylibizaretreats@gmail.com

2 spots at £795 remaining on the first c

2 spots at £795 remaining on the first class EvoYoga retreat with Elena Voice and Cameron Shayne! http://ow.ly/2HmKf

Still Flowing Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Villa Kumharas

1 month Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training

October 5th – November 4th at the stunning Villa Kuhmaras, Cala Salada

Instructed by Gemma Mallol

“Yoga is a journey that leads us back to our true selves. Yoga facilitates the realisation of this great intimacy and acceptance of ourselves, as we are – human beings first and foremost. Living within this mysterious and unfathomable world – Only from here can we even start to contemplate matters of Spirit”.

Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training in Ibiza – 200 hr Level Yoga Alliance Certified is a unique Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Programme combining the freedom and dynamism of Vinyasa Flow Yoga with the technical precision of Iyengar Yoga, Insight Buddhist Meditation, Thai Yoga Massage, Chanting and more…

The teacher training course is unique in as much as it is a combination of disciplines leading trainees to the style of Still Flowing Yoga. It combines Patanjalis classical eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, the spontaneous free form Vinyasa Flow Yoga, the precision and technique of Iyengar Yoga, Buddhist Insight Meditation, Chanting and Nada Yoga, Yoga/Buddhist Philosophy, Thai Yoga Massage and applied Anatomy and Physiology.

This residential yoga teacher training course takes place at Villa Kumharas near the beautiful cove beach of Cala Salada on the west coast of Ibiza. The Villa is a newly renovated old farmhouse that has a big, warm, stunning light, yoga shala with huge windows and infinity views of the Mediterranean. It is a seemingly remote property on a hill-top surrounded by fragrant pine forest. The farmhouse is decorated and furnished to a very comfortable standard equipped throughout with Balinese and Asian furniture & artifacts and local art. There are double and triple rooms, some with en-suite and some with a shared bathroom. There is a beautiful swimming pool and grounds with resident chickens, ducks, peacock, dogs and an organic garden…

Gemma Mallol started meditation and yoga 11 years ago, initially inspired by Vipassana and Buddhist Meditation – particularly Thich Nhat Hanh, the Vietnamese Zen Monk and Master and she had studied closely with one of his long term students since she started on her “spiritual” journey. She has also studied closely with one of the founders and guiding teachers from the Insight Meditation Soc. USA – Steven Smith.

She started practicing Sivananda Yoga in 1998 in India with various Indian teachers for two 6 month periods. Concurrently during this period she studied with Dr. Santhosh Kumar in his Ayurvedic Practice in Kerala as his assistant and was qualified as an Ayurvedic Masseuse and Panchakarma Therapist. 

She evolved over the years from her foundations of classical Ashtanga Yoga and The Insight Buddhist Teachings of the Still Flowing Yoga Style that is taught on the Yoga Teacher Training Course which is actually a combination of different disciplines that join together to form a unique flowing individual style of yoga.  She has created, coordinated, facilitated and taught on yoga retreats and intensives for the past 9 years and co-owned and co-directed her own yoga & meditation retreat centre for 5 years in Andalucia (El Convento). The Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training Course is a natural progression born from her in depth experience in the yoga retreat and intensive world.

This course is recommended for yoga or meditation practitioners with a minimum of 3 years consistent practice experience who are prepared to commit themselves to an intensive process that will facilitate their passage to teaching yoga. However we have open minds and if you feel this course is the one for you we will take your application and process it individually. We welcome applicants from other disciplines such as martial arts.

Retreat includes:

• Accommodation • 1 month Tuition • Food (2 meals per day cooked in the house by the group)

Wellness benefits:

• In a month you will be given the tools and the confidence to teach yoga with integrity in a safe, skillful and compassionate way. • You will receive high quality teaching in a small group (max 12 students) with a range of international experts in the field (3 main teachers) who will transmit the teaching of yoga to you through a variety of disciplines, methods and techniques in a fun, lighthearted, focused way that is fully relevant to and applicable to our modern lives. • Not only will you learn to teach yoga this month by awakening the inner teacher within you and learning the practical teaching skills needed, you will develop your own sacred yoga & meditation practice • You will spend a month with like-minded friends that will have a deep transformational effect on your life.