community consciousness

Community Consciousness – sober, centered and enjoying high vibes!

Photograph by Sophie Gomez Fonzo

When two candle-flames come together, the flame grows exponentially.

As the nights grow shorter and it gets colder doesn’t it feel good to get together, with other like-minded souls ?  Whether yoga, meditation, breathing, singing or even dancing together, when done with respect for one another, and one’s self, a certain magic happens and we come away feeling nourished at a heart-and-soul level.

  We are at a powerful turning point in humanity’s evolution.

We have spent too much time on Facebook, or alone in bed with our phones.

We are remembering how deeply good it feels to laugh, cry, sing, move, dance, practice yoga, meditation in silence or – equally – open our voices and share our stories with other open-minded, accepting and tolerant beings.

Because when we come together consciously, we are fulfilling one of the mot fundamental human needs: love and connection.   

Personally, being in groups where I can be myself, in my truth, helps me feel reconnected, seen, heard and also enables a vortex of energy in which, with common intentions, I can deepen my own experience and connection to myself. My inner-world and sense of spaciousness expands and I feel, in the right communities, a genuine raising of energy vibrations because I feel SAFE, my nervous system relaxes and I can rest into a rising sense of self-worth.

You, our retreat guests, give us as much positive feedback about the healing and inspiring process of forming a community dynamic as within your individual journeys on retreat.

For thousands of years, human beings have connected in circle, to smoke the pipe of peace, share the fire, eat together, sleep together to keep safe from wild animals, to pray, sing and dance for rain, sun and celebration.

We come as unique and magnificent beings whose energies, ideas and backgrounds weave a colourful and dynamic tapestry that is as enriching as it is interesting.

With so many of us living in individual apartments or homes, running our lives from our tablets and phones, a sense of disconnection can creep up and leave us feeling very much alonel being together like this enables us to be in the moment – to become present and feel more relaxed and in our zone.

So why not prioritise this November, as your mid-week radiator, your “in the diary non-negotiable” self-time to replenish your system with a positive self-love infusion of community-vibes?

Check our your local yoga studio for different and interesting events and experiences – because  it is much more than what happens on the mat.  The studios and shalas that are blossoming throughout our cities are becoming hubs for all sorts of consciousness-raising, good-vibes. They are creating “happenings” that offer opportunities for personal healing, growth – and above all the JOY of true connection.    

So, this November, make a promise to yourself of an ongoing commitment to nurture your own self-love and prioritise your self-care practices. Plan ahead where possible and make it an integral part of your day to day life.

And if you feel you are ready to invest further in yourSELF, have a look at our 2020 retreat calendar and join our beautiful community of like-minded souls on a transformational retreat at our luxurious hilltop hideaway in Ibiza – and enjoy a 10% discount off all retreat bookings made before December 31st!

We would be honoured to welcome you!

With love

Larah x