Featured retreat: Just Stop! 

The Ibiza Retreats Just Stop! retreats are like little windows of opportunity for a total lifestyle detox – in mind, body and spirit. Like a deep, transformative exhale, the retreat invites you to explore gentle, conscious actions, techniques and therapies to release stress and pressures over four nights and five days. Nurturing, flowing yoga gets you out of that go-go-go-head space to feel more present in your body, grounded and connected. Holistic life coaching and NLP supports you to reconnect with a space of inner-stillness where you can hear what your heart most needs, feel clear about your purpose and path forward, and address the lifestyle changes that will support you to live your life in greater balance and harmony.

A typical day on retreat:

08.30  – Pre-yoga light bites09.30  – Morning yoga followed by meditation on a mountaintop
11.30  – Daily juice and conscious cuisine brunch
13.00 – 15.00  – Relaxation time by the pool, in the garden, in your room plus massages and treatments
17.30  – MET Tapping workshop on changing old beliefs
20.00  – Light supper under the stars and sweet dreams

This retreat is about being gentle with yourself and our menu reflects this philosophy. It’s tasty, seasonal, vegetarian and made with pure love by our conscious chef Edu (for him, cooking is meditation). It’s wheat and dairy free, so a soft detox for the body – yet nurturing and abundant!

Imagine yourself in bohemian charm, with the smell of Sabina wood to wake you and only the sound of the birds and the crickets to disturb your inner revelry. Our retreat space is authentically Ibiza, like going back in time to simple beauty and pure nature, where your senses revive and your body can rest.

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Mother Nature knows best

How often do you take time in nature to relax and ‘just be’? If you are working in a city, or even in blissful Ibiza, spending a long time behind a laptop, or on the omnipresent iPhone, means the radiation from the screens and the over-stimulation of the senses, can send you into a heightened state of headiness, or over-exhilaration. Whether you just need to take a break from typing, or are feeling excessively tired, low or stressed – rather than popping some pills, opening a bottle or having a meltdown, try a more natural remedy this springtime to release the nervous energy and build-up of emotions, see the bigger picture again and remember what you are really here for.

Nature inspires, enriches and provides new perspectives – from cliff tops, at sunrise, or even during your lunch break in the centre of a city. As you step off the cement and onto green grass, rust red Ibiza soil, sand or into the sea, you’ll instantly feel any tightness and tension unwind downwards as you start grounding the body. Just 10 minutes can put you into a complete ‘break state’, resetting your emotional thermometer to peaceful and cool. Just do it: get away from the desk, from the house-tasks and from the ‘have tos’, re-find your self and your inner-peace amongst all-accepting Mother Nature.

To oxygenate and revitalise the whole system, consciously take 10 deep breaths of fresh, clean air. Yes – even in cities! Find a place with some trees – they are the city’s lungs, recycling carbon dioxide and producing fresh oxygen continually – and get up close and breath deeply. As you inhale deeply, through your nose specifically, you are inhaling up the ‘ida and pingala’ – two energy pathways that intertwine down to the base of your spine. As you breathe in the fresher air, your nervous system can start to relax. Even better if you’re in Ibiza, where you can walk through rosemary bushes and pine trees – drinking in the uplifting and revitalising aromatherapy in addition to fresh oxygen.

The colour green is the colour of the heart chakra, and is proven to be soothing and deeply calming. As you look around at it, observe yourself – you may feel your chest opening and expanding, your breath softening and shoulders relaxing. Notice how good it feels to look around at wider, more open spaces. Feel the way that looking around at the colour green relaxes your eyes. If walking along the beach, the blue hue of the sea is also the colour of flow and great for healing. Looking out at the horizons and the vastness of sea and sky will literally, open your mind.

Step out of the ‘have to’ head of the ‘switched on’ life you have created, and feel how much easier it is to put the many tasks and responsibilities of daily life to one side when you can see the beauty of the blossoms opening, the vibrant green fronds and leaves, and the grass beneath your feet. Let nature see you as you truly are: in your strength and vulnerability. Come ‘home’ to your real self and feel back in to who you really are… naturally.

Energy Healing with Faye Reason

Ibiza wellness expert Faye Reason began studying Reiki energy healing many years ago and offers a very special, multi-layered healing experience to her clients here in Ibiza. Incorporating ancient wisdom, shamanic and crystal healing as required, Faye works with angels and guides to allow the most powerful and positive energy to flow through her to support your healing journey. It is empowering and enlightening – authentic, loving, healing.

Faye’s specialty is her open-hearted care and total presence with every level of your being. She holds your space to ‘let go’ and dive deep within the treatment, to dare to be your true self, to open up to your desires, needs and dreams. Beginning with gentle meditation and breathwork, to enable you to consciously and unconsciously relax into a receptive state, Faye combines holistic massage, Reiki and advanced energetic and spiritual healing into your one and a half hour treatment. Her healing hands find physical blockages and softly, yet deeply, enable their release, whilst she intuitively channels the root causes for any physical or emotional pain or discomfort and encourages you to listen to, and learn from, the inner-meanings to ensure deep and lasting healing.

Faye’s own journey, which took her into the rainforests of South America to purify and study with great shamans, opened her heart and mind to greater dimensions. Her intuition is powerful and heartfelt, drawing from her time with the indigenous peoples of the Great Lakes in Canada where she learned about heart medicine. Her work is for those who want to seek their truths, and who need the couragement of her brave heart and experienced care to be able to properly let go and receive.

Clients more often than not express their appreciation with tears of gratitude – at having discovered the truth of the matter, for the opportunity to release traumas, limiting beliefs and debilitating fears. You will feel a greater sense of inner-peace, physical relaxation and connection to your purpose and your heart. Expect calmer, clearer thoughts, insights and the ability to be more ‘in touch’ with your true feelings after your experience with Faye.

Faye co-hosts the Ibiza Retreats Boutique Yoga & Detox Retreats alongside co-director and yoga teacher Susie Howell, where you can enjoy plenty of sacred one-to-one time and personalised Faye care. She also gives the welcome massages during our Get Glowing Retreats in addition to a wonderful energy-work and self-healing session. Book her special 90-minute transformative healing treatment on retreat or in a private session in your home or holiday villa – contact us for further information.

Yoga for daily life: Purifying Breath Techniques

The essence of yoga is really all about purification. Keeping the body pure and healthy through the physical asanas, detoxifying the mind of negative thoughts and emotions and creating space in the breath for this ‘prana’ or life force energy to flow.

Featured breathing technique

Nadi Shodhan. We introduce this gently purifying ‘pranayama’ (breath) technique to help clear out blocked energy channels in the body, which in turn calms the mind. ‘Nadi’ means subtle energy channel and ‘Shodhan’ represents cleaning and purification. This can be done anytime of the day, not just on the yoga mat – we suggest two to three times daily to really experience the benefits.

  1. Sit comfortably with your spine long and shoulders relaxed
  2. Place the tip of the index finger and middle finger of the right hand between the eyebrows, the ring finger and little finger on the left nostril, thumb on the right
  3. Press your thumb down on the right nostril and breathe out gently through the left
  4. Now breathe in from the left nostril, close the left nostril gently and breathe out from the right
  5. Breathe in from the right nostril and exhale from the left. This is one round – try nine
Other benefits of purifying breath techniques?

Our minds have a tendency to regret or glorify the past or get anxious about the future. This helps us to stay present. It helps harmonise the left and right hemispheres of the brain, which correlate to the logical and emotional sides of our personalities. This breath technique prepares the body and mind for meditation, so try a short meditation afterwards.