Winter-sunshine Ibiza Retreats

Relax into Ibiza’s peaceful winter-time sunshine, which already feels like spring! Refocus with one of the wonderful Coaching day retreats, or de-stress and heal with our anti-burn out, rejuvenation retreats.  Cleanse and clear with a juice detox in your private villa or retreat or detox and fast with Ilona’s professional guidance at magical Buddha House-mountain. Join hands on walks and open hearts with singing circles, make new friends and enjoy intimate fire-side talks….

5 step self-lymph massage

The lymphatic system is one of the key parts of the immune system. If you feel congested it may be because you have some extra lymphatic fluid in the head.

So… do you want to upper-cut the cold season?! Get rid of head-aches from congestion, dizzyness, vertigo and all the side symptoms with having a cold.

Here is an easy 5 step self-lymph massage you can do on yourself to get this fluid down out of your head!

1. To start we will find the VENUS ANGLE wich is the primary place where all the lymphatic fluids drains back into the body. It’s located between the sternocleidomastoid muscle and in a small divit where the clavicle is. Take your ring fnger and put it in the inside of the collar bone on each side. Lightly start to pum towards the heart once every 2 seconds about 50 times.

2. Take the flat partof your finger and palms on either side of the neck and hold on and pull down allong the angle of the sternocleidomastoid muscle towards the heart once every 2 seconds about 50 times.

3. Cup your hands, put your fingers and the top part of your palm on the back of your neck and pull down gently every 2 seconds about 50 to 100 times.

4. Put your hands in the live long and prosporous symbol (shaped your fingers like V with your thumb out), surround your ear between your middle finger and ring finger on both sides and pull down lightly towards the bottom of the cheak every 2 seconds 50 to 100 times.

5. Do steps 3-2-1 again.

Now you have pumped your fluids from the surface of the skin and drained your head and neck!!

Do this as many times as necessary and please share this with your family and loved ones.

contact us  to book a Lymphatic drainage massage- 1hour for just €70!


Just Stop! Yoga, Life Coaching & Holistic Wellbeing

Monthly from March 2013 – Happy body, happy heart, happy mind.. Just Stop! and remember how good you CAN feel, with Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga, Stress-release massages & Cranio-sacral therapy, Breathwork & Meditations and personal Coaching and facilitation with Larah of Ibiza Retreats, Holistic Life Coach and NLP Wellness Consultant and Rebekah Fensome, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Wellbeing Coach in a Finca retreat amidst Ibiza’s magical mother nature.  From €860 all inclusive / 795 GBP, Set in an exquisite 400 year old retreat, with Sandra Morrel and Shambala Wegner’s healing hands to release stress and help you breathe new space, energy and light into your being with world-class treatments & therapies, sunset cliff-top hikes, swimming in turquoise seas, with purifying juices and soul-pleasing organic, seasonal cuisine.

Retreat from the heat of reality and experience the wonderful new perspectives, ideas, inspirations and positive energy that flows in.

View full information about Just Stop! Retreats and book your place here 

The Yoga Womb Winter Classes

Welcome wonderful women all, to come share a cosy, sacred yoga space every Thursday morning @ 10.00am – 11.30am outside on the stunning natural deck or warm and welcoming in the beautiful studio-womb @ Can Amonita, San Lorenzo. Susie & Larah of Ibiza Retreats will be offering nourishing Hatha Vinyasa Flow yoga, to support you to refine your practice, rejuvenate female energies and share plenty of hands on healing to keep you glowing this winter.  Just @15 euros per session  / 50 euros for a block of 4

Join us to switch off from the outside world, with meditations and stress-releasing breath-work and enjoy inner-peace, you-time and body-mind harmony :0)

Followed by tea, healthy, home-made cake and….. cosy connecting chats….

To book your mat space, please email Classes begin on January 10th in 2013.


Life Coaching & NSA to empower in body, heart & mind

Join Larah of Ibiza Retreats and Dr Abi Woodward  for a 1 day retreat, Jan 12th @ Aguas de Ibiza combining Holistic Life Coaching with mind-opening NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Experience an NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) adjustment to upgrade your physical, emotional and energetic wellbeing.  Tap into inner-peace with SRI breathwork to connect deeply with your personal point of power.  Learn how to detox your lifestyle of unhealthy habits, negative thought patterns & energy drains.  Get focussed & clear about what you genuinely want to create and experience this year.  Release cycles of pain & suffering, feel lighter, brighter and clear.  Relax and integrate this beautiful experience in the wonderful spa-waters & hammam of Aguas de Ibiza spa afterwards…  Enjoy the magic of your body, heart and mind being aligned..  prices and further info click here: