Ibiza Healing Day this Sunday 1st May at Atzaro


After the phenomenal success of our 10/10/10 event last year we are back again at the same spectacular place, the exquisite agroturisimo spa hotel Atzaro, at a slightly different time beggning at 11am with the opening ceremony.

A magical day to explore and discover all your senses through sound, sight, touch and taste.  Find out more about healing therapies by having a taster of something that takes your fancy like Reiki or reflexology.  Sit back and relax in our chill out area whilst listening to the healing beats throughout the day. Or if you want to do something for you body and mind drop into the yoga area and try a new class.  In the mood for education and inspiration? Get yourself to the speakers hall where we have 30 minute talks in English and Spanish including “How To Move from Fear to Love”,Weeding your world and creating your universe” and Seeing cancer as a gift and opportunity for transformation.”

Proceeds of this years event are to be donated to the Alzeimhers Association of Ibiza.

There is something for everyone and we wish you all a fabulous day and a healthy and happy life!

For full details of the day visit http://www.healingibiza.com

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Inspiration for a Thursday afternoon

toe in water

A toe in the water is about adapting to the challenge, not the challenge adapting to you

Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training 28th April – 27th May

sleeping buddha K1

200 hr Level Yoga Alliance Certified Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training is a unique Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Programme combining the freedom and dynamism of Vinyasa Flow Yoga with the technical precision of Iyengar Yoga, Insight Buddhist Meditation, Thai Yoga Massage, Chanting and more…

Held at the stunning Villa Kuhmaras, Cala Salada with Gemma Mallol & Marcela Enriquez Wakeham.


€1700 for non-residential (Tuition fees only)
€2800 for residential course

Retreat includes accommodation, 1 month tuition and food (2 meals per day cooked in the house by the group).

For more information contact cheryl@ibizaretreats.com

Dandasana – Sitting down to help you stand tall!


Just as Tadasana or mountain pose is the foundation for all of the standing poses, Dandasana or ‘staff’ pose is so for the seated forward bends and twists. The staff in this case refers to the spine – the body’s central axis and this postures offers a wonderful way to test your bodies alignment…

How to do it…
1. Simply sit up against the wall – you may find this is harder than you think, so you can sit on a support if this eases any over exertion in your hips or hamstrings. The sacrum and the shoulder blades should touch the wall, but not the back of the head.
2. Sit towards the front of the sitting bones and grow up from the pubis and the tailbone.
3. Without hardening the belly, firm the thighs, rotate them slightly towards eachother and imagine drawing the inner groins towards the sacrum.
4. Stay in the posture for as long as you can – and feel the energy you are creating travelling up and down your spine – the staff. Breathe long and deep and imagine stretching and lengthening the muscles in your body.

Use Dandasana to help you stand tall and face the day and it challenges. Feel your body lengthening and notice where you hold your tensions in life.

Fancy a yoga holiday or interested in a teacher training retreat?

Here’s some of our recommended ones happening soon.

Dynamic Beach Body & yin Yoga with massage Healthy Holiday(Non yogi’s can come also we simply knock off the yoga fee).

Dates – 26th – 30th April 2011
Cost – €750


6 Day Yoga in the Village Retreat with James DeMaria

Dates – April 26th – 1st May 2011
Cost – €280


1 month Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training

Date – 28th April – 27th May
Cost – €1700 for non-residential (Tuition fees only) €2800 for residential course


Contact cheryl@ibizaretreats.com

Have a sunny week!


It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing.