Balance is the Key

5 Day Dynamic Beach Body & Yin Yoga with massage Healthy Holiday with Jax May Lysycia & Niki Taylor

26th – 30th April 2011 at Formentera Yoga Beach Spa

Your time is precious so why not indulge yourself in our exotic beach location and get what you came to get instantly!

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What is Hawaiian Bodywork?






Hawaiian Bodywork is a single art of body therapy, which includes various different forms of shamanic bodywork. The massage is an open door for anybody who likes to be guided back to the original roots and come into real contact with the aliveness and power of the surrounding nature.  It makes vast use of energy work, dance, activities and passive meditations as well as rituals and trances. These activities are born out of ancient shamanistic traditions from Hawaii, Africa, Australia and the Native Indians of America. However the focus of this work is centred around the Hawaiian healing-massage, which has its origins in the Kahuna-massage of ancient Hawaii. It consists of three basic elements that are the Mana-breathing (special circular breathing technique), the Hula-Dance form (particular dance-technique to step around the table) and finally the massage-touch (specific massage-technique that consists of about sixty different strokes and joint release-techniques).

These three elements form the uniqueness of the massage which is accompanied by strong and powerful music, like drumbeats, trance-music and dolphin- and whale-sounds, that penetrate directly the unconscious and leave a moving and unforgettable imprint.  Integrated in the massage is an eight-session-system that works with every layer of the human energy-field. This eight-session-system touches each of the so called Chakras, the seven energy centres of the human body, physically, emotionally and on a spiritual level. Special massage-strokes, the chanting of sounds, the use of colours, essences and music awakens the life-energy of each chakra and gives the receptive person a taste of the quality of each energy-centre. Each session in the eight-session-system of the Hawaiian-healing massage is devoted to one specific chakra. Every session is complete in itself.  It relaxes the energy- and physical body of the receptive person and awakens the spirit on the deepest level. It is the journey with the powerful original sources of nature from body to heart and soul.


Magnetic Island hot spot – Es Vedra on a full moon!

200hr & 500hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Retreat with Lara Baumann – 8th April – 8th May

Lara Baumann is the founder of the Quantum Method® of Yoga, which she teaches worldwide.  ‘A spiritual system that adopts the holistic approach to health from the ancient Indian healing science of Ayurveda, whilst embracing the modern insights of Quantum physics to maximise ones’s power of conscious manifestation.’

This month long teacher training course is held at the beautiful Shunya retreat in northern Ibiza, charged with Tachyon energy.

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