Supporting you as you return Back to Life

Dearest lovely retreat guests all

Thank you so much for choosing to retreat with us.

It was such a pleasure to welcome you all here and it’s always truly inspirational to journey with you, as you courageously explore your inner worlds, with opened hearts and minds, and with new horizons and possibilities.

* Staying on a more glowing path – To empower yourself to keep treating your WHOLE self with the kindness, love and respect you deserve. Please find below some resources to help you hold on to retreat experience and to keep the positive vibes resonating wherever you are.

* Have you all created a space at home for your personal practice? Your own “temple” space?

Once you have set up this space where YOU can tune in, breathe and CONNECT with your self daily, you can set your daily intentions, based on knowing how you feel and what you need, to feel harmonious throughout your day.

From here, your sense of inner calm and “centered-ness” will increase. And your awareness of the re-actions or choices that take you OUT of harmony will ALSO increase significantly. If you feel out of harmony, come back to your self by walking in nature, playing beautiful music, singing, dancing, breathing, running or diving into a good yoga session.  get out of your head and into your heart and your body by using one of the practices below !

To support you with your journeys, now back in reality will be:

  1.  Morning guided meditation(to be done seated comfortably or lying on your back, knees bent)
  2.  Morning awaken and revive mindful yoga flow
  3.  Evening legs up the wall yoga nidra / self-healing visualisation to purify mind and emotions and relax your nervous system at the end of the day.

* Here are our TOP 5 SHOULDER OPENERS – especially for those times at work when you need to BREATHE and OPEN your heart, release tension from shoulders and the mind!

Click here to read more on our Top 5 shoulder openers

* Recipes from Magical Chefs !  Here are some of our Favourite Teas, Juices & Meals from our chefs’ teams – and please ASK if there is anything else you would like the recipe for!

Click here to enjoy our Teas, Juices & Meals

*Re create your favourite brunch dishes with our fabulously healthy recipes from Faye

Click here to enjoy some Beautiful Brunch Dishes 

Simple to make beetroot hummus

Click here for the favourite Beetroot Hummus Recipe

Supporting a happy and healthy gut for a happy and healthy you

Click here to read more about keeping your gut happy and healthy!

* Our Top 10 Classic Books to continue the journey!

1) The Power of Intention – Dr Wayne Dyer – learn to use intention to guide your path forward and to embrace kindness, love and gratitude as the keys to living in harmony with your deeper wishes, needs and dreams.

2) The Global Heart Awakens – Anodea Judith PhD –  how humanity is changing from “power” to the empowerment of love and divine femininity – learn to use the female qualities of emotional intelligence to live in greater harmony and to lead your groups, colleagues and teams in more sustainably rhythms for a lasting, holistic success.

3) The Power of Now (and Practicing the Power of Now) – Eckhart Tolle – invaluable teams for living in the present moment, to free yourself from fears and anxieties

4) Moving Inward – the journey to meditation – Rolf Sovik, PsyD – an amazing book for developing your own meditation practice, step by step and lovely to follow, harnessing the power of your breath to guide you within.

5) The Heart of Yoga – developing a personal practice – T.K.V. Desikachar – one of this century’s leading lights bringing yoga, from the heart, to the western world

6) Yoga as Medicine – Timothy McCall, M.D. – a fantastic book for healing yourself with yoga

7) The Biology of Belief – Bruce H. Lipton, PH.D – learn how your beliefs shape your life! more scientifically focussed yet this is the BEST book we feel for explaining how science meets spirit.

8) Awakening the spine – Vanda Scaravelli – a beautiful and softer way to explore traditional yoga (Vanda trained under BKS Iyengar for many many years) and the relationship between your spine, nature and working with gravity. She died at the age of 91 and was still practising right to the end of her life. An inspiring read. 

9) Awakening the Tiger – Peter A Levine – A fascinating exploration into healing past traumas, which are ‘reflected’ in our nervous system, through naturalistic techniques and somatic experience

10) Yoga Mind, Body and Sprit – Donna Farhi – One of the most profound, holistic and intelligently balanced yoga ‘how to’ books out there. So clearly and beautifully thought out with plenty of examples and illustrations to inspire your practise. A great first yoga book or a magnificent reminder for more experienced practitioners. 

* MET from Shambala!

I love myself

I trust myself

I believe in myself

I am gentle with myself


Brushing your emotional and energetic teeth! Morning and evening!

These are some of the favourite, inspiring and empowering books that our team love…..

Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell

The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma

When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Here are some recommended reads about nutrition from our lovely Lisa Strong of Strong4Life Nutrition.

Proteinaholic; How our obsession with meat is killing us and what we can do about it.


* Angel Cards, Goddess Cards and Soul Card– can be found via Amazon – our favourite authors are Diana Cooper and Doreen Virtue

Check out our Soundcloud page of guided meditations.

Try these artists for music to uplift and harmonise!

  • Deva Premal
  • Deva Premal with Miten
  • Satnam Kaur

Use this beautiful piece of music for meditation or savasana (corpse pose) at the end of your yoga practice.

And try this wonderful soundtrack for meditation to the sounds of nature…Close your eyes and imagine you are back on the yoga deck with nature all around…

And if you were lucky enough to experience a Kundalini yoga session with Trish Whelan, click the link below to listen to Vibrate At Your Highest Frequency with her Souladventures on Spotify:

WEBSITES for yoga – NIDRA network – for more relaxing NIDRAS (guided yoga sleep) to relax and self heal! – Womb Yoga brings us home to ourselves as women. To honour the natural cycles of our womb life is to dance in time with the cosmic rhythms of the universe – For 10 minute – 1 hour yoga sequences – simply press PLAY and go! – An incredible all-round resource for all aspects of yoga. Classes, articles, discussions and many other aspects. You need to subscribe, but very much worth it!