Ibiza Retreats therapies

 Our tailored menu of Ibiza Retreats therapies & treatments, for body, heart and mind.


Ibiza is known as a Magical Island due to her powerful energy.

This freedom of expression and sense of release, has attracted expert therapists and healers from all over the globe who have trained with leading teachers internationally. We have an ever-expanding portfolio of therapists to be able to match the right specialists to give you the best benefits & to meet your specific needs.


Treatments & Therapies


Deep Transformation and Trauma Release

 Reiki, Energetic, Spiritual & Shamanic Healing – a heart-mind reconnection – a transformational session of 1.5hrs – with MASTER THERAPIST FAYE – €175

 Somatic Healing Experience – deep healing and clearing of energetic blockages combining massage and conscious emotional release (Panterei Approach™ ) 1 – 1.15 hrs with TAYA €185*

Life-energy flow reconnection – a profound inner-journey through the breath, to release deep emotional and physical blockages and liberate your energy – 2 hrs – with LAILA – €185

Vibrational Healing and deep energy clearing within a 1.5 hour diagnostic and body work session with Reiki. Massage, Energy Body-work with GEORGINA  – €175


Massages from Around the World


Holistic Full-body massage / Deep Tissue / Lymphatic drainage – 1hr – €95 / 1.5hrs €125

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage ritual to release your inner goddess and invoke the divine feminine1.5 hrs €150

Indian Head Massage – 45mins – €80

Traditional Thai Massage – 1.5hrs+ – €150

Indian Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage1.5hours – €150


Classic Diagnostic and Healing Therapies

Reflexology – 1hr €95 / 1.5hrs €125

Acupuncture – TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture with HELEN – 1.5hrs initial consultation – €155 – follow up session 1 hr – €95

Reiki 1 hour – (with DONNA or CAT both Reiki Masters )- €95


Master Therapists – with over 20 years experience in their field

A diagnostic and transformative experience combining Holistic Massage, Reflexology, Energetic and Spiritual Healing with DEE – 1.5 hrs €160

A Cranio-sacral experience enabling deep release for the nervous system and body-mind rebalancing with EMANUELLE – 1.5 hrs €155

A ‘Six Senses’ experience- a divinely healing & super anti-aging Facial Ritual with integrated massage & energy work, ending with a soothing & re-energising foot massage with MARION- 1.5hrs – €175*

A holistic and diagnostic full-body massage offering deep muscular release, energetic healing and Health Coaching with ELISABETH – 1.5 hrs €160


 Free your Mind (& transform your life) with our Master Coaches

Holistic Wellness Coaching with Neuro Linguistic Programming to empower and transform – with Ibiza Retreats founder LARAH – 1.5hrs – €160

Hakomi Therapy with Holistic Life Coaching with the life wisdom of MARREJAN – 1.5hrs €135

MET (Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping) with SHAMBALA1 hr 15mins €155* + combined with Gestalt therapy – 1 hr 30 mins €175*


Inner-mind – Spirit and Soul

Empowering Tarot Guidance and Intuitive Spiritual Coachingwith ELAINE 1.5 hours €170

Mexican Tarot and Shamanic Massage to release physical blockages – with KATA 1.5 hours €150


Yoga Therapy


Self-healing, diagnostic and empowering practices for body, mind & soul

Integrated with Holistic Life Coaching, NLP and Energy Medicine

Yoga Therapy is especially beneficial for anxiety, depression, stress-management, insomnia, women’s wellness, burn-out, chronic back or joint pain, migraines, asthma and stress-related conditions with LARAH – 1.5 hrs €155

Private Therapeutic Yoga Session – with LARAH or VIVA– specializing in menopause, feminine evolution and overall wellbeing 1.5 hrs €125


Nutritional & Lifestyle Consultation

 Nutritionist – diet and lifestyle based 1-hour €95

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist – 1-1.5 hrs with emailed follow –up strategy €125

Ayurvedic Consultation – 1- 1.5hours – €120


Healing Facials and Beauty Therapies

Classic spa facials – either Dr Haushka, Purifying Guinot1.5hrs – €170

Gold Leaf facial with facial acupuncture to stimulate cellular regeneration – 1.5hrs – €170

‘The Natural Facelift’ – a deeply rejuvenating facial massage treatment with essential oils, vitamins & herbs – with Marion – 1 hr – €125*

Manicures & Pedicures (POA – from €60 per treatment


*       *       *


We work with a world-class team of highly trained teachers and therapists

who are passionate about serving your healing, empowerment and wellbeing.


Please ask your host for further information about

any of the treatments and therapies shown above.