Embrace your Lunar Cycle for Deep Healing and Wellbeing

By Larah Davis

Our lunar cycle affects us in oh-so many ways….


This month, in the days prior to my bleed time, I felt angry, frustrated, highly emotional.  My “peaks and troughs” rendered me physically, as well as emotionally exhausted and, by the time my bleed arrived, the gratitude I felt, for this blissful relief and tension release, was beyond words.

And I was.  Beyond words.  The pains and aches had felt almost like contractions in the previous days.

Thankfully, I track my cycle.

I could surrender, pamper myself.  Let my family and husband know that I was in this “late autumn” phase of my moon cycle and that I needed more time and space to rest.  

So their expectations of me dropped.  And I could drop my own self-made pressures to ‘do-do-do’ for my children, home, and beyond.
When my bleed began, I was able to stop.  

To bless and just ‘be’ in the quieter time I needed.  I turned off my phone and minimised external interactions.  (And I have a 2 and an 8 year old – both on summer holidays – so this is no mean feat! I can tell you!)

I slept longer, gently cuddled my family more, and as I had pre-negotiated this “self-care time” I was able to retreat alone to my bed, bend my knees over a bolster and drift in and out of trance-like meditative sleeps.

You see, I began to study Womb Yoga several years ago.  So many of our retreat clients come with high levels of anxiety, depression, report mood-swings, exhaustion, overwhelm, insomnia, infertility…. I could keep going.

These are ALL stress-related issues and from what I have observed over the last 10 years of leading, teaching and facilitating on our retreats, the greatest stress that we put ourselves under constantly is to “perform” when our physical body, our innate knowing, our personal rhythms, are actually asking us to slow down, stop, rest and receive.


In essence, your Lunar Cycle calibrates the ovarian cycle that completes with menstruation each month.  Yet even pre, during and post-menopausal women, can still utilise the cycle to map out our monthly needs, as a woman.

Waxing Moon / Inner-Spring
– around days 7 – 13  (pre-ovulation phase)
Waxing to Full Moon / Inner-Summer – days 14 – 21 (ovulation)
Waning Moon / Inner-Autumn – days 21 – 28 (luteal phase)
Dark Moon / Inner-Winter – days 1 – 6 (approx)  menstruation

We all need the different internal ‘seasons’ which are naturally occurring, to both accelerate our creative projects, socialise and celebrate in Summer, to begin to slow down in autumn, reflect a little more, then rest and recharge in winter (where often the most amazing visions can flow forth) so that in Spring-time, from our winter of stillness, we are calmer, clearer fresh and replenished, full of new life and new zing!

By recording the fluctuations of your cycle you can recognise your emotional highs and lows, your energy peaks and troughs; you can identify when you are feeling physically and emotionally at your strongest and also know when you most need to ‘retreat’ and focus on your own self-care.

You can become the rider of your life horse, at one with the moon and the stars
to strategise your diary to meet and negotiate all your challenges – and yes these challenges can include such events as children’s birthday parties – when you are in your all-powerful, high-vibing summer-time.  Your meditation retreat? Best in Autumn or Winter.  Your 5K race? Possibly Spring!
Do you see how this can work for you? How, in fact, with this tracking and awareness of your cycle you can enable your whole BEING to work with the most benefit for you, as you stop over-doing it when your inner-wisdom tells you to.

And instead…. be like a tree…. reconnect to your body, that comes from the earth and receive the nourishment you need – open up your branches to receive the light, the space and the time that you need.

You can use different Apps to track your cycle – like My Moon Phase Lunar Calendar.

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We utilise womb yoga, restorative and therapeutic flow yoga, sound healing, transformative breath-work, shakti-energy awakenings , pelvic floor healing, and crystal healing to embrace the sacred feminine power you hold – as well as naturopathic nutritionist guidance to balance your hormonal cycle.

Tailor-made programs of women’s treatments and therapies, enable you to focus on the personal healing you need, yet within an inspiring and supportive sisterhood – that enables you to live your truths, in body, heart and soul.

The world needs us to remember our connection to the earth – that we are “at one with the moon and the stars” (Desiderata).


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