Letting your hair down… and rebalancing again!

Ahhhhhhh the need to let off steam…. such a basic – and fundamental – human need it is indeed…

How well Ibiza offers this… the most amazing parties, incredible music, beautiful people and vibrations and energy that draws us here to let go, to let loose, to feel free….

So how many times this year have you given yourself permission to really go for it?

To dance all night… to soak up the feel good vibes of positive sounds and uplifting music, on the beach, under the stars, feeling free to be yourself, to dance out tension, to move with the rhythm, to feel your smile expanding from within…

And so the closing parties in Ibiza approach – our white island famed for dance parties and midsummer madness is more and more becoming known for what we are doing too… here at Ibiza Retreats…. connecting you with the Hidden Healing Heartbeat… a rhythm that continues all year around…. to help you to BE yourself, to feel FREE to express yourself and to find your flow, your rhythm in life…

And even better this year – feel free to enjoy the Yang as well as the Yin… surrender to your wild side and then give yourself the time and space to really rejuvenate yourself again…

So many of us opened our minds on dance floors, lost in the euphoria of the experience… and we come back to the White Island for more – so to acknowledge this and that, with being wiser in life, it often means we are older too… it is no better time than now to enjoy a post-party purification and a healthy dose of pampering, with Wellness Coaching, steam and sauna to release toxins, yoga to revitalise, delicious healthy cuisine, vibrational healing and reiki to rebalance you energetically and reflexology to ensure that your liver and kidneys are boosted too.

Vrom 5th – 7th October at Atzaro Spa with us, a world-class team of therapists and life coach to artists and DJ’s from all over the world, Clare Scivier – click here for further info…

And please – share with us – how do YOU post-party purify?

Ibiza Energy Retreat with Coco Bliss 2nd – 8th October

Es Vedra Meditacion

Re-energize yourself with relaxing meditation, revitalising yoga, energetic reiki, healing massage and joyful dance!

Retreat takes place in a dedicated retreat centre in the Ibiza campo between Sant Miguel and Sant Lorenzo. Just minutes by car from the sparkling waters of Benirras.

Cost from €699 on a half-board basis

  • Accommodation for 6 nights
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • All yoga tuition
  • All teas, coffees and mineral water

Are you feeling the good vibrations – of Ibiza’s “feel free” energy?

What is it about the White Island’s energy?
The sun – the light – the dancing through the night (and all day).
What is it that helps you be and feel more colour, more life, more energy?

People talk openly about the magical energy here in Ibiza. The mystical rock of Es Vedra, residing in all her splendor off the coast by Cala D’Or, has powerful magnetic properties.

Many people feel “drawn” here – called back to explore further, by Ibiza, by the island, by the sense of freedom and wellbeing.

So how does this fit together? Well…. how you think drives how you feel emotionally, which creates how you feel physiologically.

Ibiza is known for her sense of feeling free. A special, even sacred island where you can feel free to be yourself, to express yourself, physically, emotionally…. creatively. Whatever your age, your background, your race or “economic” place, you are accepted for being who you are. So it is that Ibiza attracts people from all over the world, a vibrant melting pot of colourful characters, who choose to come together to live in freedom and harmony.

We are all made up, at a subatomic level, of vibrating particles of energy – so feeling free in our minds and our bodies means that we are also enabling freedom at a cellular level. Which enables our optimum wellbeing! This means that our cells can be functioning perfectly :0) allowing our

With an open free mind we have less resistance to life, which means we carry less tension, our blood can oxygenate our cells, our breathe flows freely, infusing us with natural, positive “prana”, life-force energy. Lovely!

The lack of too much traffic helps the oxygen levels too! And of course, the raw natural beauty, especially in the North, offers space for the eye to roam freely over green pine-topped mountains, rust-red soil and turquoise seas. The colours and topography help to calm the mind and open the heart as we leave behind pressure and effort, with limited phone service in many places.. you just have to unplug and remember how to “just be”.

Open your heart and minds with a delicious infusion during the beautiful Ibiza Energy Retreat being held by Coco Bliss and Bianca in a secret retreat location, near San Miguel from 2nd – 8th October – with 10% off for energy-seekers booking through Ibiza Retreats.

And please let us know – where do you feel most free?