Quantum Yoga Retreat Ibiza with Lara Baumann 25th June – 3rd July

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Held at Shunya, located in the beautiful hills of northern Ibiza. An old finca renovated and built with the newest Tachyon Technology.  It is the worlds leading Tachyon center for communication, rejuvenation, healing and contemplation.

Begin the day with a seated meditation and pranayama then wake up the body and mind with optional dynamic yoga classes. The afternoons consist of Satsang and a more gentle yoga practice.  Then chill out at one of the local beaches or around the Shunya pool, explore the beautiful gardens and nearby forest.  Hiring a car is highly recommended to visit the rest of the Island and discover all of the delights the Island has to offer.

Cost – €1260 for own single room, €1340 for own double room and €1175 sharing

Retreat includes accommodation and use of all facilities, yoga tuition, all delicious healthy meals and snacks.


PSYCH-K Working on your beliefs


The famous Henry Ford Quote went something like ‘Whether you think you can, or you can’t, you are right’.

Such a simple statement to make, but one that can really make you take a step back and look at exactly what you are thinking on a daily basis.

Are you too quick to think you can’t, before you even try? Are you used to thinking it will never work, just because you have been challenged before? These thoughts and beliefs we hold will keep being proven to us in our life experiences because, other than the fact we all like to be right (come on, admit it) if we keep repeating them to ourselves and everyone else that will listen, then what exactly is it we are asking to be life to show us and where exactly are we asking it to take us?

It’s okay if these beliefs are positive and life enhancing ones, but if your thought process always includes the words ‘cant, don’t, wont’ then the weight of negatives you are filling your trunk with starts to make the journey a lot of hard work.  As nice as it is to be challenged, making life an exhausting process is no fun at all!
I’m sure most of us would jump at the chance to switch those negative beliefs in positive ones, so life can be a more enjoyable ride with better views and much fewer speed bumps and travel sickness stops!  And that’s where PSYCH-K comes in.
A revolutionary technique that can re-write the software of your mind by installing new, positive, life enhancing beliefs that will recreate the way you think, feel and ‘do’ life. This technique gives you the power to be one of those people that gets the good stuff and wouldn’t that be worth shouting about?

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Detox Long Weekender June 14th – 18th at Buddha House

buddha house

Cleanse the mind, body and spirit!  Boost the immune system and enhance your body’s ability to self-heal.

With your  expert detox facilitator Ilona Pantel.  Eliminate toxins through a leading edge detoxifying nutritional program supported by guided visualisations, daily yoga, Thai-yoga massage and reflexology. Take in the fresh mountain air with 
daily walks and rebalance the body and mind with the yoga sessions and breathing techniques.

Retreat includes accommodation, all meals, detox programme, daily yoga, treatments and therapies programme.

From  € 795


Wellbeing at the Weekend


  • Yoga classes and meditation followed by a healthy brunch at the Garden of Light in San Miguel every Saturday morning from 8am.
  • Ashtanga yoga at Hot Yoga Ibiza 9 -10.30am and Hot Yoga later on in the day from 12 – 1.30pm.
  • Kundalin Yoga this Saturday 1 – 2.30pm and 4 – 5.30pm and Sunday 11 – 12.30pm, 1 – 2.30pm and 4 – 5.30pm at Pilates Ibiza

ENQUIRE NOW to book your place or if you are a teacher and would like to advertise your classes, retreat or workshop on our wellbeing calendar. Alternatively call Cheryl on 645464574.

Featured event this Sunday, Mindullness Meditation at Benirras Beach with Mindfulness Teacher Cindy Ritmeester.  ENQUIRE NOW  to book your place.

May time inspiration


When was the last time you felt truly inspired?

Was it at work, when you were mind-mapping a new creative project, was it when you visited a gallery, heard a perfect piece of music, or found yourself spontaneously singing?

In – spir – ation – generates in – spired – actions – and thoughts, ideas and insights too!

When the inspired idea, the concept that follows can be interpreted and put into action, it feels good, exciting, inviting, compelling and your energy around it surges.

As if you are doing everything in good spirits, in harmony with spirit – almost as if you are being guided because it feels so naturally easy. Have you noticed that when you are feeling inspired, actions feel easier, effortless even?

Have you enjoyed that beautiful feeling of not having to push or try, because you are simply allowing – and enjoying allowing everything to happen in a natural flow? Rather than setting deadlines you are moving in rhythm with life – and in harmony with others who also feel inspired by your idea or concept.

These are not flukes nor winning streaks, you can access and reaccess this positive current of life energy, you simply need to take enough time to listen to yourself, your body, your inner-voice and guidance.

Why? To avoid becoming overwhelmed by have to’s and yes´s that are said just to maintain the status quo and keep other people happy. And if you feel stuck in a rut, burned out or are out of inspiration, get away from the computer, step back from the phone, turn off the blackberry, let the emails wait for an afternoon and do something spontaneous, something entirely different.

For inspiration mother nature is your best friend – the colour green is proven to calm the mind and open the heart and from your heart, your feelings, your creativity and expression can flow.

So enjoy the May-time inspirations as the warmth beckons you to enjoy more of the great outdoors, on rainy days seek alternative ways.  Or join us on the White Island to dip back into your dreams and allow new visions to arise.

Start this Sunday with a guided minfullness meditation at Benniras beach.  Want to take 5 days off and Just Stop ?