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Just Stop! Yoga & Spring Lifestyle Detox

Featured in the Times Top mind-body wellness escapes – Just Stop! and detox your lifestyle  in Ibiza this Springtime.   Invigorate your whole system with fresh air and shake free of winter lethargy. Nourish your nervous system with healing hands and a long deep exhale… Come, let go and unwind in the welcoming arms of the Just Stop! team. Strengthen your body and find peace-of-mind, with mindful hatha vinyasa flow yoga and calming meditation & pranayama techniques.  Revitalise with a nutritionist on hand to help you to eat right for your type, with super-food laced, purifying, seasonal, vegetarian cuisine, sugar wheat and dairy free. and fresh, locally sourced produce and post yoga nutritionally designed juices!

Get clear about your purpose, path and priorities with Life & Wellness Coaching with NLP Coaches & Yoga Instructors Larah Davis, founder of Ibiza Retreats and Rebekah Fensome. Release emotional blockages with MET super-tapping-teacher Shambala.  Experience Tai Chi with Arun and let Ibiza’s energy restore your inner-smile.  Experience deep relaxation with yoga nidra-yogic sleepl Silence the chattering monkey mind.  Lie back and allow our amazing therapists’ healing hands to massage your stresses and strains away, From 795GBP / 999 euros all-inc sharing / £965 / €1,160 with purifying, naturally detoxifying diet, sunset meditations, beautiful beach time, walks in nature. 

Just Stop! Yoga & Lifestyle Detox Retreats offer gently facilitated YOU-time to recharge your batteries – full dates available for 2014 are:

March 23 – 27

April 23 – 27

May 31 – 4 June

July 19 – 23

August 3 – 7

September 21 – 25

October – 18 – 22

March, April, May, July & August – set in a 400 year old Finca retreat, rustic and natural amidst hectares of fig, almond and carob trees.  With bio-pool and lush gardens, perfect peace and tranquility.

September & October – in the Zen Tranquility of Villa Amonita with stunning emerald lap-pool

Both with magical canopied yoga decks amidst the pines.

With plenty of you-time for cranio-sacral therapy, reflexology.  “Play”shops for techniques to take away to manage stress and create greater emotional balance  include MET (Tapping – Emotional Freedom Technique) intro workshop, Yoga Nidra Relaxation and pool-side holistic therapies, sleep, siesta, rest and read.  Boost your body, mind and spirit with soft autumnal sunshine and fresh herbal teas, juices and siestas in the shade of the pine trees. Enquire here now. 

The art of letting go…with gentleness

Do you find you pushing yourself within your yoga practice?  Or criticising yourself when you are not “up in time” to strengthen, stretch and breath before jumping in the shower and heading to work?   Many of us have been cultured to and conditioned to believe that pushing ourselves beyond our limits is a GOOD thing: that this performance-based practice is what will enable us to “succeed”.  Yet yoga is not about becoming that perfect figure of 8 physically.  Hatha yoga – “Ha” = sun and “Tha” = moon.  Yoga is an art and a tool-kit for reunifying body, mind and spirit, to live healthily and in harmony, by reawakening your body’s intelligence so you can stay in balance physically and emotionally, by balancing the male, solar “action” energy with the female, lunar “receiving and letting go”.

So for all you amazing, powerful yogis, retreaters and life-travellers out there… we invite you to ask yourself honestly:  “how often am I pushing myself to keep going beyond what really feels good”?  How often am I trying to prove that “I can” when my body has been saying no?  Do I have the discipline to “rest and receive” when my body truly needs this?  As this is the secret, lovely readers, to health, happiness and longevity (and isn’t that really what success is all about?).

Yoga is a magnifying glass for clarifying areas of imbalance, of pain or tightness and discomfort – as well as a medicine for self-knowledge and healing.  It highlights blockages and, with breath work and a mindful, meditative yoga practice, you can learn to release the tightness.  You can allow your body to soothe the pain and heal the discomfort holistically by releasing the blockages when your body – mind – and often soul…    are ready.    And to do so, requires gentleness.  To gently “allow” the release, with the breath, to happen when your body and soul are truly ready.

The paradox is that “letting go” cannot be done with the mind.  The more you focus your thoughts and attention on what you want to let go of, the more fixed in your system it becomes.  So this is why the breath is the key, to release.  By focussing the mind on the breath, a space is created, the thoughts slow down and, with practice, can even cease.  By breathing into the parts of the body that feel tight, tired or tense with intention, you are creating space around the muscles, the tightness, the tension.

You can empower this release with gentleness, by creating a “Sankalpa” or healing intention.  Thoughts become things… the cells within your body and their components and are dynamic, so you can visualise the healing or releasing to empower your intention.  Every cell in your body is a conscious organism doing everything possible to enhance your wellbeing.  Metabolic healing, which reharmonises your body, is based on enzyme activity and these enzymes are directly influenced by your intentions or thoughts.

en” If we perceive our situation to be positive and ideal for healing then this changes the environment within our body. This directly influences cellular events and consequently our health. When someone is actively trying to improve their health, regardless of what the medical condition is, the goal is to change cell metabolism so that balance can be restored.” www.dreamhealer.com

If you are over-riding your inner-signals that tell you when you are physically tired, the adrenalin that circulates starts to knock out the para-sympathetic nervous system, which is what enables the body to truly and totally rest.  So how can you rest into a daily practice that enables you to live a happy, healthy, harmonious life, so here are 5 steps for letting go…. with gentleness.

* Make sure your daily practice feels realistic, so that rather than feeling you are failing when you do not do it, you can choose times of day that complement your lifestyle.  5 – 10 minutes every morning is much more beneficial than 1.5 hours once a week.

* Observe your natural cycles and rhythms – women have moon cycles, our energy fluctuates at different times of our 28 day cycle, whilst men and women can all monitor your physical, emotional and energetic cycles as biorhythms (which you can read about here):

* Ask yourself each day by placing your hands on your body and feeling your whole self – how am I feeling? in Body? In Mind? In Spirit? How is my energy?

* Set your “Sankalpa” (Sanscrit for “intention”) for the benefits you wish to receive i.e.: balance, calm, feeling centred and grounded, energised, uplifted.  The difference between a true Sankalpa and a mind-let goal is that a Sankalpa is NOT sent from the “misguiding” ego, senses or conditioning (what you think you OUGHT to be feeling).  It comes from your inner-truth and, therefore is in alignment with your highest good and holistic wellbeing and that of the world around you.  If you keep intending “energy” when your body is actually full of nervous energy because you haven’t stopped for a week, then actually what you need may be “peace and release”.

* Listen and feel into your body’s feedback when you set your Sankalpa…   and sculpt your practice to suit YOUR rhythm just for today – ask yourself, how long and at what intensity will be of greatest benefit to me?


We have a very simple question that we like to ask ourselves at Ibiza Retreats: is it a pleasure or a pressure?   

We answer this questions by feeling into ourselves….   does it feel good, right, compelling? or is our breath shortening, chest tightening?

We invite you to get to know your physical reactions and responses to be able to listen to your body, to be gentle with yourselves and to en JOY living in greater health and harmony.


With so much love….  x Larah & Susie x

‘Go with your flow’ Yoga Retreats 2013

‘Go with your flow’ Ibiza Retreats Signature Yoga retreats 24-31 August & 7 – 14 September 2013, are delicious yoga immersions in a beautiful 4* plus Yoga retreat villa with pine & rosemary scented Shala and gorgeous lap-pool in the San Lorenzo campo.  Inspired by the free-spirit of Ibiza,  Larah & Susie of Ibiza Retreats, supported by wonderful Ibizan guests teachers to offer you many decades of yogic expertise to add breadth and joy to your practice.  From 995 gbp / 1190 euros These 6 night / 7 day retreats offer a rejuvenating yoga holiday OR the supported space to dive deep into the transformative potential of yoga.. pranayama, breath-work, kirtan, moon-lit meditations, time and space for contemplation, reflection, open-hearted company and plenty of positive vibes.   Feel the Ibiza magic and dance, or even sleep under the stars.

Discover your inner rhythms, learn how to go with your flow physically, emotionally and spiritually…. on AND off the mat!

Led by Larah and Susie of Ibiza Retreats and bringing together some of Ibiza’s finest teachers, 3 hrs daily Hatha Vinyasa Flow yoga, Pranyama, Meditations, focusses on Mudras & Bhandas, Restorative yoga therapy, Thai yoga massage & Kirtan.  Fabulous Yogic Cuisine brunches & dinners.  Concierged evenings out for those that like to dance-celebration and plenty of massage & pampering therapies to relax and release.


* 26 July – 2 August
* 2 – 9 August
* 31 August – 7 September
* 7 – 14 September

Cost: £995 sharing including: 3 hours of yoga a day, smoothies, brunches, teas and waters all day and three divine conscious dinners under the stars so that you can also explore… if you wish, the amazing cuisine around the island.

For more information visit the Go with your Flow page on our website or contact us to book your place on this unique retreat.

Nurture yourself in December…. take your pedal off the accelerator

The Art and Science of Letting Go – 3
As winter-time cools our part of the planet with its wet and windy fingers, be gentle with yourself to allow your body (and mind) to acclimatise to the slower, darker season. 

Do you feel like you are lacking in the earlier summer energies? 

This is actually a natural mental and physical way to be at this time of year.

Here are 5 top tips to stay in seasonal harmony.

(1) Instead of facing yourself with big “to do” lists and big life goals, focussing on day to day effectiveness will achieve much easier rewards.
(2) Rather than pushing yourself to go out and network or “show your face” all the time, why not enjoy the longer darker nights for hot baths infused with sensual essential oils.
(3) Book a massage that will flush out toxins, boost your immune system and keep your body feeling bright.
(4) Invest in a hot water bottle that you can use to pamper you kidneys, especially at night and cover up your lower back, so that your organs can stay vital.
(5) Allow yourself to retreat from “having to” do and achieve everything and explore Yin Yoga where your body and vital organs can enjoy “receiving”.
And why not join us, lovely Ibiza ladies, for our cosy “Yoga Womb” winter yoga sessions for women with Susie and Larah who will help you nourish and revitalise your whole being.

Just Stop! Retreats

Our ever popular Just Stop! Yoga & Life Coaching Rejuvenation Retreat is back for 2013… End of January date now on offer too! Enjoy personalised care within a group retreat tailor-made for individual needs. With Rebekah Fensome, Life Coach & Hypnotherapist & Larah Davis, Holistic Wellness Coach, both “Yoga for Life” teachers. Combining daily yoga, breath-work & meditations, Life & Wellness Coaching, Reiki-Massage, purifying organic cuisine to release stress and come back to yourself, your health, happiness and dreams. From 795 GBP / 920 € sharing all-inc.

Recommended by Elle Magazine as a top body-mind rejuvenation retreat…(and it does great things for lifting your spirits too!)

Feeling burned out?  Tired out?  Worn out?  Lacking motivation?  Need a break to get your breath back again?
Just Stop! Retreats have been created for you to do just that!

Find new purpose…. passion and life inspiration…
The magical white island of Ibiza has an amazing energy and has always been a place known for self-expression and release. The perfect place to Just Stop! and join us in 2012 for a rejuvenating, life-enhancing retreat:

Unwind your mind
Rejuvenate your body
Refuel your energy
This all-inclusive retreat is all about putting yourself first and letting go of all responsibilities and “have to’s.
Feel like just stopping in total silence, with siestas by the pool? We are here to help you listen to your body…  and do only what feels good!

Visit Just Stop! on our website for more information or contact us to book your place.