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Yoga in the Village Retreats with James DeMaria

September 2nd – 7th – A non-residential retreat which focuses on the physical practice and philosophy of yoga from the perspective of experienced yogi James de Maria. “Learning the many gifts of yoga is not a discovery. It is a re-discovery”.  Join James on his roof-top in the pine-scented air of the beautiful village of Sant Joan.  6 x 2 hour daily yoga classes @ €280.   For clients of all yogic disciplines and levels.

You can enjoy plenty of 1:1 attention as James offers groups of no more than 10 people.

James’ classes are a balanced style for everyone – open to all levels and are accessible for beginners too. They include:

* Detailed explanation of the Bandha’s and their location, isolation and application within yoga postures, kundalini awakening and meditation practises.

* Explanation of the pranic body and it’s importance to our survival

* Practise of different pranayama (breathing) techniques to cleanse the body

* Learning how to prevent colds as well as activating important glands within our head and body to optimise the functioning of the brain and therefore, our whole state of being!

* Relaxation techniques to rewind at the end of each day

* The daily practise of yoga postures (asana) according to each one’s ability

Further 2012 dates:

* September 16th – 21st

* October 7th – 12th

* October 14th – 19th

* October 21st – 26th