Retreat of the Week – Yoga from the Heart @ Casa Corazon

A retreat for the mind, body AND soul! Hosted by us! 

A 5 day retreat with a unique philosophy – ‘there is immense power in gentleness’. We encourage you to connect with your very centre. Out of your head and into your heart for 5 days of powerful, flow-based, body and heart-opening yoga.

All inclusive of light, laughter filled soul-food nourishment and caring hosting from Larah, Susie and Valerie in the bohemian bliss of Casa Corazon (the house of the heart).
No more than 7 guests on the retreat ensure we can give you plenty of personalised attention to develop your own practise and style – giving you the confidence to embrace yoga and what’s in your heart within your day-to-day life.

Dates: 22nd – 26th March & 12-16th April (as well as dates throughout the season!)

Location: The beautiful bohemian bliss of Casa Corazon…

Price: From £795 per person


Life Yoga… from the mat to breathing the calm in the middle of life’s mayhem

Whether you are a long-practising yogi or have just begun to dip a well-placed palm or toe onto your yoga mat…  give yourself an extra (gentle, calming) challenge: bring the core focus of your practice into the often-chaotic, day-to-day reality of life.

Ahhhh the bliss of stepping into the studio or practice space.

The phone goes off.

The emails abate…  iphones and blackberries stop pinging and ringing… and that delicious space that silence creates helps to bring that inner-feeling of calm to pass even before the pranayama has begun.

Space – time – to be – to feel – to stop – to experience and to lose yourself in the guidance of your teacher, as you move from asana to asana.  Your yoga mat is your temple space and your body is your temple : indeed! Yet when you have created the space inside with your breath, you are feeling calmer, clearer, centred and balanced in body and mind, how often do you bring this experience into the midst (or should that be mist??) of your daily life?

It is said that it takes 30 days to successfully establish a new habit.  Recoding our mind – and therefore our body – with the messages that eventually enable us to take our hands off the gear stick and to enjoy the relaxed mode of auto-pilot ; so give yourself this healthy-habit challenge:  create calm in your life just ONCE each day with these simple steps:

* Stop – put your iphone/blackberry and other electronic devices to one side – ensuring they are switched off.

*  Stand or sit in a position where you can create alignment :

– plant your feet squarely on the floor and feel your connection with the earth below


– sitting cross-legged OR if on a chair with your legs hip-width apart and feet planted on the floor – again, feel your connection with the earth below

* visualise roots travelling down from your feet or your seat bones

* open up your palms and bring your thumb and fore-finger together

* consciously relax your shoulders, rolling them back to open up your chest

* release your neck and allow your chin to gently tip in

* bring your tongue to the top of your mouth behind your teeth

* relax your jaw

* smile and breath – inhaling the breath through your nostrils, up to the top of your head and as you exhale visualise your breathe releasing all toxins, all tension all aggggghhhhhh you may be feeling down to the earth below

* continue for 10 x cycles allowing your breath to fill you more and more

* complete by raising your hands over your head and extend your hands, fingers interlinked above your head

* release

Now – how are you feeling?

Notice the differences – and benefits – in how you are thinking and feeling – physically AND energetically.

Repeat! (just 39 days to go)

And let us know……     how when and where is your Life Yoga benefitting you most?

Just Stop! And revive for summer-time

just stop

How is your year going? Are you feeling balanced, happy, inspired or do you feel tired of the day-to-day commute, over-worked and like you are carrying a heavy load that you would just love for someone else to take over?

Whether you are feeling critically burned out, or really need to release the stress, whenever there is any sense of overwhelm, even approaching, the most vital thing to do is to Just Stop! And rest.

Your kidneys are the pistons that keep your system firing and when they are tired or overwhelmed by processing too much adrenalin, they begin to lean on your liver, which is the no 1. Toxin synthesizer.

Stress creates toxins unfortunately. With too much adrenalin firing around your system, your adrenal glands become over-stimulated and can create a toxic hormone called nor-adrenalin. This ages your body and organs, it creates huge amounts of pressure on our already pressured mind.

And it wants sugar! And it wants more – the only way to stop this “gotta-keep-going-catch-22” is to catch yourself before you hit the decks, explode at your partner or boss or do something you regret. Take time out to breathe, step away from your desk, excuse yourself from the meeting even briefly and then create space for you in your diary asap – me-time where you can invest in a massage or healing treatment that will help to relax you in body and mind and flush out excess toxins. A day in a spa or exercise in nature; walking, horse-riding, cycling, where you can release the stress and breathe in clean, clear oxygen.

Or join us in Ibiza for a Just Stop! Retreat, as featured in the Sunday Times Travel last year as one of the best mind-body-release retreats. With daily yoga, breathwork and meditation to help you find your inner-peace, to support you in feeling stronger and clearer, with massage, life coaching, wellness and energy coaching and amazing Cranio-sacral therapy for deep nervous-system release.

For more information on this Just Stop Retreat take a look at our wellbeing calendar or ENQUIRE NOW

Spring Retreats, Classes and Workshops

Spring is in the air, a great time to try something new, a yoga, meditation or pilates class, from Iyenger to Ashtanga there is something for everyone, for the most advanced student I would recommend one of Sebastien Carincotte’s Hot Yoga classes in Ibiza Town and for yummy mummy’s to be Pregnancy Yoga with Jacqueline Purnell. If you prefer a private lesson Ana Santos teaches the Pilates Method. Feeling a tad more exotic – Zorah’s Oriental Dance will bring out that inner goddess!


Reiki Level 1, 2 and 3 initiation & attunements from €100 with Belinda and Toby of Ibiza Reiki.

This Sunday the 27th of March, from 4pm, you are invited to attend a special fund raising event at Casita Verde, to support the group organising a series of world peace events during April and June this year – “2011 Ibiza World Peace Action Festival”. This first event will represent a warm-up for the following two events, and aims to raise some very necessary funding for the promotion and organisation of the future events.

The lineup for the day, starting at 4pm is as follows:

  • World Peace Days information stand
  • Tasty vegetarian food and special fruity juice cocktails at the bar
  • Live music and special DJ performances
  • Drum Circle percussion workshop
  • World Peace meditation
  • Bhangra Dance Performance
  • Kids activities
  • Massage and well-being area

Ibiza Healing Day
After last years successful event the second one takes place on the 1st May at the exquisite agroturisimo spa hotel Atzaro for Ibiza Healing Day. A Day of Vitalisation and Inspiration for the Mind, Body and Soul. Explore and sample a variety of amazing healing experiences and therapies.  Experience for yourself the benefits of proven healing methods aimed at enhancing the Mind, Body and Soul, for life. Find out more information on the facebook fanpage.

Energy Week
This wellness & healing congress takes place from 7th  – 13th April at the hotel Aguas De Ibiza in Santa Eulalia with talks, lectures and workshops on many interesting topics from the fields of health and healing, wellness, consciousness, self-development and spiritual growth.

It is open to everbody who is interested to learn more about the energy of life and the mechanisms that keep the body, mind and soul in balance.
For more info visit –

Spring retreats
4 Day Detox
or a 7 Day Fasting retreat with Ilona Pantel held in the cosy-comfort and relaxing surroundings of Buddha House high on a mountain-side, with breathtaking views and plenty of oxygen, even the air that you breath helps to purify your body and mind.

Mindfulness Energy Retreat
Join Cindy, Coco and Bianca on a journey of the senses on the magical island of Ibiza …

See – hear – smell – feel and taste the beautiful sights, sounds, scents and flavors of mother nature, relax and reconnect to your inner nature with calming mindfulness meditation, re-energizing yoga, joyful dance, nature walks, reiki and massage!

Brought to you with love and joy by mindfulness teacher Cindy Ritmeester, yoga & dance teacher Coco Bliss and reiki master Bianca Meeuwissen.
Check out our retreats and workshops calendar for all the latest yoga retreats and teacher training courses and our fanpage.

Contact for info on all our classes, retreats, workshops and events on Ibiza.

COMING UP – Special promotion on Fasting Retreat at Buddha House.