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Strength-building Inner-fire yoga practice

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” ~ Ferdinand Foch

The element of fire cleanses and purifies – it offers us the chance to let go and start again. Fire also symbolises passion and creation. Yet fires with huge, powerful flames can burn big and bright, but ultimately they burn themselves out. Sometimes leaving destruction in their wake.
So how can we ignite a spark which builds into gentle flames and constant glowing embers; allowing us to reap the benefits of our fire?
Here are a couple of suggestions which work for us! Enjoy! 
The practise:
Lion’s Breath – Find the appropriate position for you body – you can be seated or even in a position such as downward dog. Take a few grounding breaths, focusing on what you’d like to move through. As you’re ready, take a deep inhalation through the nose and as you exhale through the mouth, stick out the tongue, open the mouth and eyes wide and let any sound that comes with the breath escape as well. Tip: Try doing thee first thing in the morning or if you feel ‘stuck’ in any way during your practise or your day!
Sun Salutations – Try your normal style – but do 3 rounds to warm-up the body quickly. And then to really get that fire going, hold each posture for 1 minute. This practise really gives you a chance to invoke that internal fire through your legs and core! Breath long and deep and again, if you feel stuck, literally PUMP the breath from your lungs! Focus on release and letting go of anything which you wish to leave behind on your yoga mat. Tip: Try inserting some strong fire poses such as ‘chair’ pose (utkatasana) or Warrior 1 (Vira 1 as shown above) into your 1 in hold poses.
And why not try lighting a candle to evoke fire energy whilst you practise?