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Walk in Beauty

16th – 21st October – Ilona and Zorah invite you to explore the Goddess, shaman and wise woman within you and celebrate your deep love for mother nature. Relax into the exotic luxury of Buddha House retreat, high on a mountain-top with magical views. Dance, sing and meditate, with rituals learn to weave powerful medicine into your life, explore techniques to retain your beauty, stay physically fit and learn delicious ways to enjoy a healthy diet. Retreat into the arms of mother nature herself with two wise and wonderful island women with vibrant international backgrounds and decades of holistic wellness expertise. Walk in Beauty and..  take time to..

* return to yourself and your spiritual essence;

* explore and enjoy your body through yoga and dance

* pamper yourself with light, delicious food and learn more about a healthy diet

* reconnect or deepen your contact with your nature-loving femininity

* dance and sing your prayers

Zorah Leduc
Is an Oriental dance artist and dance-medicine woman. Since 1978, through Osho and also with contemporary shamans, she has studied in many schools and sacred ceremonies. Her dance reflects her prayers and great reverence for the Goddess, mother of life. She inspires women to discover and honor their own strength and beauty with gratitude.

Ilona… and the Buddha House
Ilona is a multilevel therapist, fasting-guide and medicine woman. After years of applied studies and in-depth trainings in various holistic formations (psychotherapies and other healing approaches) Ilona experiences and senses people and their issues, supporting them on their healing journey. The Buddha House is a wonderful place, high in the mountains in the north of the island of Ibiza. The big Dome in the woods and the large pool invite you to relax and enjoy the closeness with nature.

390€ plus meals and accommodation.

Contact us for further information and to book your place.

Walk in Beauty Womens Retreat

29.03 – 01.04 – Discover the Goddess, shaman and wise woman in you and celebrate your deep love for Mother Nature.  Zorah and Ilona inviting you to experience the beauty and tranquility of the magical Ibizan mountains in this women-only retreat.  Dance, sing, meditate; celebrating your passion and joy.  You will weave, through rituals, powerful medicine into your life.  390 € plus meals and accommodation.  During your stay in the exotic, eco-luxury of “Buddha House” retreat, high atop a mountain in the North of the island, you will also explore techniques that enable you to retain your beauty, stay fit in your body and learn delicious ways to enjoy a healthy diet.  A retreat in the arms of the Mother Nature herself.   Learn more about your hosts, Zorah and Ilona and this sacred, intimate retreat – or book your place.