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Nurture yourself in December…. take your pedal off the accelerator

The Art and Science of Letting Go – 3
As winter-time cools our part of the planet with its wet and windy fingers, be gentle with yourself to allow your body (and mind) to acclimatise to the slower, darker season. 

Do you feel like you are lacking in the earlier summer energies? 

This is actually a natural mental and physical way to be at this time of year.

Here are 5 top tips to stay in seasonal harmony.

(1) Instead of facing yourself with big “to do” lists and big life goals, focussing on day to day effectiveness will achieve much easier rewards.
(2) Rather than pushing yourself to go out and network or “show your face” all the time, why not enjoy the longer darker nights for hot baths infused with sensual essential oils.
(3) Book a massage that will flush out toxins, boost your immune system and keep your body feeling bright.
(4) Invest in a hot water bottle that you can use to pamper you kidneys, especially at night and cover up your lower back, so that your organs can stay vital.
(5) Allow yourself to retreat from “having to” do and achieve everything and explore Yin Yoga where your body and vital organs can enjoy “receiving”.
And why not join us, lovely Ibiza ladies, for our cosy “Yoga Womb” winter yoga sessions for women with Susie and Larah who will help you nourish and revitalise your whole being.