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Make pain your friend…

The body is a naturally re-balancing mechanism. When we are out of balance, pain arises and our state of mind, as well as our body, changes.

A loop can happen within the mind… our nervous system sending feedback loops like – “I am in pain” “it hurts” – or even, when it becomes too intense, something more similar to a white noise effect, blocking out all other sensory awareness.

When pain becomes the dominant thoughts and feelings (and is preventing you from moving freely and with ease) Just STOP! look within and listen to your inner voice, the quiet, simple words of your intuitive inner-knowings.

First: accept the pain.

Its there, so accept it being there. The more we resist it being there, the more energy we are sending it and the stronger and bigger it becomes.
Simply accepting it allows you to relax about it to a certain degree. With this release of mental and physical resistance your body can already begin healing as the blood can carry the fresh oxygenated cells to the area of discomfort.

Second: breathe – slowly and deeply, through your body, bringing your hands onto your abdomen to direct your breathe. Then bring your hands to the place where the pain is. If it is on the back of your body just one hand is fine. It has been proven that by bringing your hands / touching the point of the body that requires healing, energy and awareness is naturally directed there. Simply, scientific fact. Add the extra layer of the breathing and imagine the colour that is most soothing, visualise this colour flowing there and notice the positive effects.

Third: ask yourself, what is the cause of this pain? Pain is a symptom of a discomfort deeper down. Caused by an inbalance, an accident caused by…. what exactly? What has been going on in our subconscious that we have not looked at or listened to? (As our subconscious is so mostly over-ridden and talked over by our fast-moving, anxious, monkey conscious mind.

Notice the first things that come up…. is it something you have to change? to do differently? to let go…. Where you moving to fast? Or too “in your head”? What was causing the stress that was causing you to trip or fall, or rip or tear?

And now… thanking the pain….. for the message…. (and notice how GRATITUDE is a balm for body AND soul) what can you choose to do more harmoniously, more consciously?

Join us for self-healing, pain-relieving retreats and wellness escapes in Ibiza…. and enjoy the empowerment of these natural pain-release techniques!

With love and gratitude for your readership…. and for sharing the healing journey x Larah x

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Emotional sweets to lift your spirits…

Remember that you CAN choose which emotions you experience for longer periods ot time. Just because you feel a passing sense of anger, fear or sadness does not mean you need to chew on it so long that it drags you down.

Think of your emotions like sweets to help you let go more easily of negative feelings like guilt and anxiety.

See them for what they are and rather than attaching to them, give them a colour, a flavour and a texture and notice how this helps you to dissociate from the feeling more easily.

We have to taste all the different emotions! This is what ensures our life is full of flavours that enirch our experience and help us to grow however… you can decide in each moment if you want to ride a wild emotional rollercoaster or if you want to glide with more balance, more presence, more self-control.

* Suck on the calmer, peaceful, emotions for longer, this will help you soothe your soul
* Savour the delicious vibrancy of joy, hope and positivity
* Chew on anticipation and excitement for energy that will lift your spirits
* Close your eyes and draw from the the spicier flavours of passion and courage
* Exhale the fresh mint of cooling trust and clam

And love??? Keep surplus packets in your pocket for an essential daily dose of the life sweetener that never grows old….

Your emotional health is as important as your physical health – so eat the sweets that matter and enjoy….