Feeling a bit in the spin with these new energies coming in? – Be like a rock in times of change.

Take time to stop completely and allow yourself to sit quietly and observe the world around you. Witness other people, see other situations from afar, rather than getting mixed up in the middle of them. Feel the warmth of a rock that has been heated by the sun and enjoy this deeply supportive and reassuring energy. Feel the total peace of being centred and grounded with the ancient wisdom that only comes from watching, witnessing, being still and quiet and listening. And if the rock is cool instead, allow this to release any hot thoughts and emotions from your mind, your energy, your head. Find a small rock that feels good in the hand and keep it close to you, in your pocket, to hold and reconnect, whenever you wish to with the memory of this calming stillness.

Monday to begin your week – retreatful stress-busting tips to keep your feel-good-energies flowing

Take us dancing naked in the rain! Here in Ibiza, we love the rain that replenishes our terrain and offers time to retreat inside.  Rather than grrrrrrroaning about the weather, why not allow mother nature to offer her cloud-covers as signs that it is time to to step back from the rat race, to be with yourself, reflect on your goals, dreams and life aspirations.   Amidst the grey the sun can still shine through within you, get cosy and… rather than becoming board….  create a vision board!

Just Stop! 5 Day all inclusive retreats

Enjoy yoga, meditation, life coaching, wellness coaching and life-enhancing workshops and experiences plus your choice of pampering, healing treatments.

Dates available:

May – Sat 28th –  June 1st

July Sat 3rd – 7th

August Sat 13th – 17th

September Sun 4th – 8th

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