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Alkalise your diet, rebalance your life

We have had the pleasure of teaching in some of renowned nutrionist (and co-author of Honestly Healthy) Vicki Edgson’s retreats. She has recently spear-headed the recognition of the alkaline diet internationally, as being fundamental to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Enjoy this self-healing methodology in September, for rebalancing your system, when things get out of balance.

Vicki’s 3 Top Tips for Alkalising the diet:

Choose to increase your vegetable intake, rather than your fruits.  Whilst fruits are good for you, they tend to be laden with sugars, that render them more acid than alkaline.   Think green – chard, kale, watercress, rocket, parsley and basil.   All rich in minerals, and totally alkalising.

Think living, rather than harvested.  Sprouted beans and seeds are far more alkaline than their picked or dried counterparts.  Sprout your own mung beans, lentils and chick peas – easy to do, and fabulous sources of protein.

Choose to pulse your smoothies, rather than juice your vegetables – putting all the raw ingredients (stems, leaves and all, is infinitely more nourishing than stripping the fibre away.  If you make one investment in your kitchen this year, make it a strong blender, rather than a juicer.  you won’t regret it.

7 day vital energy nutrition retreat with Vicki Edgson 4th – 11th June


Reconnect with mother nature and revitalise your taste buds by exploring organic farms and indulging in the freshest seafood bought from local fish markets. Wet the palet with a wine tasting trip to the oldest Cantina in Ibiza.

Enjoy  yoga and Tai chi classes with expert island teachers,  relax with a massage and feel re-energised.  A retreat full of adventure where you can enjoy plenty of high quality cuisine with Vicki Edgson, one of the UK’s foremost experts in nutrition who has helped hundreds of clients to achieve healthier, happier and fuller lives by transforming their eating habits.

Located in the Northern countryside this majestic  luxury finca lying amongst organic farmlands with breathtaking views across citrus and almond orchards to heighten your senses and breathe in sweet aromas.

From £2800 per person including return flights from London to Ibiza, airport transfers, accommodation, all meals, planned excursions and one to one time with Vicki.