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Accumulate first… the treasures of the heart… for a Valentine’s week to remember!

“The treasures of the body and the treasures of the store-house (health, family, relationships, money) are important….  but the treasures to strive for…. are the treasures of the heart”

President Ikeda – SGI International – world peace movement

When we accumulate the treasures of the heart, the treasures of the body and the store-house come into our life automatically…

So this Valentine’s week take care to notice the treasures your heart wishes to accumulate, experience and receive.

Ask yourself: How do I want my heart to feel? Radiant? Glowing? Light and free? Open? Joyful? Childlike? Happy?

Make a list of your heart-treasures and notice how amazing this enables you to feel.

Literally, just by thinking about it and focussing on it and writing down. you are drawing in this energy and receiving it back from the Universe – it is the law of attraction in action.


* Believe you deserve this!

* Ensure you are affirming that you are allowing them into your life

* Practice feeling heart-opening, heart-warming, bubbling-over gratitude…. (you really can ham it up here!) so that you can activate the Universal law of attraction and attract even more treasures of the heart into your life.

May you enjoy great love this week and spread it far and wide.

May this love fill you with joy and inspire your journey in life.


With lots of love…. the Ibiza Retreats team….