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Tanit, the mythology behind the fertility…

With its African, Phoenician, Arab and Catalonian heritage, Ibiza has always been know as a great centre of mystery and healing, dedicated to Tanit – the great African goddess. There are many traces of this dedication all over the island…  It is said Tanit brings life, fertility, purification, healing, breath and magnetic flow – and also death and resurrection. She was of the stars, and the Romans called Her Juno Celeste. And this can hardly be argued when the island is so rich in olive groves, vineyards, almonds, figs, orange and lemon groves and seas abundant with fish. In fact, the rich green pine forests them (and the island namesake which means ‘land of the pines’.

The city of Evissa itself came about when red-tinted water appeared one day and flowed to a hill. The people took this as a sign from Tanit, the water Her sacred menstrual flow, and they built Eivissa on that hill. The essence and spirit of the Goddess were believed to dwell in the waters, and omens for the future were spoken by underground springs, that miraculously sprang forth from the womb of Mother Earth. The new city was born with Her blessing.

Tanit is the mother of the waters in all its forms, and there are many wells and fountains with medicinal waters on Ibiza. There was singing and dancing by the fountains and outlets of rivers at certain times of the year. There are many sources of water in the pine-covered hills.  The singing and dancing continues…. from the parties and the clubs to the sacred and healing dances, like within Walk in Beauty retreat, being held here in Ibiza this Easter.  Explore the mythology and feel the rhythms of Tanit and her empowering goddess energies.




TANIT goddess of the island… artistic inspiration

Tanit Goddess of Ibiza - Inspired Artistry

This amazing mosaic, made following a template of aperiodic tiling (Roger Penrose), was designed and installed in a Blakstad Finca by an artist called Christina Bryer who had no knowledge of Tanit before…

And yet THIS is Tanit the goddess protectorate of Ibiza – of fertility – of dance – with the sun shining through….

Christina… the artist… had no knowledge of Ibizan history nor had she had physical connections to the island before creating this work. Yet it grew into this pictorial representation of Tanit, which renowned architect, Rolf Blakstad identified on viewing her finished work for the first time.

Mere coincidence? Or another of the many mystical Ibizan synchronicities that we come to experience on our magical white island…

Or something connecting at a higher level of consciousness? To inspire and connect us with the fact that we are all, indeed, connected?

What is particularly interesting is that Christina works in a structured and disciplined method of exploration or aperiodic tiling which has been described to others as “sacred geometry”. This is the geometry used in the planning and construction of sacred monuments, spiritual sites and religious alters, meditation temples and temples for prayer, sacred groves and even village greens… with symbolic and sacred meanings embedded within the shapes and architecture.

Infusing higher levels of spiritual awareness within the structure and layout of the tiles, invoking energies at a higher level.

Thank you Christina… for bringing this gift to the island to remind us of our connectedness… read more about Christina by clicking here.

And please share! :

What other Ibizan synchronicities have you experienced?

There is no such thing as coincidence – what experiences have helped you open your mind to higher possibilities since living in – and visiting and loving Ibiza?