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Tailormade Retreats

Join us for tailormade retreats in beautiful Ibiza to ensure your engine is purring like a lion and that you feel ready and inspired… to embrace all that 2014 has to offer.  Priced according to your wellbeing wishes and budget needs… they can include:

* Holistic Life Coaching, NLP & MET as mechanics for the mind and emotions

* Learn from Ibiza’s finest Yoga teachers & holistic fitness technicians to enhance your physical wellbeing

* Receive bodywork & hands-on healing with massages, reiki and cranio-sacral rebalancing – we work with a world-class team of specialists to soothe a tired soul.

Or pamper and purify with holistic beauty treatments that also lift your spirits – leaving you looking and feeling amazing on the outside and within.

Rest your head in blissful retreat accommodations...  from stunning ancient fincas and tranquil villas to rustic bed & breakfasts = homes-with-a-heart or luxuriate in the comforts of Ibiza’s finest agroturismos.

1* Book an MOT for body, mind & spirit – a tailor-made retreat that encompasses holistic TLC plus yoga, pilates, personal training and lovely Life Coaching with NLP to support you in supporting yourself…. and making some tweaks to your lifestyle – or possibly even greater transformative changes, that will bring you greater health and happiness.

2* Prefer a Pure Yoga package? with some extra treatments & therapies by the pool

3* Rest & Rejuvenate – with total holistic pampering, lie-back and receive

And all in the beautiful, magical, environment of our gorgeous white island of Ibiza and Ibiza Retreats mind-body-spirit concierge service to ensure that you can enjoy the best beaches, sunsets and “need to knows” to give you a glow that lasts.

3 of the most beautiful places for tailor-made retreats in Ibiza

We adore Ibiza’s soulful chilled out Fincas in our cherry-picked selection of bed and breakfast hideaways for wonderful tailor-made retreats and relaxing home-stays. 

Why? They are all “homes with a heart”.  Created, evolved, renovated and annually cared for with passion, creativity and lots of positive energy.

1. Each place is luxurious – in its own unique way. From luxurious villas to sacred hideaways high on mountain tops.  From original scented sabina-wood ceilings to infinity pools for sunset sun salutations, the luxury you feel is as much about the peace and tranquility as the white cotton sheets that are scented with fresh lavender.

2. You can let go and be who you are… Barefoot bliss is standard and your hosts, mostly therapists, who have lived vibrant, international lives, really have “seen it all”.  This helps you relax even more… from watching the sunset, to lazing by the pool.

3. The details make the difference! For us at Ibiza Retreats, the beauty resonates in the details that are delicately and lovingly put into place by the owners…  including the fresh Rosemary & lemon tea with Ibiza honey! Served with a genuine smile.  Can you put a value on this?  For us it is… priceless.


Casa Corazon bed and breakfast for tailor-made retreats

1* We adore Casa Corazon – the home with the heart where Valerie, your host, infuses your stay with island wisdom, in-love-with-life laughter and flowers and herbs which have been perfectly positioned between the rustic stone walls and on your bedside table.   Just 5 minutes from the relaxing restaurant-mecca of Santa Gertrudis village, yet nestled amidst beds of purple morning glory flowers, this is a bed and breakfast that gives you a refreshing taste of real, colourful, authentic Ibiza.  With a sunset dipping into the sea on the horizon, watch this amazing soft-light show from your pool-side (salinated! not chlorinated), through the fruit trees, to the sound of the frogs chirruping their happiness-harmonies.  Valerie’s breakfasts are lovingly served, totally organic and, for those in the know, legendary.  Her background, from Byron bay to the USA to Ibiza from the 70’s to the present day, is as colourful as the vibrant flowers that you can enjoy throughout the different seasons.  Boho chic at its best – ask Valerie for one of her deep and transformational guided meditations, 1:1 sessions or, over a glass of organic red wine, some life-stories that will inspire you fully!

The private pool at Can Dream – one of our tailor-made retreat spaces

2* Can Dream is just that… a dream of a retreat location.   In the very heart of the island, this elegantly detailed yet, still understated, casita sits next to the main Finca with panoramic views of countryside, light, white and straight out of Elle Deco yet with true international panache.  Experience Ibiza as it has been for hundreds of years, with almond trees, olive and carob trees dotting the rolling fields and the mountainous north hugging the horizon with pine-topped hills.  This is a bed and breakfast that feels just a little like Babbington House, yet with the delicious privacy of being the only person – or couple – in residence, alongside your hosts-in-the-background, living in the main house, Jonathon and Shaki.   Shaki is a yoga teacher whose expertise spans over 25 years of guiding students through the ancient art.  She specialises in breathwork and also bodyrolling… so you have body-mind beautiful wellness on tap!  We recommend, reading your books from cover to cover in the super-comfortable loungers surrounding the pool.   Step inside the ancient “Lion” tree and meditate with mother nature.

Your natural swimming pool of Benirras beach

Your natural swimming pool of Benirras beach

3* Can Sunsets – where the sun sets into Benirras, your natural “swimming pool.”   Family-style hosting from both a talented intuitive coach and wonderful interior designer with a magical realism touch that ensures your private retreat will be true escapism.  High on a mountain top, Can Sunsets is truly a room – with a view.  The converted stables (corales) offer an ensuite and whilst it is self-catering, the nearby supermarket of Can Currune has an excellent organic section.  Walk down through the valley to Benirras, a relaxing half hour mini-hike, swim in possibly the most beautiful turquoise water swimming pool in Ibiza… and then return by taxi or car.   Lie back in the balinese day-bed and toast the setting sun.  Salute!

Read more about our homes-with-a-heart here for fabulous bed and breakfasts and relaxing homestays in Ibiza.

We look forward to welcoming you here soon!