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Stop! Make an appointment with yourself.


Are you constantly moving at full speed ahead?

Putting your attention and energy in every outward direction to please others?

Can you remember the last time you did something just for you?

Do you really take good care of yourself?

Self care and nurture will enrich your life immeasurably. Investing time in yourself rewards the greatest as we become strong physically emotionally and on a spiritual level more connected to our higher selves.  By slowing down our awareness expands and we pay attention to what is happening around us. When we are rushing around our energy starts to deplete, we run our batteries low but we keep going even if we are exhausted. We are all culprits of not listening to ourselves.

It’s time to honour yourself and your energy. Make an appointment with yourself in the diary. Turn off the computer and phone and switch off from ‘work’ mode.  I did this for myself yesterday and had a Shiatsu treatment for the first time, with a lady who lives on the Island called Tanja Nooteboom – it felt amazing. It’s a very gentle treatment and during it I began to feel parts of my body connect energetically through the meridian lines as the blockages were released and the energy started to flow naturally.  Tanja is offering a Shiatsu workshop next Wednesday 20th July at the Garden of Light from 10am – 5pm where you learn how to give and how to receive a full body treatment. ENQUIRE NOW for more info about the workshop.

Make a commitment to yourself to do something nurturing and healing at least once a week. Spend time in nature, go for a long walk or just spend time at home relaxing in the garden, have a massage or treatment, whatever you enjoy doing that’s just for you.  Remember. You are in charge of your life. YOU are your number one priority. Don’t burn yourself out. Stop, look and listen because you are worth it! Retreat for a whole 5 days in Ibiza’s nature and totally switch off and Just Stop.

The Just Stop retreat is a 5 day all-inclusive retreat in the heart of Ibiza´s nature located at a beautiful healing arts country farmhouse near San Miguel. Close to the clear waters of Benirras beach. Relax around the bio-pool, take daily yoga, meditation and breath work classes, get pampered with your choice of healing treatments. This is your retreat tailor made by a team of wellbeing experts.

Next dates are 17th – 21st August

Cost: £790 (+ optional extras)

ENQUIRE NOW for further info

Introductory Shiatsu Workshop


Introductory Shiatsu Workshop at the Garden Of Light, San Miguel

Date: Wednesday 20th July 2011

Time: 10am – 5pm

Cost: 85 Euros including a healthy vegetarian buffet

Contact: cheryl@ibizaretreats.com or call (0034) 648914706

Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning “finger pressure”. Shiatsu was developed in Japan in the twentieth century but has its origin in much older Chinese techniques. It is an holistic therapy, working on bringing balance and harmony to body, mind and spirit and helps to prevent stress. When we are healthy, the natural flow of energy, ki, flows through our bodies in a series of channels or meridians. Ki distortions are perceptible as tension, blockages, or shortages and can lead to complaints of physical, emotional or spiritual levels.

This one day workshop is taught by Shiatsu practitioner Tanja Nooteboom, a committed student of macrobiotics including shiatsu, healthy eating cooking classes, oriental diagnosis, Tai – Chi and meridian exercises.

Through a combination of theory and practice – learn the fundamentals of Shiatsu and how to give and receive treatments.