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winter sunshine in ibiza…

Ahhhh winter sunshine, the vital uplift of Vitamin D

That’s what we all need´to lift our spirits, to warm our hearts, our minds, our bones. Golden rays ignite that inner smile and leave our skin, hair and nails glowing with a natural healthy sheen. Indeed, winter sunshine gives us that happy-making, Vitamin D infusion that combats the now widely recognised SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and that genuinely prevents AND cures dark-nights-and-days depression.

So much more than just a break from the daily routine… investing in a get away where you can treat yourself to a medicinal dose of Vitamin D is vital for our vitality. When living in Northern Europe in winter, it can be a huge challenge. It is not a vitamin that can be eaten or drunk, vitamin pills and sun-lamps can be a necessary alterntive option, however sunshine alone gives the “real deal” benefits.

Here in Ibiza with over 300 days of sunshine per year, it is truly glorious to feel the warming rays on your back as you walk through the countryside and along empty beaches.

Boutique agroturismos and many bed and breakfast Fincas are offering open fires, organic seasonal fare and mulled wine under the stars. With therapists giving winter rates for massages that relieve aching muscles and charge flagging batteries, plus horse-riding, mountain biking and yoga and meditation why not join us here in Ibiza for some winter-warming retreats and that much needed healing sunshine?

PS Thank you Charlie Chester for the image! Taken today in Ibiza! x