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Top treatment: Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Both a healing massage and a ceremonial ritual, from the Hawaiian philosophy of ‘Huna’ (translated roughly to ‘the secret’ or ‘the knowledge’, Lomi Lomi massage is a healing practice developed by the native Kahuna healers. In traditional trainings, massage practitioners were apprenticed from childhood and received decades of training. Mastery, it was said, could be achieved throughout a lifetime.

Here in Ibiza, our modern-day master of this ancient healing art is Shambala Wegner, passionate about her purpose and boasting a wealth of mind, body and spiritual training and experience. Shambala’s open heart and many decades of body work lay the foundations for this profound and life-enhancing treatment, and she welcomes you to let go, be nourished, deeply relaxed and pampered on her table.

Quite literally, Lomi means to rub, soothe, knead or work in and out like the paws of cat. As a receiver you can luxuriate in this deeply restorative treatment, or surrender more deeply in body, heart and mind to the ancient healing arts that flow from Shambala’s hands. Using plenty of oil, the treatment is always given with prayer and intention, plus music and song, as dancing hands and flowing strokes resonate through every cell of your being like the movements of waves, purifying, healing and releasing.

Shambala is fully receptive to your unconscious signals and your body’s need to hold on, reassuring you with her calm, loving care. Breathing with you, she inherently senses your readiness to release. Floating and serene, you are reconnected with your feminine qualities (whether you are male or female) and you can expect to leave the massage bed softer, more soothed, and with your skin feeling supple. The benefits of this unique and ancient massage ritual include improved circulation, immunity and posture; lower blood pressure, increased flexibility and healing plus an overall feeling of wellbeing and harmony that is noticeable after just one treatment.

During the Ibiza Retreats Get Glowing Retreats, Shambala is a resident therapist, resplendent in her warm and welcoming temple treatment room, filled with colourful, lush flowers. You can also experience Shambala’s Lomi Lomi massages on during the Just Stop! Retreats or by private appointment – enquire with us for more information.

Featured retreat: Get Glowing Yoga & Energy Retreat

The Ibiza Retreats Get Glowing retreat is a delicious five-night experience with one focus – to get you glowing from the inside to the outside. We work with the body’s natural energy systems, uplifting daily yoga (and some island secrets) to send you home radiating health and energy. The retreat is suitable for all levels of yoga experience.

A typical day on retreat

09.00:  Morning yoga practice – energising vinyasa flow
10.45:  Fresh juice followed by a healthy, organic brunch in the garden
12.00 – 17.00:  Relaxation time. Enjoy further treatments and therapies by the pool, in the garden or in your room or optional beach trip
17.30:  Evening workshops such as self massage, energy healing or restorative yoga
20.00:  Delicious and healthy (but abundant!) dinner at the retreat centre

Our food philosophy is all about clean, healthy, seasonal and vegetarian cuisine – wheat-free, sugar-free and dairy-free to offer your body a gentle detox during your stay. The Get Glowing menu follows the ancient energy system of the chakras – we eat to activate each chakra day by day.

Wake up to peaceful mornings in the beautiful Ibiza countryside after star-filled nights of blissful deep sleep at Can Amonita. Feel nourished and nurtured in the peace and tranquility of the beautiful retreat centre, where the beds are comfy and each room has an en-suite, giving you all the space you need to get your glow on!

Find more information here on Get Glowing retreats.

Retreat of the Week – Dynamic Yoga Recharge @ Formentera Yoga

Retreat: Weekend Beach Recalibration via Dynamic Yoga Recharge 2012 Formentera Beach House

Date: 19th – 23rd April

Price: €775 sharing or €995 for a private room.

Includes: *Private 4 star seaview accommodation * delicious healthy evening meals * all sunrise and sunset yoga * room service *mats, blocks and straps * sunrise silent walks*

About: Join Jax for this yoga immersion that helps you to become more sensitively aware of SENSATION to re-calibrate neuro muscular pathways to practice yoga with integrity. You can’t feel your body through habit, and if you can’t feel your body like your lower back or hips because they have become numb with de-sensitive actions you certainly won’t feel the trauma in your lower spine when practicing upwards dogs or sun salutations, and this will be why Yoga perhaps is always uncomfortable for you. This immersion awakens you to the SENSATIONS of your body, making yoga blissful and teaches you how to practice action with INTEGRITY and not just action any old way.

Quite possibly a LIFE CHANGING holiday for most that attend!