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What do you most love reading to begin the day?

Do you delve back into a novel? Re-engage with a thriller? Or open up the newspaper to find out “what’s going on in the world”?

Perhaps your prefer to pick up a book that helps you think and feel more positively (I just love Dr Wayne Dwyer’s the Power of your Intention) or maybe you open up your iphone and search online, following your favourite blogs and preferred journalists and writers.

So if you opt for news – newsflash! What you are reading can dramatically change your life!  Right now, whatever you are reading is stimulating emotional responses in your body that are changing the way you think and feel physically and neurologically.

What are the first words you read each morning?

So just like the food that you eat, how careful are you with the words that you read?

We can all too easily forget that when we are reading news, it is already through somebody else’s eyes.  It has been translated into an angle, a focus that their editor (and audience) requires to keep feeding a need for more of a certain type of information.

We are emotional beings and we are driven by our thoughts and emotions.  Newspapers sell well when there is a “big piece of news” that causes many people to react and to feel something. Headlines appear on tea-time television.

How often is this feeling something good? How often is the news simply making you feel more negative, worried and fearful because of what “they” say about the world’s economic situation, the ongoing seige in Libya, civil wars in Africa… how does that make you feel about yourself? about life? about our world?

There is SO much good in the world.

There is so much bravery, compassion, courage and beauty.

Yet how often do we actually get to read GOOD NEWS?  How often does the news you read actually inspire you to think and feel better things about the situation, to send them loving prayers and intentions, or to take some form of positive action to support a leader who is bravely risking their life to go against the will-power of institutions and dictatorships?

How many of you reading this have stopped listening to the radio, watching the news on TV and “filter” the information in newspapers to avoid succumbing to the doubts and fears that sadness that not just the stories, also the way that they are told, can encourage?

I most certainly get my news filtered!  And then I look for positive aspects to chant for, to meditate on, how can I, little me, support or feel good towards this situation?

What a gift to pick up the new DeTodo.  An Ibiza-wide broadsheet that helps you find “almost everything” that you are looking for in Ibiza.  Lovely David Moss, the editor, has revamped and revitalised De Todo Good News Paper for 2012: it is officially Ibiza’s first GOOD NEWS PAPER! Check them out online here: http://www.detodoenibiza.com/

To write a GOOD NEWS story, the focus needs to be on encouraging the reader to think and feel positively towards the situation.  To put a situation in a positive light, a cup “half-full” approach, this needs to be the new angle for journalism.

Science is increasingly meeting with spirituality in the new consciousness that “everything is energy”.  Quantum physics can be both proved and also can blow our mind with concepts our conditioned mind cannot yet grasp fully, about time-space reality.

What more and more of us are agreeing with is that the power of our thought is phenomenal.   That when many minds get together to meditation, to pray, to think the same thing collectively, this has an enormous impact, consciously and subliminally on a person, a situation or event.

This has been used negatively in the past, to drive fear and create support for violent and aggressive actions.

Yet we can all come together, wherever we are in the world and choose to think and feel positively about situations that are happening.  Like the millions of people around the world who prayed simultaneously for the water to be clean and clear after the radioactive waste disaster in Japan.  These situations more and more are encouraging us to take positive, affirmative, life-enhancing action.

Our next blog is about the Water of Life… and the power of meditation, of choosing your thoughts, of the words that we think and feel on us and the world around us.  So that your power to positively change your world – and the world around you, will be, like a clear glass of water, clear and life-givingly transparent.

Lots of Love x