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Appreciate to Energise

As we draw to the end of summer-time, many magical summer memories may be flooding your mind. So draw on these memories to keep your inner-smile alive, immerse yourself in the beautiful photos, from your iphone, to your inner-eye. Print off photos and have them around you to surround yourself with images that reflect lightness, warmth and happiness. Like the butterflies warming their wings in the sun, appreciate the first rays of each day. Whilst work and home-life may require more attention indoors, keep taking time to prioritise walking in nature, to appreciate space, greenery, flowers, peace.

Where attention goes energy flows – everything is energy,

Here are 5 simple steps to keep your attention flowing positively at regular intervals, amidst the day-to-day routine:

(1) Begin your day by breathing deeply into your belly, long and slow and deep, appreciate the intricate workings of your body as a whole human organism, unconditionally living and breathing.

(2) Before you get out of bed, visualise your day ahead, unfolding perfectly… appreciate the people around you, from train and bus drivers to colleagues and life-partners, friends and children, who support your rhythm flowing easily

(3) Drink a hot water with lemon – for a sensory uplift that also gives the liver a recharge, appreciate the scent of the fresh lemon and notice how the smell and the flavour energise and clarify

(4) Whilst in the shower consciously cleanse and appreciate preparing yourself for the day – caring for your body consciously, your hair, you face, all the physical gifts you have been given

(5) Look in the mirror and appreciate yourself – at least 3 x different qualities – go on, give it a go! Notice how, as you focus on your positive traits, your inner power elevates

And lastly…. make it a practice to exercise your appreciation daily, even in the most challenging situations, appreciating something – even small, helps shift the energy into a brighter, warmer vibration.