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Life Coaching & NSA to empower in body, heart & mind

Join Larah of Ibiza Retreats and Dr Abi Woodward  for a 1 day retreat, Jan 12th @ Aguas de Ibiza combining Holistic Life Coaching with mind-opening NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Experience an NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) adjustment to upgrade your physical, emotional and energetic wellbeing.  Tap into inner-peace with SRI breathwork to connect deeply with your personal point of power.  Learn how to detox your lifestyle of unhealthy habits, negative thought patterns & energy drains.  Get focussed & clear about what you genuinely want to create and experience this year.  Release cycles of pain & suffering, feel lighter, brighter and clear.  Relax and integrate this beautiful experience in the wonderful spa-waters & hammam of Aguas de Ibiza spa afterwards…  Enjoy the magic of your body, heart and mind being aligned..  prices and further info click here: