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Embrace lemon zest & zing

Uplift your day, smell the fresh revitalisation of bright yellow sunshine-filled citrus.

Go on… give it a go – just for one week – instead of a morning coffee (or a morning caffeine-tea), start your day with hot-water with lemon and feel invigorated, uplifted and free!  The scent of the outdoors, inside the office will open your heart and mind. A natural remedy: freshly squeezed lemon juice will also give your liver a boost, flushing out toxins and clearing out those “sluggish”, heavy feelings.

Brighten up your inner world – and enjoy with a dollop of local-honey to invest in our beloved bees.  Slice some Ginger for extra inner-heat and enJOY FRESH from Ibiza’s lemon trees.



Naturally healing – rosemary tea

Did you know that Ibiza is full of more than 250 varieties of healing herbs?  (source – Chris Dews@Green Heart Ibiza organisation).

One of which is the wonderful, aromatic and purifying rosemary.  A queen of rejuvenation for the senses, she offers you a delicious and revitalising “brew”.  Simply simmer in hot water (after washing off the dust!) and add slices of fresh lemon for zing with a dollop of natural local honey for those with a sweet tooth (or to ward off a sore throat).  Found growing wild all over our white island, Rosemary has many beautiful benefits including:

* Improve memory

* Full of anti-oxidants – which neutralise free-radicals (particles that can harm our cells)

* Long-term tea-dosages can decrease thrombosis (great for all you winter-jet-setters)

* Supports nervous & circulatory systems

* Purifies and tones the organs

So get that tea ready… what are you waiting for?  If you live here in Ibiza…. it may be growing right outside your door!   And ask us about the natural herbs of Ibiza workshop happening on 22nd November!