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Tailormade Retreats

Join us for tailormade retreats in beautiful Ibiza to ensure your engine is purring like a lion and that you feel ready and inspired… to embrace all that 2014 has to offer.  Priced according to your wellbeing wishes and budget needs… they can include:

* Holistic Life Coaching, NLP & MET as mechanics for the mind and emotions

* Learn from Ibiza’s finest Yoga teachers & holistic fitness technicians to enhance your physical wellbeing

* Receive bodywork & hands-on healing with massages, reiki and cranio-sacral rebalancing – we work with a world-class team of specialists to soothe a tired soul.

Or pamper and purify with holistic beauty treatments that also lift your spirits – leaving you looking and feeling amazing on the outside and within.

Rest your head in blissful retreat accommodations...  from stunning ancient fincas and tranquil villas to rustic bed & breakfasts = homes-with-a-heart or luxuriate in the comforts of Ibiza’s finest agroturismos.

1* Book an MOT for body, mind & spirit – a tailor-made retreat that encompasses holistic TLC plus yoga, pilates, personal training and lovely Life Coaching with NLP to support you in supporting yourself…. and making some tweaks to your lifestyle – or possibly even greater transformative changes, that will bring you greater health and happiness.

2* Prefer a Pure Yoga package? with some extra treatments & therapies by the pool

3* Rest & Rejuvenate – with total holistic pampering, lie-back and receive

And all in the beautiful, magical, environment of our gorgeous white island of Ibiza and Ibiza Retreats mind-body-spirit concierge service to ensure that you can enjoy the best beaches, sunsets and “need to knows” to give you a glow that lasts.

MOTs for mind, body & spirit

Burning out? Life-tired? Over-worked or…. simply stressed out?  MOT’s are Ibiza Retreats’ signature holistic wellness escapes  designed for hearts to heal and minds to calm, to rebalance your body, so your nervous system can go “aaaaaaaahhhhhh” with longer-lasting vitality. Tailor-made to meet your personal (& professional) needs, by our Wellness Experts, with Life & Wellness Coaching, Revitalising Yoga, breathwork & meditations, Massages, Reflexology and an A-Z of holistic wellbeing therapies.  Release deeply held tensions, reconnect with your centre, let go of time… enjoy the space to just be, breathwork at the waters edge, meditate in beauty.   Revitalise in Ibiza’s magical nature. Re-boost your positivity with fresh inspirations.  Receive soothing massages and reiki energy release.   Relax and allow us to help you set your spirit free.   From 795 gbp / 915 euros*

Including your preferred combination of: Life & Wellness Coaching to re-empower and redefine a healthier, happier life path with practical back-to-reality strategies, rejuvenative Yoga and Pilates. Add Osteopathy, Nutritional Consultations, Dance, Qi Gong Tai Chi if you feel the need. Experience inner-strength, new life insights, greater body-mind awareness and confidence in yourself, in your purpose, so you can enjoy walking (or dancing!) along your life path.

* prices depend on choice of retreat accommodation, treatments & therapies and number of nights’ stay.

Read more here or email us to book your you-time.