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MET: the highly efficient tapping therapy!


We all know it all too well, anger or frustration about someone or about ourselves, stress and worries, sadness and melancholy that often come out of the blue.  Beliefs and conditionings which limit and repress ourselves and still we just cant let go of them!

Addiction of all kinds, good intentions we can´t keep up. Often it feels like a kind of self sabotage which by subtle and clever means is hindering us to live a happy and healthy and fulfilled life full of love and harmony.

The causes for all these annoying and unpleasant emotions and ailments are very often blocks in the meridians. The Meridian Energy Techniques or MET, belong to the energetic psychology which was developed in the USA in the 80´s.

With this gentle technique we can easily get rid of blocks in the energy highways of the body called meridians. Traditional Chinese medicine has known for thousands of years, that the free flow in these meridians is vital and necessary for our physical and emotional health.

By gently tapping with the finger tips certain acupuncture points and holding the focus at the same time on the issue at hand the meridians are unblocked and the energy can flow freely and easily again. Negative emotions, fears and phobias, physical pain, limiting beliefs are dissolving in a matter of just a few minutes! Emotional stress and physical tensions make space for relaxation, inner peace and harmony. MET can be successfully used for countless issues and problems; fears, phobias, burn out, depression, feelings of guilt and shame, inhibitions, stress, low self esteem and many more.

One can also get rid of addictions like smoking, chocolate addiction or overeating. Through the special MET Trauma technique a trained and experienced therapist can also help clients to overcome serious traumas. On the other hand MET is a wonderful method to make come true goals and visions and go for it with passion and fun! This method can be learned with a qualified trainer in an intense one-day workshop. MET is a highly efficient selftreatment therapy that can help us in countless situations in daily life. We literally have it in our own hands to be our own therapist!

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