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Calling all men – fathers, sons, entrepreneurs, truth seekers, yogis, husbands, boyfriends, partners, breadwinners, old or young, rich or poor, whether you are on top of the world or in a crisis, amidst life change or have questions to ask and truths to share…

July 10 – 13 offers men the chance to dive into the deeper life questions, with a like-minded circle of men of many ages, backgrounds and nationalities.

 Do you think you have achieved “everything” you set out to do….  yet are wondering why you are still not feeling completely fulfilled?  

 Do you have enough time for your family, your friends; time to be alone or for enjoying and appreciating all that you are creating?  

 Despite running after all of life’s opportunities as fast as you can to win and create and support your home and family, do you ever wonder … is there something more?  

The Quo Vadis question is this: WHY RUSH? and WHERE EXACTLY ARE YOU HEADING? And… What is YOUR DESTINY?

For millennia, men have taken time apart from their tribes and communities to explore these questions. Following this tradition, you can explore and inquire into your inner-worlds in a supported space and amidst a strong circle of men, coming together to share, to network and to inspire each other. And, with deep transformational work, coaching, shamanic ceremonies and initiation rituals, systemic constellations (Hellinger), live music events, meditations in nature wilderness, adventures and beach trips, Sudhir, Ramateertha & the “Men’s Liberation Team” offer you the time and space to slow down and explore these vital life questions.. in the magical natural landscapes of Ibiza, that create backdrops and horizons for this essential self-reflection.

Liberate yourself from the fast-stream: come and enjoy the flow-of-life stream. 

Sudhir and his VISION: Since about 25 years ago I have been leading seminars for men in Europe, Asia and US and I truly love the honesty and intensity that arises when men get together in the spirit of true brotherhood. Something very powerful and healing happens when men drop their usual masks, games or defenses and meet as friends with an open heart.

What guides us in these seminars arises from within each man: it is our heart’s passion for truth and our longing for authentic freedom. I don’t believe in hierarchy, ego driven leaders, gurus or alpha males. In my understanding each of us should try to redefine masculinity in a more authentic way. The outdated patriarchic definition – me against the rest of the world – has  lead us to the verge of global suicide. In that context our work is also a rebellion against all forces and traditions which separates us men from a inherent state of oneness and connectedness to life, to nature and to our inner female qualities. To change the world, first man must change … I mean you and me, not “Them”

Held high up in the magical, mountain-top retreat of Buddha House Ibiza, this is the second year that the retreat is running, Ibiza is breathing a big, embracing, sigh of relief that men can also share time and space to speak from the heart and be fully heard.  Delicious cuisine accompanies the retreat and indoor and outdoor sleeping options offer you to the chance to get back in touch with nature… including a mongolian yurt and teepee…Are you feeling the call?

This workshop was very touching and beautiful, very good and deep work. Lots of new found friends. I will keep this treasure in my heart – Arik

Thank you for conjuring this amazing group of New Men… this is the way to make this world a better place, by supporting inner growth – Marco

“Incredible retreat in Ibiza. Amazing, honest, without judgment and share with men coming from other countries but beating with the same heart..”  

Contact us for further information and to reserve a place.