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Meditation & Transformation Retreats 2013

Meditation and Transformation 11th – 14th Oct. Join us for an inwards journey, to embrace Ibiza’s transformative energies in Casa Corazon, during this meditation retreat as the perfect peaceful space required to look within.  Led by the wonderful Valerie – a wise woman of this healing island, with our expert team in the background to guide and host you through a journey of reflection, discovery, deep change and finally transformation. A journey of seeing the truth within and letting go.  From 495 GBP / 585 € pp Develop strength and realistic goals to support you with allowing those changes  to unfold when you get home. So whether you would like to begin a meditation practice or you are looking to dive a bit deeper and develop your practice further, this retreat offers the space and time for you to explore the sacred worlds within.

Dates: 11th – 14th Oct  – with a focus on ‘Freedom and Creativity’ & 11 – 14 October 2013 – will focus on ‘Finding Inner Balance’

Cost: £495 per person all inclusive of accommodation in a beautiful ancient finca, nourishing soul food, meditation guidance and practice (including a starlit roof-top meditation), Sunday drumming at Benirras to salute the setting sun and many more delightful surprises. Enquire here now. 

Meditation Is The Future


Meditation is the future, because it is the most ancient and powerful discipline in self development. This means to us that with meditation we’ll be able to transcend our habits and discover a new source of well being. Here are some tips do help discover the art of being.


First we need to find our perfect meditation cushion, there is no fixed height for a cushion since we are all different in a way. Some recommend the the size of your closed fist. I use the length of my thumb. In any case, this is rather an arbitrary conception. If you can sit on a lotus position, then you won’t need more than a yoga mattress.

There’s always a concession between your knees and your back. If your cushion is tall, you’ll probably feel your knees after a while; if it’s too short, your back will tend to bend. The best is to test for yourself at home piling books until you get a comfortable, straight posture.

Once you’ve got an idea of the cushion you’re going to use, get ready for the next step.

Create an atmosphere

Finding or creating a calm environment is our next quest, the environment has and will always influence our way of living. We can easily do this by determining a small area anywhere you regularly find yourself or would like to be, for the specific purpose of meditation practice. Find an inspiring meditation calendar or card. Add a yoga or small mattress for your knees that matches with the atmosphere you want to create. A scented or beautiful candle that goes with the colour of your meditation theme would let you concentrate and appreciate your meditation sanctuary.

A plant that you’ll nourish will add a signification of growing and caring about your meditation practice. Many traditions go from one extreme to another, from a baroque pantheon of deities to an insipid desert of intentional boredom. Perceive yourself, try out and find the most suitable atmosphere that matches with your current personality.

Now is the time to sync body and mind…

The physical body

What to consider as a complement of your meditation practice. Your spin needs to be straight and flexible, only sustained by the back muscles, not by the arms or shoulders. We need to treat of body through a holistic approach. Therefore good nourishment before meditation is also essential. Air, Temperature and Sleep are the three most important components for life. You may live days without eating or drinking, but with no air or no temperature you won’t survive a few minutes. Empiric researches tell that sleep is the third in the list, since no sleep for a week causes the total dysfunction of the brain.

Then water of course, is the vehicle of lasting survival, containing memory and secrets about the subtle ways of our inner journey. Have a glass of filtered water (mixed with a tiny stream of tap water or minerals like Himalayan salt), get an energy saving light bulb that includes negative ion emitting and take a few long deep breaths before you start.

The room is slightly fresh for better concentration. Warm, nonetheless, again through an air ionizer.All this is because your session can really become a special moment to recharge your whole being. Remember, the approach is holistic.

Ok, body and space are integrated and ready for the practice, which has somehow already started.

Use your candle or your breath as reference of awareness. Still, all these tips aren’t the core of your meditation session. Not even your thoughts, not even your mind. That it something that you’ll discover when putting all these tips in practice. You are the master of your meditation, the compass of your own sacred journey.

This article is written by Ariel Guerra who will be running a 3 day meditation workshop at Dharmasana on the 13th, 14th and 15th of August.  For more details see our wellbeing calendar listing.  To find out more about Ariel and his work visit his website.

Dancing with Life Retreat with Sandra Morrel 21st – 27th August


Discover your unique dance within yourself, with others and with life!

Discover the ability to express yourself through movement and communication.

Develop strength and flexibility. Discover the beauty and richness within yourself through yoga, dance, inner awareness, movement and silent meditation – as well as body and energy work.

Located in a beautiful finca with eco – pool close to San Miguel

All levels are completely welcome!

From €550 per person including.

  • 6 nights accommodation – based on sharing rooms
  • 2 meals per day
  • All tuition and classes

For more information email Cheryl on the enquiry button below or call 648914706.

Holistic Ibiza Events worth reading about


This Saturday, 18th June 8pm – 11pm

Music Meditation concert dedicated to Amu and his family who lost their home in the fire – up in the mountains at the in the beautiful dome of Buddha House.

Click here for more details

The WBN Ibiza Business Network Launch takes place next Thursday, 23rd June 6.30 – 10.30pm at the Garden of Light Centre.

Time – 6.30 pm – 10.30 pm

Cost  – €25

“Synergy into Action – Networking people, ideas & projects worth sharing.”

For more details click here

Many people know that the Wholistic Business events are a place where great spirits meet, when nothing seems to happen by chance and you experience the magic of being at the right place, the right time with the right people.

The WBN’s vision and mission is to inspire, educate and prosper through creative networking and the principles of synergy. The inaugural launch of the WBN Ibiza is a community-building event to facilitate Synergy.  They aim to create and network educational projects that are a model in guidance, training, culture and support.

Yoga Retreats Special Offers

Only one spot left sharing a room with another male on the Ibiza Yoga Retreat with Jeff Phenix British Wheel of Yoga 6th – 13th August.

Accredited and 500 hour Yoga Alliance certified. This holiday is for those who already have some experience and are keen to improve their practice, deepen their understanding (physically, mentally and spiritually) and experience the transformative essence of yoga, bringing the benefits into their everyday lives.

Cost – £630

Just Stop! Yoga, Lifestyle Detox & Rejuvenation Retreats

July 31st – 4th August only one spot left!

Combining daily yoga and meditation, stress-release massages and cranio-sacral for tension release. Life and wellness coaching to help you get on or back to your preferred life-track. Enjoy plenty of personalised support with Life coach and hypnotherapist Rebekah Fensome, holistic life coach and wellbeing consultant Larah Davis tailor your experience to meet your needs and a whole team of talented therapists on call to massage all those ‘have to’s’ away so you can let go and release.

In a relaxed group setting with beach tours and plenty of outdoor island time in nature, siestas and sunbathing. Set in a beautiful retreat centre in many hectares of rolling countryside, close to the turquoise waters of Benirras beach.

Cost – 4 nights / 5 days all inclusive  £790.

Manifest Your Dreams course new for 2011!

Two dates to choose from taking place on the  1st – 5th July and October 21st – 25th

This course take place at a beautiful villa in the tranquil village of San Carlos in the north of Ibiza and is hosted by Belinda and Toby Clarke of Ibiza Reiki.

Cost – course €450 (approx. £390)

Residential – €345 (approx. £300) shared accommodation for 4 x nights and meals.

Discover how to live in abundance and in alignment with your true self. Techniques include group work, coaching and exercises designed to support you so that you can breakthrough the blocks that are holding you back in your personal and business lives.

For more information email Cheryl or call 648914706.

Just Stop! And revive for summer-time

just stop

How is your year going? Are you feeling balanced, happy, inspired or do you feel tired of the day-to-day commute, over-worked and like you are carrying a heavy load that you would just love for someone else to take over?

Whether you are feeling critically burned out, or really need to release the stress, whenever there is any sense of overwhelm, even approaching, the most vital thing to do is to Just Stop! And rest.

Your kidneys are the pistons that keep your system firing and when they are tired or overwhelmed by processing too much adrenalin, they begin to lean on your liver, which is the no 1. Toxin synthesizer.

Stress creates toxins unfortunately. With too much adrenalin firing around your system, your adrenal glands become over-stimulated and can create a toxic hormone called nor-adrenalin. This ages your body and organs, it creates huge amounts of pressure on our already pressured mind.

And it wants sugar! And it wants more – the only way to stop this “gotta-keep-going-catch-22” is to catch yourself before you hit the decks, explode at your partner or boss or do something you regret. Take time out to breathe, step away from your desk, excuse yourself from the meeting even briefly and then create space for you in your diary asap – me-time where you can invest in a massage or healing treatment that will help to relax you in body and mind and flush out excess toxins. A day in a spa or exercise in nature; walking, horse-riding, cycling, where you can release the stress and breathe in clean, clear oxygen.

Or join us in Ibiza for a Just Stop! Retreat, as featured in the Sunday Times Travel last year as one of the best mind-body-release retreats. With daily yoga, breathwork and meditation to help you find your inner-peace, to support you in feeling stronger and clearer, with massage, life coaching, wellness and energy coaching and amazing Cranio-sacral therapy for deep nervous-system release.

For more information on this Just Stop Retreat take a look at our wellbeing calendar or ENQUIRE NOW