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Learn to love yourself… this Valentine’s season

Do you find it far easier to give time and energy to others, than you do to investing in yourself?

As corny as it may sound, learning to love yourself IS the key to health and happiness.  Yet why do you and I resist it so?

Yep, it is a proven scientific fact: smiling increases serotonin levels and laughing helps endorphins swim around your system, soothing your nervous tension and, as you relax.  So why not give yourself a hug every day for a week and feel the benefits as you smile from the inside out:

So here are 5 tips to learn to love yourself, more easily, this Valentine’s season:

1*  Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you:

– speak to yourself kindly, especially when things don’t go to plan or when you make those very “human” errors that can make us feel so stupid at the time

– appreciate yourself for all of the good goings you do on a daily basis, for others and the world around you

– set realistic targets – in both work and home life –  and be kind to yourself whether you reach them… or not.

2* Be kind to yourself: – listen to your body and if you feel to tired to complete a task or have a conversation – choose to rest and rejuvenate your system.

3* Make regular you-dates: – choose somewhere beautiful, for lunch, a tea, a walk in nature, a museum with inspiring art and design, whatever fills you up with good energy ( and ideally helps you feel indulged, treated and boosts your inner-smile )

4* Re-treat yourself for a few minutes each day: – take a 10 minute “disconnection” break, without iPhone, emails, tweets or pings.  Just Stop! And out on some relaxing music – take some time to just be.

5* Book yourself into a yoga class, for a massage or for a day in the spa:- give yourself the gift of healing hands, our body does crave touch to release and let go, you deserve to feel nourished and cared for.

And most of all…. En joy what you do this Valentine’s season.

Make choices that make you happy.  Choose pleasure rather than pressure.   And do include dark chocolate, as it is also proven by our team’s smiles that a bite of what tastes that good is also great for your happiness and spreads the good loving feelings.


Join our Get Glowing Retreat to learn empowering and heart-opening techniques!

“Get Glowing” Yoga, Energy & Natural Rejuvenation

Ibiza has magical energy – so learn how to Get Glowing and raise your vibration with  Larah, Susie, Shambala, Faye & Team as they welcome you to for an Ibizan energy infusion this springtime. Learn how to listen to your heart, tune in to your needs and energise your body and soul, with empowering Vinyasa yoga and breath work to get your energy flowing,  rebalancing massages with reiki and reflexology and 1:1 Wellbeing Coaching sessions support you recognise energy drains and map out practical strategies to maintain your positive energy back in reality.  Explore your energy-system with chakra opening meditations and  visualisations with Larah, whilst Susie supports you to invoke an exciting pranic-flow.  Morning juices are nutritionally designed and the fresh, seasonal, wheat, sugar and dairy free cuisine is laced with superfoods to boost your wellbeing.    Book direct with us and… for 2015 receive, as well as a massage, either a reflexology session OR a heaven facial!

Glow on the outside as well as within –  refresh your skin, boost circulation and invigorate your lymphatic system with natural salt & clay scrubs as we whisk you to a secluded turquoise cove for natural cleansing and healing rituals. Then, relax deeply into the softer autumn sun in the zen tranquility of our stunning retreat villa on a pine-covered hill, helping you come back to your essence and tune out the energy-zapping responsibilities, so that you can tune back in and breathe…Workshops include MET (Tapping) with Shambala, VoicEssence with Laor, Self-healing and Reiki with Faye and a Kundalini yoga experience to raise your vibrations with Trish as well as a magical cliff-top surprise.

* 4 Night Retreats – £865 / €1,095 twin-sharing en-suite & £1,165 /€1,395 single-occupancy en-suite
* 5 Night Retreats -£995 / €1,245 twin-sharing en-suite & £1,265 /€1,495 single-occupancy en-suite
* 6 Night Retreats – £1,195 / €1,395 twin-sharing en-suite / £1,495 – €1,795 single-occupancy en-suite

Susie & Larah’s intelligent yoga guidance will reawaken your passion for life: Susie’s precision asana adjustments are complemented by Larah’s deep visualizations and energetic healing, refreshing your life force with grounded inspiration and energetic awareness – enhancing your body-mind connection and building your confidence on and off the mat. Take time and space to  connect again to your inner-most wishes and needs.”

Get Glowing and learn to appreciate your whole self, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Rest amidst the many Morrocan-inspired arches of Can Amonita retreat villa –  cool off in the stunning lap pool siesta or chillax on the deck by the buddha-pond,  swim in turquoise waters of nearby Benirras beach.  Marvel at magical sunsets on your final evening, experience Ibiza’s natural beauty to rejuvenate your inspiration.

Delicious nourishment beckons you to delight in enlightening conscious cuisine, seasonal, fresh, locally sourced and as organic as possible.  Wheat, sugar and dairy free.

Yoga is taught – in the fresh smiling mornings on the yoga deck amidst the pines.

Price: 4 nights retreat from 865gbp sharing all inclusive of accommodation, conscious cuisine, teas & waters & fruit, 1:1 yoga to design your back-to-life practice, Wellbeing Coaching, morning awaken & energise yoga, MET emotional freedom technique with Shambala, Reiki and self-healing workshop with Faye, Meditations and visualisations for Opening the Chakras, evening mind-body workshops, beach trips, natural swimming &  aaaaahwesome sunset experiences in Ibiza’s magical nature. Want to stay longer?  b & b with pleasure  depending on availability.  For more information & to book: enquire here now.