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Monday to begin your week – retreatful stress-busting tips to keep your feel-good-energies flowing

Take us dancing naked in the rain! Here in Ibiza, we love the rain that replenishes our terrain and offers time to retreat inside.  Rather than grrrrrrroaning about the weather, why not allow mother nature to offer her cloud-covers as signs that it is time to to step back from the rat race, to be with yourself, reflect on your goals, dreams and life aspirations.   Amidst the grey the sun can still shine through within you, get cosy and… rather than becoming board….  create a vision board!

Be like a chameleon! Life Yoga Coaching to Learn to witness and observe…

As the new year energies gather pace, projects adapt and situations change.  Have you noticed this?  

How is everything happening? Precisely in the way you willed it to for this year…. or, are you needing to think and be flexible?  To find new “positions” that help balance situations?  Just like on the yoga mat?

Here are some practical tips to become more of a “witness” to be able to “observe” the situations unfolding, rather than feeling “stuck in the middle” of situations, of negotations between clients and suppliers, this will allow you to respond in the best ways, with courage, with fluidity and with grace.

Just like a chameleon, you can watch and listen and learn and await with poise for the perfect moment to say the right things.. without pushing or pressing an agenda….

This is brilliant for resolving challenging situations and changing situations within all types of relationships – at work, within your romantic relationships, families and friends.

It will set you on a life-yoga path for your year ahead and help you be more in the flow of life – where the right things that really are best for you flow to you more easily!

If we feel ourselves striving and pushing to hard, it is because we are going against the current.

So give this a go and learn how to flow….  simply:

Be like a chameleon!

The animal card for a chameleon talks about being sensitive, being the silent witness, rather that reacting on emails and writing hurriedly to try and save and resolve, rather step back, allow yourself to become still and to breathe and to blend in with the background.  Then, as you watch events unfold, you can contribute sensitively to support the way that the situation is meant to flow.  This is not about being passive, just as in many yoga asanas, like Tadasana (Mountain Pose) we are actively engaged with life, rooting to the earth and to nature, relaxed in our body yet strong and connected, all muscles are prepared and ready to respond at the right moment, for the clearest next movements, following the next conscious breathe.

1.  Stop – look – listen:

To the emails, to the conversations, allow others to speak, to offer their perspectives, their ideas and their insights (every challenging or uncomfortable situation offers a LOT of growth and learning)

Watch the correspondence, look at the patterns in different people’s actions and behaviours, listen to the dialogues.

2. Remember – what is the HIGHEST GOOD? What is it that all of us in this situation wish to happen, to achieve, to transpire?

What is our common goal?

What is YOUR truth in the situation?  Does the achievement of the original goal REALLY feel good to you – or, now that you have looked and listened more deeply, are you happy if events happen in a different way? Could this open up more space and time for other opportunities to blossom?

3. Reflect – on the truth – and when you are asked for a response – reflect the truth!  That is all you need to do! Just like a chameleon allow the light and the true colours to flow through you.   This will help you see things for what they are, to help you clarify the best path of action for you and for everyone concerned.

Letting your hair down… and rebalancing again!

Ahhhhhhh the need to let off steam…. such a basic – and fundamental – human need it is indeed…

How well Ibiza offers this… the most amazing parties, incredible music, beautiful people and vibrations and energy that draws us here to let go, to let loose, to feel free….

So how many times this year have you given yourself permission to really go for it?

To dance all night… to soak up the feel good vibes of positive sounds and uplifting music, on the beach, under the stars, feeling free to be yourself, to dance out tension, to move with the rhythm, to feel your smile expanding from within…

And so the closing parties in Ibiza approach – our white island famed for dance parties and midsummer madness is more and more becoming known for what we are doing too… here at Ibiza Retreats…. connecting you with the Hidden Healing Heartbeat… a rhythm that continues all year around…. to help you to BE yourself, to feel FREE to express yourself and to find your flow, your rhythm in life…

And even better this year – feel free to enjoy the Yang as well as the Yin… surrender to your wild side and then give yourself the time and space to really rejuvenate yourself again…

So many of us opened our minds on dance floors, lost in the euphoria of the experience… and we come back to the White Island for more – so to acknowledge this and that, with being wiser in life, it often means we are older too… it is no better time than now to enjoy a post-party purification and a healthy dose of pampering, with Wellness Coaching, steam and sauna to release toxins, yoga to revitalise, delicious healthy cuisine, vibrational healing and reiki to rebalance you energetically and reflexology to ensure that your liver and kidneys are boosted too.

Vrom 5th – 7th October at Atzaro Spa with us, a world-class team of therapists and life coach to artists and DJ’s from all over the world, Clare Scivier – click here for further info…

And please – share with us – how do YOU post-party purify?