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Changing your Samsara

In yoga (Buddhism and other Asian philosophies) we have a belief… of Samsara – a continuous flow – the repeating cycle of birth, life, suffering, death and (insert own beliefs here) – rebirth.   According to this view, our current existence is one of many – reaching back before birth into past lives and stretching onwards beyond death into future existences. The belief is that the quality of the actions we perform in each life – so the karma – determines the future destiny of each being.
Whether you are spiritual or not, the idea of Samsara is really interesting… Repeating the same patterns over and over again… Sound familiar?
I think many of us can or have related to that feeling of groundhog day…that feeling of life passing you by. As if it’s all happening without your input or even your permission! Wake up, get up, eat, get ready, get kids ready, go to work, work hard, come home, barely have time to eat (let alone relax) and fall into bed depleted and exhausted. This is how many of our Clients arrive in Ibiza. You are not alone. But the first step has been taken – you are questioning this existence. And from tiny sparks, huge heavenly blazes ignite!
So how do we change our Samsara? How do we release ourselves from this perpetual cycle to enjoy a freer existence?
– ENJOY the present – it sounds so simple, yet so many people forget to look around and be in the moment. Take a minute every morning to be thankful for something – the flowers, the trees, your partner, your children. Release conscious thought and just BE!
– LAUGH loudly and find things to do for you which make you happy. Play your favorite song – but really hear it and listen to it! Surround yourself with positive, energized people who are practicing conscious thought and positive belief daily!
– DO SOMETHING JUST FOR YOU – once  a week. Even if you don’t have much time. Maybe a mindful bubble bath, 10mins with your legs up the wall (our favorite restorative yoga posture), or a chapter of a book which makes you feel good.
– TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and forgive others, for it’s true, they know not what they do. YOU empower YOU and no one else.
Practicing yoga regularly is an incredibly powerful way to begin to live a more conscious daily existence. The meditation, the meeting of the breath, body and mind as well as the grouding and opening asanas. So change your Samsara and there is no such thing as ‘sod’s law’!
Enjoy… with much love… x