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Just Stop!… and remember, ME- time is the key!

Just Stop!… and remember, ME- time is the key!

Just Stop! Yoga & Spring Lifestyle Detox

Featured in the Times Top mind-body wellness escapes – Just Stop! and detox your lifestyle  in Ibiza this Springtime.   Invigorate your whole system with fresh air and shake free of winter lethargy. Nourish your nervous system with healing hands and a long deep exhale… Come, let go and unwind in the welcoming arms of the Just Stop! team. Strengthen your body and find peace-of-mind, with mindful hatha vinyasa flow yoga and calming meditation & pranayama techniques.  Revitalise with a nutritionist on hand to help you to eat right for your type, with super-food laced, purifying, seasonal, vegetarian cuisine, sugar wheat and dairy free. and fresh, locally sourced produce and post yoga nutritionally designed juices!

Get clear about your purpose, path and priorities with Life & Wellness Coaching with NLP Coaches & Yoga Instructors Larah Davis, founder of Ibiza Retreats and Rebekah Fensome. Release emotional blockages with MET super-tapping-teacher Shambala.  Experience Tai Chi with Arun and let Ibiza’s energy restore your inner-smile.  Experience deep relaxation with yoga nidra-yogic sleepl Silence the chattering monkey mind.  Lie back and allow our amazing therapists’ healing hands to massage your stresses and strains away, From 795GBP / 999 euros all-inc sharing / £965 / €1,160 with purifying, naturally detoxifying diet, sunset meditations, beautiful beach time, walks in nature. 

Just Stop! Yoga & Lifestyle Detox Retreats offer gently facilitated YOU-time to recharge your batteries – full dates available for 2014 are:

March 23 – 27

April 23 – 27

May 31 – 4 June

July 19 – 23

August 3 – 7

September 21 – 25

October – 18 – 22

March, April, May, July & August – set in a 400 year old Finca retreat, rustic and natural amidst hectares of fig, almond and carob trees.  With bio-pool and lush gardens, perfect peace and tranquility.

September & October – in the Zen Tranquility of Villa Amonita with stunning emerald lap-pool

Both with magical canopied yoga decks amidst the pines.

With plenty of you-time for cranio-sacral therapy, reflexology.  “Play”shops for techniques to take away to manage stress and create greater emotional balance  include MET (Tapping – Emotional Freedom Technique) intro workshop, Yoga Nidra Relaxation and pool-side holistic therapies, sleep, siesta, rest and read.  Boost your body, mind and spirit with soft autumnal sunshine and fresh herbal teas, juices and siestas in the shade of the pine trees. Enquire here now. 

Put your PASSION into action this springtime…

Many of our wonderful clients come to retreat with us in Ibiza to reconnect with their passions, their purpose and their life force energy.   So here is some self-Life-Coaching to empower you, wherever you are in the world.  Here are some simple and easy techniques to support you to channel your energy positively this springtime and reap the rewards all year.  How? Start by asking yourself honestly:

* Are you doing what you really love? Are you loving what you do?

* Do you spring out of bed each Monday morning full of the juice of life… inspired and ready to embrace new opportunities…   Or…

* Are you feeling kind of “blue”, lacking motivation, or simply confused about what you are really here for? What your purpose is? Or how and where to invest your time and energy to be successful, healthy and happy?

When you are doing what you really love – whether that’s being a parent to your children, growing your business or sewing new creative seeds – energy flows freely.   When you are putting your passion into your action (and following your dreams) you are sure to succeed more easily. It really is that simple: do what you feel passionate about.  Why?   Lets look at the word itself – and passion’s intrinsic meaning:

Passion = Pass I On  = passing on the BEST of yourself

Passion = Pass ION = passing on your ENERGY

Live your Passion = the keys:

(1) Watch the children:  Have you ever noticed how little children are simply full of energy They are fully immersed in the moment – in whatever it is that they are doing…. in the experience.

(2) Do what feels good! Choose to follow your joy & set your spirit free: Children follow their joy and do what feels good (rather than what they are being told they have to do).  And your spirit, your free spirit is essentially this same inner-child: you are in touch with your free spirit when you are feeling full of love for life, have that sense of “Karpe die” and want to “seize the day”.  This is when you are “in the moment”, spontaneously flowing from experience to experience and are feeling the joy, happiness that comes from being connected to this same source energy that connects us all, that gives this feeling of pure love, pleasure and ease.

(3) Rediscover what you are most passionate about (and delegate more responsibilities): If you have forgotten what you are passionate about or are feeling low or listless or unclear about how to focus and channel your energy this year, reconnect with your inner-child by doing something to purely HAVE FUN this spring-time.  Without any goals, or required results…  notice what you love doing, what brings you good feelings… purely from the experience.  How can you bring this into your life? How can you create your week to create more time for what brings you true pleasure?  How can you share and delegate your responsibilities differently?

Give it a go – have more FUN – lighten-up and be childlike and innocent in your appreciation of life – even for one week – and we guarantee that you will then spend your spring & summer feeling fulfilled with plenty of that same limitless energy for life that allows your happiness to flow freely.

Love Yourself – Alternative Valentine’s Retreat

February 12 – 16 – New for 2014…invest in your self in body, spirit & mind so you have MORE to give, love and share to inspire and enliven your year with our Love Yourself! Retreat. From 799gbp / 999euros sharing, all-inclusive.

When you can love and accept yourself, your health & happiness enhances, broadens and grows.  When you know what you need to nourish, heal and empower yourself, you are more able to share this with other loved ones in your life – and with the world around you.   Whether you are in a relationship – going through change, or in a heart-healing recovery…  Ibiza Retreats’ world-class wellness team are here to support you to take care of every aspect of your wellbeing.

Through a flowing rhythm of morning yoga, healthy nutritious brunches, life & wellness coaching, energy work, aromatic ibiza oil massages & holistic healing treatments and therapies, evening workshops to energise, relax and unwind..  blissful beach-walks by the turquoise waters and our signature sunset, cliff-top meditation…  you will tap into the healing heartbeat of Ibiza and enjoy plenty of positive, loving energy to fill your cup to bubbling over…   and sunshine-kissed poolside pampering.

Set in the stunning zen-surrounds of Can Amonita, embalm your mind in the warm sunshine, embrace the open-ness of Ibiza’s resident community, welcoming you warmly for a winter-sun retreat.   Rest by the warmth of the fire…. and reflect, connect with other like-minded guests… or just be….

Read more here or contact us to book your place

Trust = the vital ingredient for Going with the Flow

Life coaching techniques to help you refine “The Art of letting Go”.  A body-mind tool, that is part of the art of letting go, is trusting in the higher intelligence of the universe to guide you,

When life presents challenges that just feel like too much, rather than breaking down into a sad or stressed out puddle, ask yourself honestly:”is this something I want to overcome….. or am I holding on because I am scared of what others’ might say, about being wrong, about being deemed a failure?”

Do I genuinely want to persevere for this because I believe will benefit my / my families whole being and life experience?

Or is it because it is actually easier to hang on in there in an uncomfortable comfort zone, than to dare to stop, reflect and choose a path that is different.

There is a saying that we love here at Ibiza Retreats… “Let go and let God”.  The more we can allow our life horse to occasionally buck and rear and gallop, the more easily we can ride through turbulent moments and remain seated in the saddle.

And when we stop trying too hard to do and be and achieve, very often the lovely things that open up, the positive people and lucky opportunities, are already there…..    When we let go and go with the flow, trusting that everything is happening in a perfect divine order, we relax, physically and emotionally…. which allows us to see the wonderful things that are there.

I though today that I really wanted to pick up my son from school to take him for a medical check-up.  Yet when the rain suggested that the roads may be challenging to drive, a subsequent hiccup with the car meant that I had to stay inside.  And whilst I originally felt concerned about “cancelling the appointment” and “letting other people down”, the moment that I phoned to rearrange things, I found that the whole world was on my side.  The receptionist rebooked us easily, my car problem was then swiftly sorted….  and how much lovelier it was to rest with a cup of tea and my laptop by the fire.

When we are too focussed on what we THINK we want to happen, we can be blind to what will really help our heart sing.

So remember to question your motives behind all the “trying situations” that happen this week….. if you find yourself trying to hard, and pushing to make things happen, take time to reflect on what will genuinely bring you greater happiness, fulfillment and peace.