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The Art and Science of letting go – 1

The art and science of letting go…. week 1: Accepting the truth of the moment (and loving what is)

Help pain and discomfort fall away… by letting go of wanting to make things perfect and loving what is.

Do you often feel disappointed by others behaviour?

Is your relationship rocking like a boat on stormy waters?  is it feeling exhausting, trying to stay upright?

What could you life be like if you could honestly let go of the need to be right?

What we resist persists…. the more we hold on to wanting things to be different than the way they are, the more we are fighting against the natural flow.  As we become older, our physical body exemplifies the inner-workings of our mind. When carrying a world of responsibilities on our shoulders, the tension and, eventually, more chronic pains can create blockages that hold us more permanently in that position. Life often asks us to keep the ship upright because we are afraid of change.  However, change has to happen to free the energy for new growth and transformation.  By being strong all the time, sticking up for our values and our beliefs, we can find ourselves continuing along life paths that have long since served their means.  Being able to step back from challening situations and view them as they are, creates a new space for acceptance and with this, the space to be more relaxed in our body and mind. Try this whenever you feel yourself arguing with, or against, a situation.

* Notice how much effort and energy you are putting in to holding a situation together, trying to make things perfect or pushing the bad stuff away

* Look down and imagine a circle that is a calm and peaceful colour on the floor, about 30 cm to your right.

* Now step into this circle and make the choice to physically step into a NEUTRAL zone, where there is no such thing as right or wrong and notice how you can look at this situation differently

Shifting our physicality helps us shift our mentality into a wider, clearer place.  From this clean neutral space of calm, ask yourself:

? What is more important for my wellbeing? Being happy or being right ?

? What has to happen for me to just be with what is ?

This does not mean that you have to agree with things that feel deeply wrong or insulting. Yet it does give you back your emotional space and power to be able to agree to disagree.  And notice how this step, in itself. helps you live and breathe more lovingly.  Loving yourself and your inner-being and being true to the loving force of nature that connects, at a sub-atomic level, the very essence of them, with you.

Byron Katie, author of the book Loving what is  and creator of the work, challenges you in this Youtube clip, to dare to look within and question your inner-truth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eCkglFy7TE

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