Let your “perfectionist” rest… go with YOUR flow this summer-time!

Do you find yourself going, going, going and then… finally flopping…. or burning out?
Do you thrive on the adrenalin charges of achieving things to perfection, yet find it hard to truly value the down-time that follows?
Would you like to be able to live life at a more careful. conscious pace, so that you can be who you really are and express yourself freely and fully?
We love to welcome you on retreats to embrace the free-spirit of Ibiza this summer time. We recognise that so many of you have been fighting to keep the balls in the air, the many parts of “life” going “perfectly” – yet this seeking for perfection, really does make the warrior part of you weary.   Even spiritually aware warriors need time out to rest and retreat…  Trying to please the world around you and satisfy the needs of work-life-family responsibilities can be exhausting – even for the most organized and effective individuals.  For us, Larah and Susie, through our own life journeys, from the runing-running-running to “make things happen”, Ibiza has taught us how to slow down, how to stop pushing ourselves beyond that “tipping point” where the body wants to rest, yet the mind wants to keep on going!
It has taken us years, after living and working in London, New York and Sydney, to be able to trust ourselves – and life – and the divine order of everything. (Most of the Time!).  Now that we can, more and more (and we are still practicing) this is helping us to stop when we need to and wait for when we “feel” that we are going to be most effective.  This has enabled us to feel more and more free – by honouring ourselves and our highest good, we are able to live more in the moment – and honour our wellbeing.  It has taken courage – and still sometimes does – yet once you are on the “trust in life” boat, you can surrender into being more “present”, to live more moment-to-moment, with greater energy, enjoying the magic of each precious day.    The warrior may want to continue to achieve and create and go for it! Yet this is only the imprinted habits and conditioning… this is not who you really are…
So we invite you to give yourself permission this summer to truly rest the “warrior” parts of you by developing a personal practice that enables you to retreat from the stage of life regularly, so that you can tune back in and trust in yourself.  Then you can en JOY life more and simply go with the flow:
1. Take time out to tune in to your wise woman daily ( or man! ) by walking in nature and connecting with the natural world around you.
2. Actively practice appreciation – this will bring you into the present and enable you to open your heart (from where trust flows).
3. Balance mind-quietening meditations with releasing breath work so emotional charges can be released.
4. Surround yourself with healing sounds that help the nervous system and relax you physically as well as mentally.
5. Create the time each day with yoga, qi gong, tai chi, or other physical well being techniques that enable you to hone and tone and strengthen your SELF from the core and expand and enhance your mind-body-energy awareness.  Even just 10 minutes in the morning.  Choose quality over quantity!
 As you strengthen your connection with your body-mind and spirit – you strengthen your self-respect and can prioritise your relaxing time as being an essential part of enabling you to fully enjoy being you.
As you cultivate self-care and self-awareness through caring for your physical and emotional and spiritual needs, your trust will expand and the world around you begins to respect these too.
With love and FREEDOM!
x Larah and Susie x



Put your PASSION into action this springtime…

Many of our wonderful clients come to retreat with us in Ibiza to reconnect with their passions, their purpose and their life force energy.   So here is some self-Life-Coaching to empower you, wherever you are in the world.  Here are some simple and easy techniques to support you to channel your energy positively this springtime and reap the rewards all year.  How? Start by asking yourself honestly:

* Are you doing what you really love? Are you loving what you do?

* Do you spring out of bed each Monday morning full of the juice of life… inspired and ready to embrace new opportunities…   Or…

* Are you feeling kind of “blue”, lacking motivation, or simply confused about what you are really here for? What your purpose is? Or how and where to invest your time and energy to be successful, healthy and happy?

When you are doing what you really love – whether that’s being a parent to your children, growing your business or sewing new creative seeds – energy flows freely.   When you are putting your passion into your action (and following your dreams) you are sure to succeed more easily. It really is that simple: do what you feel passionate about.  Why?   Lets look at the word itself – and passion’s intrinsic meaning:

Passion = Pass I On  = passing on the BEST of yourself

Passion = Pass ION = passing on your ENERGY

Live your Passion = the keys:

(1) Watch the children:  Have you ever noticed how little children are simply full of energy They are fully immersed in the moment – in whatever it is that they are doing…. in the experience.

(2) Do what feels good! Choose to follow your joy & set your spirit free: Children follow their joy and do what feels good (rather than what they are being told they have to do).  And your spirit, your free spirit is essentially this same inner-child: you are in touch with your free spirit when you are feeling full of love for life, have that sense of “Karpe die” and want to “seize the day”.  This is when you are “in the moment”, spontaneously flowing from experience to experience and are feeling the joy, happiness that comes from being connected to this same source energy that connects us all, that gives this feeling of pure love, pleasure and ease.

(3) Rediscover what you are most passionate about (and delegate more responsibilities): If you have forgotten what you are passionate about or are feeling low or listless or unclear about how to focus and channel your energy this year, reconnect with your inner-child by doing something to purely HAVE FUN this spring-time.  Without any goals, or required results…  notice what you love doing, what brings you good feelings… purely from the experience.  How can you bring this into your life? How can you create your week to create more time for what brings you true pleasure?  How can you share and delegate your responsibilities differently?

Give it a go – have more FUN – lighten-up and be childlike and innocent in your appreciation of life – even for one week – and we guarantee that you will then spend your spring & summer feeling fulfilled with plenty of that same limitless energy for life that allows your happiness to flow freely.

Dare to dream that your wishes CAN become reality in 2014

Dare to dream big – allow your imagination to fly….

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

Nelson Mandela




MIndfulness techniques for healthy headspace

Learn to create healthy headspace with Mindfulness moments (& rush-hour calm) – anytime – anywhere this winter-time.

Do you have to travel to get to work on a daily basis?

Are you a life-juggling parent with a “nursery” or “school drop” that often feels like a commute ?

Would you like to feel a greater-sense of inner-calm amidst the demands and diversions of modern life?

Twice daily commuting journeys, whether by car, bus, rail, tube or – even – on foot, can overwhelm our nervous systems due to the amount of people, external stimulation and (often unwanted) energies you come in contact with.    The “rush hours” literally, place a huge amount of pressure on the mental and nervous system to rush to “get there on time” – so why not transform this time out amongst the daily chaos of modern life… into time for you to turn in  and tune in.

How? By practicing the art of mindfulness, you will release the stress of traveling, whilst honing a state of inner and outer zen – through being centered, connected and calm.

Mindfulness is “big” right now as high-flying executives and life-juggling career mothers realise the benefits of being able to focus the over-active modern mind with purpose, in order to become more present and calm.   When you are present, the mind is not worrying about future events, nor dwelling on discomfort from the past, it is settled in the now and everything “feels fine”.    Mindfulness is being increasingly recognized in scientific circles as being a vital pathway to psychological health, superb for stress-reduction and…. due to the calming effects on the nervous system (which enables the whole organism to function much better) for the prevention of chronic diseases too.

John Kabat-Zinn is a famous mindfulness meditation teacher and founder of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program the University of Massachusetts Medical Centrer.

“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way;
On purpose,
in the present moment, and 
non- judgmentally.”

Tune in to this video for further info here! 

Whether you are commuting to work daily by train, car or on foot, make the most of these, often potentially stressful times, by downloading mindfulness apps to your iphone, or ipod.

We love: this headspace app for iphones – (click there)

Prefer to go natural?  One of the 8 limbs of yoga: “Dharana” is the concentration of the mind on one point or stimulus.  So you see, Mindfulness has been practiced for thousands of years – way before apple came along.

Even without a good app or down load (check out John Kabat-Zinn’s website) you can focus your mind and practice mindfulness even when walking – or sitting in a traffic jam.   Look at ONE thing and notice 10 details.  Select one sound out of the cacophony of city-living auricular infusions and tune in to it.   Consciously sip your morning tea and focus all your attention on the taste, the warmth, the texture of it.

Explore and enjoy the healthy headspace and happy body-mind benefits that this conscious mindfulness practice brings!

Trust in life to open and grow

Its April, spring flowers and orange blossom are painting the fields and enriching the senses of us lucky Ibiza dwellers.   When everything dies off and goes to ground in winter time, this period of hibernation is somewhat comforting…. why? Because we trust so deeply that new seeds will be sown, or are already tucked away, nurturing and germinating.

We trust that, come springtime, the trees will sprout new fresh green leaves, that flowers will flourish and burst into life again.

And we trust when we pick the flowers to colour and scent our homes…. that we are leaving plenty more for others to enjoy.

So how about taking this trust in nature, into your creative life, your relationships, your business, your life-work?

When you trust that there are enough clients for everyone, you can create freedom in your hearts – and more clients are attracted to you!

When you trust in the quality and the value of what you are offering, you feel able to ask the right amount of financial energy (money/fees) in return for what you are offering, which keeps you in balance, in living – working – spiritual AND material harmony.

By trusting that different clients are looking for different experiences and things, you can stay truer to your essence in your work and this comes through in all of your marketing communications!  The clients that you attract will be ones that really want to work with you – and whom you really enjoy working with.

So this April – why not make trust a self-growth practice – put trust out there and watch it open and blossom into amazing and beautiful new opportunities.

Explore trust in life and yourself and enjoy greater self-realisation, success and work-life-balance with holistic Life Coaching with Larah….  email her for details!