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Just Stop!… and remember, ME- time is the key!

Just Stop!… and remember, ME- time is the key!

Tailormade Retreats

Join us for tailormade retreats in beautiful Ibiza to ensure your engine is purring like a lion and that you feel ready and inspired… to embrace all that 2014 has to offer.  Priced according to your wellbeing wishes and budget needs… they can include:

* Holistic Life Coaching, NLP & MET as mechanics for the mind and emotions

* Learn from Ibiza’s finest Yoga teachers & holistic fitness technicians to enhance your physical wellbeing

* Receive bodywork & hands-on healing with massages, reiki and cranio-sacral rebalancing – we work with a world-class team of specialists to soothe a tired soul.

Or pamper and purify with holistic beauty treatments that also lift your spirits – leaving you looking and feeling amazing on the outside and within.

Rest your head in blissful retreat accommodations...  from stunning ancient fincas and tranquil villas to rustic bed & breakfasts = homes-with-a-heart or luxuriate in the comforts of Ibiza’s finest agroturismos.

1* Book an MOT for body, mind & spirit – a tailor-made retreat that encompasses holistic TLC plus yoga, pilates, personal training and lovely Life Coaching with NLP to support you in supporting yourself…. and making some tweaks to your lifestyle – or possibly even greater transformative changes, that will bring you greater health and happiness.

2* Prefer a Pure Yoga package? with some extra treatments & therapies by the pool

3* Rest & Rejuvenate – with total holistic pampering, lie-back and receive

And all in the beautiful, magical, environment of our gorgeous white island of Ibiza and Ibiza Retreats mind-body-spirit concierge service to ensure that you can enjoy the best beaches, sunsets and “need to knows” to give you a glow that lasts.

Just Stop! Yoga, Life Coaching & Rejuvenation Retreats

Sept 10th – 14th Enjoy personalised care within a group retreat tailor-made for individual needs. With Rebekah Fensome, Life Coach & Hypnotherapist & Larah Davis, Holistic Wellness Coach, both “Yoga for Life” teachers. Combining daily yoga, breath-work & meditations, Life & Wellness Coaching, Reiki-Massage, purifying organic cuisine with Valerie and Faye holding a healing space to rest and rejuvenate completely.  From 795 GBP / 920 € sharing all-inc.

Elle Magazine June 2012 recommends… this body-mind rejuvenation…

(and it does great things for lifting your spirits too!)

Feeling burned out?    Tired out?     Worn out?   Lacking motivation?   Need a break to get your breath back again?
Just Stop! Retreats have been created for you to do just that!

Find new purpose…. passion and life inspiration…
The magical white island of Ibiza has an amazing energy and has always been a place known for self-expression and release. The perfect place to Just Stop! and join us in 2012 for a rejuvenating, life-enhancing retreat:

Unwind your mind
Rejuvenate your body
Refuel your energy
This all-inclusive retreat is all about putting yourself first and letting go of all responsibilities and “have to’s.
Feel like just stopping in total silence, with siestas by the pool? We are here to help you listen to your body…  and do only what feels good!

Massages, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Reflexology & much more
Yet if there are things in your life you do want to achieve, release or change…  we have the knowledge & experience to help you do just that.

Massages & Nerve-calming Cranio-sacral Therapy on arrival, an A-Z of holistic treatments and Rebekah’s transformative Hypnotherapy, plus a chocolate box of experiential workshops for healing & life-balancing tools & techniques.

Personalised programs of treatments & therapies
Enjoy an A-Z menu of treatments & therapies for Mind, Body and to re-Fuel.  Extra private classes include Personal Training, Qi Gong, Pilates.  Daily optional beach trips to some of Ibiza’s most beautiful sandy coves. Plus evening activities including horse-riding, sunset hikes & meditations, spirit of dance & more.

Mind-Body-Spirit Concierge Service – so everything is nice & stress-free!

Larah and Susie from Ibiza Retreats and their team are mind-body-spirit concierges for the island:  to manage all your island logistics,  helping you with flights, transfers, car-hire, boats, bicycles & horse-rides, to essential Island “need to knows” plus the most beautiful natural beaches to explore & spiritual places to visit and go.  “Island knowledge of the moment”… so you can go with the flow!


The vital reasons to Just Stop! this summer-time

Yoga for life relax and retreat in IbizaSummer is truly here and the afternoons beckon for time to Just Stop! and retreat in Ibiza…  step back from the heat (of life) with siestas, cool and calm.

It is vital here in Ibiza and it sets a positive, holistic well-being trend for when you return to wherever your day-to-day reality may be.

So why is it so important for our health, happiness and wellbeing? Well……

When you do stop properly your mind can unwind properly.

Our conscious mind can deal with 5, 7 or even 9 bits of information at any one time.

Our amazing unconscious, which is running our whole mind-body system, is always at work.  So when switching off the phone, stepping away from the emails, the whassups and bleeps, the unconscious mind can also rest.  Whether you choose to sleep, you are giving your always-active-senses time off to recuperate and recharge.

Our eyes, our ears, our taste-buds, our smell and even our sixth intuitive sense are always working, tuning in and out of stimuli in our environment.

So when you give them space – and close your eyes – or purely look at the sea, the pool, green grass or something simple and relaxing, this creates energetic space – and space in the mind – help you feel clearer, lighter and refreshed.  Use an i-pod and listen to soft calming sounds to help your mind keep relaxing.

The conscious mind LOVES to keep spinning.  And this can send us into a tail-spin!  By giving clients, emails and other reactive triggers space and time, you can also come back with a more considered, careful and most likely, more successful response.  In your own way, in a calm and easy pace.

Just notice the difference, when you receive an email or text from someone who you can “just feel” is on the run, or highly stressed.

And how much nicer is it to receive a note or text from someone who clearly put thought and care into what they were writing?

So Just Stop! once a day – even just for 5 minutes in the afternoon, wherever you are in the world, breathe, be, look at beautiful inspiring pictures or even better, sit down or lie down on the grass…. under trees, somewhere in nature.  It is summer everywhere afterall!

And if you feel you would like to create a deeper healthy renewal, join us for one of our Just Stop! Yoga Retreats in Ibiza.   These offer an opportunity to properly detox the mind and the body with yoga, wellness, energy work, life coaching, cranio-sacral therapy, massage, reflexology and a gentle flow of naturally relaxing and rejuvenating de-activities…

Because this is the beauty of knowing when to Just Stop!.

We create space for the energy that we have put out….. to have time to spread its ripples and make waves in positive ways.  It gives the universal synchronicities time to come into effect and this is when magical opportunities, possibilities and creations, somehow, amazingly….. take place.

So feel the magic in your life…. by doing less and receiving more.   Allow life’s flow to carry you and…..  look forward to the beautiful surprises that may be in store.

Contact us for info about Just Stop! Yoga, Lifestyle Detox and Rejuvenation Retreats info@ibizaretreats.com




Retreat of the Week Just Stop! Yoga Lifestyle Detox with Coaching to Empower your way!

Just Stop! Yoga and Life Coaching Retreats this Spring Time

Just Stop! Yoga & Life Coaching for a wonderful Lifestyle Detox this springtime!

Dates: March 27th – 31st

Join Larah Davis, Rebekah Fensome and the team of world-class teachers & therapists from Ibiza Retreats that make up the Just Stop! team to tailor-make your retreat to bring you life-enhancing benefits for body, soul and mind.  Refuel with plenty of tools & techniques.  Empower your spring into summer-time. Find fresh focus and feel fabulous in body and mind as we support you to reconnect with your life path, your life purpose and plenty of inspiration from beach trips and cliff-top walks on our beautiful white island.

In the heart & soul-warming Can Morrel, with sabina wood beams, beautiful fig trees and hectares of countryside around, just 10 minutes from the turquoise waters of Benirras beach.  Soak up plenty of Ibiza’s magical natural energy!

– A professional and experienced team of teachers & therapists

– Study of yoga to develop your own practice

– Life Coaching & Wellness Coaching to support you with practical strategies to maintain your balance when back in reality


Cost from €860 (sharing) including

  • Room and delicious full-board fresh, seasonal organic cuisine
  • 5 yoga sessions (for all levels) with pranayama breathwork and meditation
  • Life Coaching 1:1 session, Wellness & Energy Coaching 1:1 session
  • Full body stress release massage or cranio-sacral therapy
  • Mind Body Spirit Concierge service with Ibiza Retreats