Yoga in the Village Retreats with James DeMaria

September 2nd – 7th – A non-residential retreat which focuses on the physical practice and philosophy of yoga from the perspective of experienced yogi James de Maria. “Learning the many gifts of yoga is not a discovery. It is a re-discovery”.  Join James on his roof-top in the pine-scented air of the beautiful village of Sant Joan.  6 x 2 hour daily yoga classes @ €280.   For clients of all yogic disciplines and levels.

You can enjoy plenty of 1:1 attention as James offers groups of no more than 10 people.

James’ classes are a balanced style for everyone – open to all levels and are accessible for beginners too. They include:

* Detailed explanation of the Bandha’s and their location, isolation and application within yoga postures, kundalini awakening and meditation practises.

* Explanation of the pranic body and it’s importance to our survival

* Practise of different pranayama (breathing) techniques to cleanse the body

* Learning how to prevent colds as well as activating important glands within our head and body to optimise the functioning of the brain and therefore, our whole state of being!

* Relaxation techniques to rewind at the end of each day

* The daily practise of yoga postures (asana) according to each one’s ability

Further 2012 dates:

* September 16th – 21st

* October 7th – 12th

* October 14th – 19th

* October 21st – 26th


Yoga in Formentera Retreats

24th – 29th September Learn the intimacy of sensation via Dynamic and Hatha yoga.  Staying in Formentera Midjorn Beach house/ Taught and hosted by Jax Lysycia, best-selling author, yoga presenter for NIKE promoting womens health in Europe and lover of LIFE on and off the mat.   A lovely exhale takes you to the turquoise waters edge along the white sands of Formentera for a dip after practice.  From 905 euros pp.

Jax will connect you with your practice more deeply, to enjoy possibly deep, or delightfully light, life changes and greater sensory awareness in body, mind and soul.

And where?

Possibly one of the most beautiful places on earth.   Formentera is Ibiza’s jewel-like little sister.  There, nestled amongst the sand dunes, you will find a yoga haven…

Sleep with the sound of the waves, wake up and enjoy a dip in the crystal clear water before morning practice.

Soak up the sunset with a smoothie whilst you bask in one of our hammocks under one of our palms.

Being less than 200metres to the sea means that you can roll out of bed, straight into your yoga class, enjoy your delicious brunch and then digest like a yoga seal, on the beach without getting taxis, or transportation for massages or other activities.

Still waiting to book?

Contact us for the final places.

‘Retreat of the Week’ – Harmonic Yoga Retreat in stunning villa!

The sunset over the pool at Can Skye - Harmonic's Ibiza Yoga Retreat villa

Retreat: Harmonic Yoga & Healing Retreat with Samanta Duggal all the way from Mumbai, India

Following six years in Goa, we are honoured and very excited to welcome Harmonic to Ibiza! Continuing with the essence of Harmonic, this retreat will offer a full range of classes and treatments. Twice daily yoga, as well as sanskrit chanting, meditation and Bollywood dance. Music, healing, massage and numerous other therapies are also on offer to help you relax and get the most from your stay.


Date: 2nd – 9th June

Cost: From €910 for shared twin room. Single occupancy available.

Location: A stunning retreat villa (think of a boutique ashram) near the sleepy village of Sant Carlos and the sparkling waters of Cala Nova beach…

What’s included? * 7 nights accommodation * Delicious, home cooked local vegetarian food including: pre-yoga fruit, post yoga brunch, afternoon snack, evening meal (tea, coffee and water available throughout) * Twice daily yoga, 2 classes in meditation, 2 classes in Sanskrit chanting, 1 Bollywood dance class * Consultation and support throughout as well as an evening of acoustic music *


5 Reasons why Ibiza is the best place for Tailor-made Yoga Retreats

Yoga on Playa Las Salinas

Ibiza is an island where tailor-made yoga retreats are enhanced by the magical energy that you can feel all over the island…

1. In Ibiza you feel free in body and mind… enabling you to deepen your yoga practice and “connect” with yourself 

Our wonderful white island has been attracting spiritual seekers and yogis for decades! Drawn by the open-minded attitudes, the free-thinking people who come to live here and share in our community that welcomes you to relax and be who you are.  Yoga is a spiritual science that recognises the importance of honouring your own, personal needs.  Here in Ibiza, you feel free to be who you really are, which enables you to open your heart and to reach a deeper level of connectedness, in body, soul and mind.


2. Ibiza has attracted top yoga teachers specialising in many different forms and schools of yoga.

Ibiza is a yoga hotspot that has the same vibrant and colourful international feel as the spiritual communities in Goa, in Bali and even Byron Bay.  Whether you are looking for Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga or an integrated Vinyasa Flow, we can tailor-make your retreat to bring in the teaching and guidance of experts in many different yogic fields. And Ibiza attracts teachers from all over the world – bringing their expertise to the island via their passage to (or home from) India for us to enjoy!


3. You can enjoy many different incredible types of retreat accommodation

From sumptuous, luxurious agroturismos ( boutique hotels that were former farmhouses) to rustic and bohemian barefoot bliss, the architecture is soul-ful, with Sabina wood beams and ancient Fincas that nourish your being, just by “being” there. So whether it’s starry skies from the comfort of your Moroccan bell tent – or boutique-hotel style  luxury villas, we have got it all and can bring those day dreams to a reality!


4. Ibiza has over 50 gorgeous beaches…

… with miles and miles of sand and sparkling turquoise waters.  So you can begin your day with a morning meditation by the waters edge, continue with sun salutations and then complete your practice with a swim in pristine pools of emeralds and blues.   And every beach is so different – there is so much diversity to suit every mood and every sand-style

preference. There is tremendous natural beauty here in Ibiza and within the yoga retreats, your itinerary can include trips to unspoilt beaches, boat trips to hidden coves, sunset hikes and cliff-top meditations at “Heaven’s Gate” and many more exquisite places and spaces where practising yoga ignites your inner-smile and generates a lasting peace that will permeate your reality.


5. We have over 320 days of sparkling sunshine in Ibiza every year

For a vitamin D injection… look no further! Whilst enjoying flowing yoga asanas in the beautiful outdoors, you can feel the warmth of the suns rays bouncing off the soil, bringing the pine scent to life.  As you inhale the fresh invigorating rosemary that grows wild throughout the island, your mind is refreshed and you can feel yourself being revived here. We promise!


‘Retreat of the week’ – StressManagement & Yoga Retreat – 19 – 26th May…x

Retreat: Stressmanagement & Holistic Well-Being Yoga Retreat with Ingo Michehl M. Ed and wonderful guest teachers…

The pool at the Hacienda - for the StressManagement Retreat, Ibiza

A 7 day retreat of stress-management. Yoga, meditation, tai chi, visualisation journeys, free-flowing movement & holistic well-being to help you find (and maintain!) your inner balance and flow; to help you ‘stay fit’ and realise your potential and dreams…

Date: 19 – 26th May &  4 day option – 27th 30th May

Cost: 7 days from £1,578 and 4 days from £743

Location: An exclusive, traquil, luxurious hacienda near the town of San Agustin. Overlooking the sea and near to some of the island’s best beaches!

What’s included: * 7 nights’ shared or single occupancy accommodation in a dream location! * Delicious organic, full board * A private stressmanagement / coaching session * 5 yoga classes and a private 1:1 * 2 evening guided meditations * Balancing and healing energy work * optional cliff hike and a sunset cliff-top meditation *