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Verbal Vitamin D – Nutrition for the mind.


How often do you find yourself listening to your inner-critic? That voice inside your mind that says things like: You are not good enough!. It’s all your fault!. That was really stupid stupid stupid!. You are too fat, too this, too that.

How does listening to all of these harsh, negative thoughts make you feel? Does it bring you down? Or pump you full of good-feeling energy?

So how would you LIKE to feel instead?

The words that we speak out loud, just like the words we choose to listen to that scamper around in our minds, are the starting point for our emotional and physical feelings. Thoughts become things. In NLP we have the TEA model that explains this really well:

T houghts create E motions which create our A ctions or behaviour. Our thoughts, literally charge us up with better or worse feelings and better or worse energy, all depending on what they are! Instead, why not create a super-smoothie for your mind that is full of Verbal Vitamin D? That helps you feel full of sunshine, happiness and positive, light, energy?

What thoughts can you think to yourself every morning this week to enable you to want to seize the day? How about:

I am always doing the best I can given the circumstances.

I am a loving and giving person.

I deserve to be happy.

The more full of good feeling thoughts you are, the easier it is to see possibilities and opportunities! To enjoy life in the moment, to live a lighter, brighter, life.

Set yourself up and prepare your recipe, get the ingredients written down. Create a healthy happy week ahead and write down YOUR super smoothie recipe that nourishes your body and soul by beginning with the words that you choose to think in your mind!

Larah Davis is a holistic life coach and nlp master practitioner offering 1:1 sessions and workshops in Ibiza and via skype internationally.  Contact Larah on larah@ibizaretreats.com

Introductory Shiatsu Workshop


Introductory Shiatsu Workshop at the Garden Of Light, San Miguel

Date: Wednesday 20th July 2011

Time: 10am – 5pm

Cost: 85 Euros including a healthy vegetarian buffet

Contact: cheryl@ibizaretreats.com or call (0034) 648914706

Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning “finger pressure”. Shiatsu was developed in Japan in the twentieth century but has its origin in much older Chinese techniques. It is an holistic therapy, working on bringing balance and harmony to body, mind and spirit and helps to prevent stress. When we are healthy, the natural flow of energy, ki, flows through our bodies in a series of channels or meridians. Ki distortions are perceptible as tension, blockages, or shortages and can lead to complaints of physical, emotional or spiritual levels.

This one day workshop is taught by Shiatsu practitioner Tanja Nooteboom, a committed student of macrobiotics including shiatsu, healthy eating cooking classes, oriental diagnosis, Tai – Chi and meridian exercises.

Through a combination of theory and practice – learn the fundamentals of Shiatsu and how to give and receive treatments.

PSYCH-K Working on your beliefs


The famous Henry Ford Quote went something like ‘Whether you think you can, or you can’t, you are right’.

Such a simple statement to make, but one that can really make you take a step back and look at exactly what you are thinking on a daily basis.

Are you too quick to think you can’t, before you even try? Are you used to thinking it will never work, just because you have been challenged before? These thoughts and beliefs we hold will keep being proven to us in our life experiences because, other than the fact we all like to be right (come on, admit it) if we keep repeating them to ourselves and everyone else that will listen, then what exactly is it we are asking to be life to show us and where exactly are we asking it to take us?

It’s okay if these beliefs are positive and life enhancing ones, but if your thought process always includes the words ‘cant, don’t, wont’ then the weight of negatives you are filling your trunk with starts to make the journey a lot of hard work.  As nice as it is to be challenged, making life an exhausting process is no fun at all!
I’m sure most of us would jump at the chance to switch those negative beliefs in positive ones, so life can be a more enjoyable ride with better views and much fewer speed bumps and travel sickness stops!  And that’s where PSYCH-K comes in.
A revolutionary technique that can re-write the software of your mind by installing new, positive, life enhancing beliefs that will recreate the way you think, feel and ‘do’ life. This technique gives you the power to be one of those people that gets the good stuff and wouldn’t that be worth shouting about?

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MET: the highly efficient tapping therapy!


We all know it all too well, anger or frustration about someone or about ourselves, stress and worries, sadness and melancholy that often come out of the blue.  Beliefs and conditionings which limit and repress ourselves and still we just cant let go of them!

Addiction of all kinds, good intentions we can´t keep up. Often it feels like a kind of self sabotage which by subtle and clever means is hindering us to live a happy and healthy and fulfilled life full of love and harmony.

The causes for all these annoying and unpleasant emotions and ailments are very often blocks in the meridians. The Meridian Energy Techniques or MET, belong to the energetic psychology which was developed in the USA in the 80´s.

With this gentle technique we can easily get rid of blocks in the energy highways of the body called meridians. Traditional Chinese medicine has known for thousands of years, that the free flow in these meridians is vital and necessary for our physical and emotional health.

By gently tapping with the finger tips certain acupuncture points and holding the focus at the same time on the issue at hand the meridians are unblocked and the energy can flow freely and easily again. Negative emotions, fears and phobias, physical pain, limiting beliefs are dissolving in a matter of just a few minutes! Emotional stress and physical tensions make space for relaxation, inner peace and harmony. MET can be successfully used for countless issues and problems; fears, phobias, burn out, depression, feelings of guilt and shame, inhibitions, stress, low self esteem and many more.

One can also get rid of addictions like smoking, chocolate addiction or overeating. Through the special MET Trauma technique a trained and experienced therapist can also help clients to overcome serious traumas. On the other hand MET is a wonderful method to make come true goals and visions and go for it with passion and fun! This method can be learned with a qualified trainer in an intense one-day workshop. MET is a highly efficient selftreatment therapy that can help us in countless situations in daily life. We literally have it in our own hands to be our own therapist!

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