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Be like a chameleon! Life Yoga Coaching to Learn to witness and observe…

As the new year energies gather pace, projects adapt and situations change.  Have you noticed this?  

How is everything happening? Precisely in the way you willed it to for this year…. or, are you needing to think and be flexible?  To find new “positions” that help balance situations?  Just like on the yoga mat?

Here are some practical tips to become more of a “witness” to be able to “observe” the situations unfolding, rather than feeling “stuck in the middle” of situations, of negotations between clients and suppliers, this will allow you to respond in the best ways, with courage, with fluidity and with grace.

Just like a chameleon, you can watch and listen and learn and await with poise for the perfect moment to say the right things.. without pushing or pressing an agenda….

This is brilliant for resolving challenging situations and changing situations within all types of relationships – at work, within your romantic relationships, families and friends.

It will set you on a life-yoga path for your year ahead and help you be more in the flow of life – where the right things that really are best for you flow to you more easily!

If we feel ourselves striving and pushing to hard, it is because we are going against the current.

So give this a go and learn how to flow….  simply:

Be like a chameleon!

The animal card for a chameleon talks about being sensitive, being the silent witness, rather that reacting on emails and writing hurriedly to try and save and resolve, rather step back, allow yourself to become still and to breathe and to blend in with the background.  Then, as you watch events unfold, you can contribute sensitively to support the way that the situation is meant to flow.  This is not about being passive, just as in many yoga asanas, like Tadasana (Mountain Pose) we are actively engaged with life, rooting to the earth and to nature, relaxed in our body yet strong and connected, all muscles are prepared and ready to respond at the right moment, for the clearest next movements, following the next conscious breathe.

1.  Stop – look – listen:

To the emails, to the conversations, allow others to speak, to offer their perspectives, their ideas and their insights (every challenging or uncomfortable situation offers a LOT of growth and learning)

Watch the correspondence, look at the patterns in different people’s actions and behaviours, listen to the dialogues.

2. Remember – what is the HIGHEST GOOD? What is it that all of us in this situation wish to happen, to achieve, to transpire?

What is our common goal?

What is YOUR truth in the situation?  Does the achievement of the original goal REALLY feel good to you – or, now that you have looked and listened more deeply, are you happy if events happen in a different way? Could this open up more space and time for other opportunities to blossom?

3. Reflect – on the truth – and when you are asked for a response – reflect the truth!  That is all you need to do! Just like a chameleon allow the light and the true colours to flow through you.   This will help you see things for what they are, to help you clarify the best path of action for you and for everyone concerned.

Holistic Health by James and Kelly @ M Wellness…x

Often when we think about how we might want to work on our fitness, improve our body in some way, or move our beauty routine up a notch, we fix on only one part, instead of considering the whole. Take losing weight. Most of us at some point have looked in the mirror and decided that it’s time to lose a few pounds. At that point most of would consider some kind of diet, and that’s a great start, but if you start to look at the whole picture, then not only does want you want to achieve become easier, but in turn you can start to have benefits in other areas of your life.

Let’s stick with the diet example: if you eat healthy foods and control calories then you will lose weight, and that might be your aim, but think for a moment about the food part: what should you be eating? If you’re going to change your eating habits, steer clear of fad diets that will cause you to yo-yo and instead focus on eating healthily – plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, grains and pulses, lean protein like fish or poultry. You can still have variety and eat a lot but you’re cutting out the processed foods – great for losing weight, but you’re also cutting down on the toxins you’re consuming, so as well as losing weight you’ll start to feel better, have more energy, get a better complexion, and so on.

Now throw in exercise. The more calories you burn the more weight you’ll lose, so exercising will help you lose weight, it will also tone your muscles, strengthen your heart, keep your joints mobile and have a whole load of beneficial knock on effects. For example, numerous studies have now shown that resistance exercise like training with weights strengthens bones as well as muscles, and helps slow the decline of our bone structure as we age.

So now you’re losing weight with healthy eating and exercise, but you’re experiencing a load of other beneficial effects as well. If you’re being careful about what you put in your body, you should be careful about what you put on it, so how about overhauling your cosmetics and skincare for a more natural approach?

You can see that the by taking a holistic approach to health and keeping an open mind to new approaches, you can actually get much better results than by focussing on a single element alone, and that the multiplier effect of such an approach can deliver not only good, but life-changing results.

Stop! Make an appointment with yourself.


Are you constantly moving at full speed ahead?

Putting your attention and energy in every outward direction to please others?

Can you remember the last time you did something just for you?

Do you really take good care of yourself?

Self care and nurture will enrich your life immeasurably. Investing time in yourself rewards the greatest as we become strong physically emotionally and on a spiritual level more connected to our higher selves.  By slowing down our awareness expands and we pay attention to what is happening around us. When we are rushing around our energy starts to deplete, we run our batteries low but we keep going even if we are exhausted. We are all culprits of not listening to ourselves.

It’s time to honour yourself and your energy. Make an appointment with yourself in the diary. Turn off the computer and phone and switch off from ‘work’ mode.  I did this for myself yesterday and had a Shiatsu treatment for the first time, with a lady who lives on the Island called Tanja Nooteboom – it felt amazing. It’s a very gentle treatment and during it I began to feel parts of my body connect energetically through the meridian lines as the blockages were released and the energy started to flow naturally.  Tanja is offering a Shiatsu workshop next Wednesday 20th July at the Garden of Light from 10am – 5pm where you learn how to give and how to receive a full body treatment. ENQUIRE NOW for more info about the workshop.

Make a commitment to yourself to do something nurturing and healing at least once a week. Spend time in nature, go for a long walk or just spend time at home relaxing in the garden, have a massage or treatment, whatever you enjoy doing that’s just for you.  Remember. You are in charge of your life. YOU are your number one priority. Don’t burn yourself out. Stop, look and listen because you are worth it! Retreat for a whole 5 days in Ibiza’s nature and totally switch off and Just Stop.

The Just Stop retreat is a 5 day all-inclusive retreat in the heart of Ibiza´s nature located at a beautiful healing arts country farmhouse near San Miguel. Close to the clear waters of Benirras beach. Relax around the bio-pool, take daily yoga, meditation and breath work classes, get pampered with your choice of healing treatments. This is your retreat tailor made by a team of wellbeing experts.

Next dates are 17th – 21st August

Cost: £790 (+ optional extras)

ENQUIRE NOW for further info